Electric Golf Carts Sale

When looking to purchase an electric golf cart it can be a minefield looking for electric golf carts sale online, so I have done a bit of digging around and found the three that I would recommend for the avid or senior golfer – also including our personal review on each one of them.

Electric Golf Carts Sale

We have the luxury of seeing first-hand the electric carts that are available for general sale to the public, here in the UK the most dominant player in the electric cart space appears to be MotoCaddy plus they also seem to be pretty dominant in the US also, so without bombarding you with what MotoCaddy offer I have chosen three trolleys that I feel rival the MotoCaddy brand but with a different pricing for the individual units.

  1. offmetrolley”’® Z1 36 hole Electric Golf Trolley

Electric golf carts sale - offmetrolley golf cart

  • 36 hole Electric Golf Trolley, 200 Watt Motor, 33ah lead acid 36 Hole Battery,
  • Strong and Lightweight, Quick Release Compact Folding, carrying capacity 30kgs, up to 30 degree inclines
  • All Digital Display, Distance Timer Function 10, 20, 30metres, 7 Manual Speed Settings plus Variable Speed Control. Battery Level Indicator, Quick Release Rear Wheels
  • Trolley Net Weight 9.5kgs – Including Battery 18kgs – Dimensions in cms Folded 79L x 54W x 30H – Delivery Carton Size 83 x 60 x 28cms
  • Price includes Trolley, Battery, Charger – approx £210.00

This particular trolley is a pretty good looking unit and very robust, for cost and looks I give this a 4.5 out of 5 rating. For information on this cart CLICK HERE to find out more.

Electric Golf Carts Sale

  1. ‘offmetrolley’® Z1L Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

Electric Golf Carts Sale - . 'offmetrolley'® Z1L Lithium Electric Golf Trolley   Electric Golf Carts Sale - . 'offmetrolley'® Z1L Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

This is the new Lithium version ‘offmetrolley’® Z1L Golf Caddy – Electric Golf Trolley with a Digital Run and Stop Distance Control feature which provides three settings of 10, 20 and 30 yards allowing the Z1 to automatically run and stop at a pre-set distance, 7 manual variable speed control settings, plus Stop/Go function memorising pre-set walking speed. The Tee Bar handle suits left and right handed golfers, speed control switch within comfortable distance of the handle for ease of operation. Clearly visual battery level indicator. Quick release cart bag support with torque control to prevent the bag rotating, simple assembly or disassembly in seconds and folds to a handy compact size. Quick release sport style wheels with ultra-grip rubber tyres and an adjustable front wheel tracking system. The Z1L features a powerful quiet 200w motor with a 12V / 20ah Lightweight Lithium Battery. Strong but lightweight construction, the trolley has a gross weight of 8.9kgs excluding the battery for ease of transportation. Benefits – Proven Design, Affordable, Reliable and Fully Guaranteed – Save your energy for your golf and cut a few shots from your round!

Electric Golf Carts Sale

Some recapped benefits

  • Lightweight Lithium 12v 20ah battery, 200 Watt Motor, average distance per charge 20kms
  • Strong and Lightweight, Quick Release Compact Folding, carrying capacity 30kgs, up to 30-degree inclines
  • New All Digital Display, Distance Timer Function 10, 20, 30metres, 7 Manual Speed Settings, Variable Speed Control and Sop/Go Function. Battery Level Indicator, Quick Release Rear Wheels
  • Trolley Net Weight 8.5kgs – Including Battery 12kgs – Dimensions in cms Folded 85L x 59W x 29H – Delivery Carton Size 83 x 60 x 28cms
  • Battery and charger included

This golf trolley is everything that you need in a golf cart and would be my favourite choice, I would give this a 5 out of 5 rating, great price and fully guaranteed – plus this particular trolley have some fantastic reviews so well worth a look!

For more information on this cart CLICK HERE to find out more. Sells for around the £380 mark on Amazon.


Electric Golf Carts Sale - New 2016 Powakaddy FW7 Electric Golf Carts Sale - New 2016 Powakaddy FW7

The all-new 2016 FW7s and FW7s EBS are the ultimate in cutting-edge design. The top-of-the-range models are packed with technology and features a full colour 3.5” widescreen display, built-in calorie counter, a distance measurement function, a new powerful near silent 230- watt motor and also comes with increased 3-year peace of mind warranty.

It also has an optional EBS – Electronic Braking System which provides 3 levels of progressive braking. Unique Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery system with 20% more staying power New 3.5” full-colour widescreen display.

High-performance low profile PowaFrame Chassis Thinnest lithium battery on the market new calorie counter cutting-edge technology ensures your battery discharges less during each round of golf Integrated USB charging port Powerful near silent 230w Motor.

3 Year Warranty Features High-performance low profile Powaframe chassis Unique Plug ‘n’ Play Battery system with 20% more staying power Lightweight and strong alloy frame with stylish tube graphics Compact and simple three-fold system NEW Low profile Premium Sport wheels and tyres Powerful whisper quiet 230 watt motor New rear Diffuser and Enhanced trims Enhanced Trims and Graphics Front wheel tracking adjustment PowaKaddy key lock Bungee straps with integrated anti-pinch handles Ambidextrous control with soft touch grip Power on/off LED indicator Power, Pause and Resume Function NEW 3.5″ Widescreen Colour Display ADF – Automatic Distance Function Distance Measurement Competition Mode Calorie Counter Speed Display Clock Digital power gauge Battery fuel indicator Integrated USB charging port Anti-Tamper Security Pin Lock Optional EBS (Electronic Braking System) 3 Year Warranty.

This particular trolley really ticks all of the boxes, however for golfers on a tighter budget than others would love to have this trolley but the price is a bit more than my previously reviewed trolleys, so my rating would be a 5 out of 5 but because of the cost I have plumped for a 4 out of 5. Retails around the £699.00 mark on Amazon.

For more information on this cart CLICK HERE to find out more.

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  1. zubin says:

    Hi Michael
    your Electric Golf Carts Sale post is really great. I have more benefited from this great reviews

  2. Michael Baker says:

    Hi there, thanks for the feedback on my article about electric golf carts sale. Carrying golf bags around the golf course can be a strain especially for senior golfers, and there is a possibility of writing another article on the ‘future’ of golf and where it will end up! Thanks for your comments, Regards, Michael

  3. Michael Baker says:

    Hi There, so glad that you liked the article on electric golf carts sale, a lot of golfers seem to overlook this area of their game when having one of these electric carts can certainly help with your game and stamina. Keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  4. Caito Junqueira says:

    Hello, Michael,
    Your site and the article Electric Golf Carts Sale are really great. Carrying golf bags around is a real pain.
    Having a machine that does that is really great. Leaves all the energy for the game itself, huh. Pretty slick.
    I wonder if someday they will make it fully virtual. What do you think about it? Could be agreat subject for an article.

  5. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment on my article electric golf carts sale, I am so glad that I could steer you in the right direction for a choice for a new electric golf cart. Regards, Michael

  6. Jonathan says:

    Michael these are some great reviews on electric golf carts. Thank you for your thorough research on each. This has totally helped me make a decision on which one I would purchase. Looks like I will go with the Offmetrolley Z1L Lithium Electric Golf Trolley. I really like the rotating bag feature. I would go with the Powkaddy FW7 Electric golf trolley because I like it the most but because of the price I think I’ll take the other one.

  7. npern says:

    Hi Michael,
    That’s a cool idea compared to the standard motorized golf cart or the manual pull cart. I’ve never seen one of those on the golf course. It gives you the option to walk the course without having to haul your bag around with you. I know sometimes when I walk the course, towards the end, it will affect my shot. I like the feature that makes the golf trolley keep up with your pace as you move about the course. Nice article!

  8. Michael Baker says:

    H there, so glad that you liked my article on electric golf carts sale, it is a subject sometimes overlooked for the senior golfer online so I thought I would get it out there, keep in touch and thanks for the comments. Regards, Michael

  9. Carroll says:

    Hi There Michael, I was impressed with your website, For years I have watched guys pushing or pulling or carrying their golf bags. Myself I can no longer walk the course, but was wondering how much it would cost to get a bag caddy that was self propelled. You answered my question along with many others I hadnt thought about. Thank you for the information.

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