EBay Golf Clubs Sale

EBay Golf Clubs Sale

It’s that time of year when we are approaching the first golf major of the year at Augusta National and the US Masters Golf Tournament, you cannot go far wrong by going onto eBay and searching for eBay Golf Clubs Sale for all of your requirements for the golfing season ahead.

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But before you do that what do you want to look for in a golf club to make sure that you buy the correct golfing equipment for your golf game and golf swing, so I have come up with a few things to look out for before you do decide to purchase any golfing equipment for the golfing season ahead. EBay Golf Clubs Sale - Rack of Pitching Wedges

1. Wedges

Whether we like it or not they reckon that after you have played with your wedges for approx. 50 plus rounds plus a bit of golf range practice between rounds then you need to ensure that you buy new ones or fairly new ones! Or otherwise you are not going to get the spin that you require with either 100-yard shots or just short chips around the green – so a little suggestion just check your grooves on your wedges to see if they need replacing or updating, you will see the benefit if you do.

2. Shafts in your golf clubs

Make sure you buy the correct golf shaft or flex for your swing speed, so many amateur golfers overlook this scenario and end up having to play golf with golf clubs that have the incorrect golf shaft in them for their golf game – so make sure you have your club head speed measured by your local golf professional or alternatively their local golf retailer.

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3. Golf Grips

When you do get new or used clubs off of the internet make sure that the golf clubs you are going to take on board have decent golf grips on them, if not make sure they are ok to use or just get them re-gripped.

4. Hybrid Golf Clubs

Now if there was a club I would recommend for all golfers it’s the Hybrid, no more having to make the perfect swing and contact on a long iron like a 3, 4 or 5 iron, just get up to the ball put a decent swing on it and make good contact – leave the rest to the new technology and the golf club, trust me they are the best thing to add to your golf bag for this season.

5. Putters EBay Golf Clubs Sale - Putter head

Let me tell you that anyone can putt, whether they are 95 years of age or 25 years of age you can, in fact, putt like the top professionals around the globe if you want to, it just needs a bit of patience and practice, I always said that if you gave Ben Crenshaw a coat hanger he would be able to putt with it! So my point here about buying a putter is this, don’t get caught in the marketing hype trap and think that you need to spend a lot of money on expensive putters, putting a Scotty Cameron in your hands won’t make you a good putter, putting a putter in your hand that you feel comfortable with and it feels nice then but that one, it’s not about the cost it’s the way if feel for YOU.

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6. Drivers


Last but not least – Drivers! Don’t get caught in the ‘do you want to hit it long and straight like the pro’s’ hype, it’s not going to happen trust, $300 to $500 for a driver is a lot of money so don’t waste it on the newest and the most up to date club, spend a decent amount on a driver that suits your game and invest in the savings you have made on lessons! Trust me I am 100% right I have been there and fell into the same trap!

Now to get what you need and not what the golf manufacturers want you to but, get on eBay and look for some real bargains – putting in a bid is fun and you will end up with what you need to enhance your game. 

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Have a great week and hit it straight!

I hope that this article EBay Golf Clubs Sale was useful and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies


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