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Being a golfer today means we are always looking for a decent golf course to play at a decent rate to pay because of the ease of access to the internet, my way of thinking is to look for decent public golf courses near me that are sometimes hidden gems at great green fees/rates and are great courses to play on.

Public golf courses are not always every golfer’s ideal place to play because of the types of golfer they attract and of course the long rounds that you may endure because of them being so busy, but if you do your homework and look around and pick your tee off time wisely you might be pleasantly surprised how good public golf courses are, plus how quick you can do 18 holes if you do plan your time to play in advance. Public Golf Courses near me - 17th Hole Sign

Most public courses now offer some form of an online booking system, the best way is to sign or register so you can book online through their website, then just sit back and watch in a few days prior to the day what are the best times to play so you and your golfing buddies can get a swift 18 holes of golf and greatly discounted rate – but you have to be prepared to play when the course is quieter not when you would ideally like to play – so you have to be a bit flexible!

These are the things that I look for when I am looking for when I want to play at public golf courses near me:

1. Avoid large golf society groups, normally means the group has a few one round a year players and can make the play slow

2. Avoid club competitions especially medal rounds when all the members are playing off the championship tees and are counting every stroke!

3. Look for times just around lunchtime, this sort of time puts a lot of people off because it’s neither at the beginning of the day nor at the end of the day, plus you might also snag some good deals because a lot of players are waiting for the twilight rate. Public golf courses like filling these spots to get a good yield on their green fees for the day

4. If you don’t mind playing in slightly inclement weather then this is a good opportunity to get a quick and stress-free round of golf, albeit not the best weather but will certainly be a quicker round of golf

5. Late afternoon is my personal choice, especially on say a Friday late afternoon when most people are winding down for the weekend and also looking at going out for the night, these times are perfect for the avid golfer that wants a quick round, greatly discounted round and an enjoyable round

6. At weekends the best time is between say 12.30 and 1.30pm, avoiding the early morning tee off times and also avoiding the afternoon rush.

There are many good deals to be had by searching online for the best deals, sometimes the rates are less than 50% of the normal green fee so well worth looking around – happy hunting and enjoy your stress-free golf away from the masses!

I hope that this article public golf courses near me will help you along the way of getting a decent round of golf at a great rate and also enabling you to have a pretty quick round even at weekends, if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

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