3 Coolest Golf Swing Tips Because Simple is Cool

3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool

In this article I want to go over the 3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool, I truly believe they will help you with your game, not only enhance your game but also improve your game. So to start with the three individual areas that are paramount for a cool swing, I have listed the three below before I get under way:

  • The Grip – we need to really focus on getting this correct before we look at anything else
  • One Thought – Think of a ‘Trigger’ to start your back swing
  • Slow your swing down – It will yield great results

So there we have it in my terms ‘the 3 coolest golf swing tips’ to get you on the road to a solid golf game, get these three principles correct and skies the limit.

The Grip.

Over the years, many different types of golf grip have been discussed, debated and dissected but the three main grips that are adopted by the majority of golfers around the globe are the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and also the baseball grip. The overlapping grip being the preferred grip amongst the touring professional elite, the interlocking grip which seems to be the preferred in the amateur ranks and on very rare occasions you will meet a golfer who has adopted the baseball grip. One thing for sure is that whichever golf grip you choose it still needs the basic principles in place. For this whole written tutorial I will be using examples relating to a right-handed golfer, so if you are a left-handed golfer please accept my apologies, but just do everything in reverse if you are a left-handed golfer.

Overlapping Grip - 3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool! Interlocking Grip - 3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool! Baseball grip - 3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool!

Before I start, I need to emphasise that the correct golf grip really feels un-natural to any new or regular golfer, so you need to realise that if your golf grip is wrong it will just make the rest of your game harder, so you need to persevere with getting this correct now and practicing with the new grip. For the purpose of this training, I have used a training aid that not only ensures that your grip is correct, but can also be used as ‘warm up’ aid prior to playing a round of golf or practicing at the golf driving range. This golf grip training aid has a moulded grip so your hands and fingers are in the correct position on the golf club.

Moulded Golf Grip -3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool!   Moulded Golf Grip -3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool!  Moulded Golf Grip -3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool!  Moulded Golf Grip -3 coolest golf swing tips because simple is cool!

As you can see by the images the moulded grip is ensuring that you use the correct grip so there is not room for getting it wrong. I must also point out you can, in fact, purchase these types of grips for all of your golf clubs, but I would not recommend re-gripping them yourself, because if they are gripped a slight fraction out with the club face closed or open it will cause you a lot of problems, so if you choose to re-grip your clubs with these types of moulded grips then get your local golf professional, a local private golf club fitter or your local golf retailer to do it for you.

Once you have got the feel of getting your golf grip correct with the grip training aid, then you can move onto one of your normal golf clubs to practice getting the grip right, even flicking between the two will help you until you feel comfortable with your new changes. But the main rule for knowing when you have the correct grip is to just look down at the two ‘V’s’ on either hand by your thumbs, these two V’s should be pointing somewhere between your chin and your right shoulder, if your right hand is too far over to the left then you will have a strong grip that will cause a hooking of the ball, and if your right hand is too far right then this is a weak grip that will lead to slicing of the ball.

But as mentioned earlier if you do not get the golf grip at least 75% correct from the offset you will only be picking up bad habits with the rest of your game – so always have in your mind that ‘bad grip’ = bad game and ‘good grip’ = good game – really simple to get it wrong but so important if you want to improve your game.

One Thought – Think of a ‘Trigger’ to start your back swing.

Now that we have covered off on the golf grip we can now move onto a swing thought when on the tee or fairway when you are just about to play a shot. The majority of handicap or amateur golfers make the mistake of filling up their heads with too much to think about, keep their head still, keeping their eye on the ball, take the club back along the imaginary ‘train line track’, keep their left arm straight, bend the knees, keep low hands, don’t forget the follow through – the list is endless!

So to get away from all of that filling up your head with Do’s and Don’ts just keep it simple and think of one thing and trust in what you have learnt up till now, even the golfing greats will tell you that they always worked with a trigger to start their swing off and rid their head of all those negatives to think about. The great Jack Nicklaus over the years sometimes used the trigger of thinking of only one thing and that being getting his right shoulder out of the way, when you think about it that’s only one thought and he just believed in his golf swing if he just did that – got his right shoulder out of the way!

Thinking of one thing when addressing the golf ball prior to hitting will really help you, I have used this and many other thoughts in my playing career, but this one seems the easiest one to adapt and use because it is so easy to apply to your game immediately. Try this trigger thought tip and I am absolutely convinced this will improve your game – it helped the great Jack Nicklaus and I am sure it will help you.

Slow your swing down – It will yield great results.

Now that we have covered the golf grip and the trigger, this will seem like a breeze getting a slower golf swing adapted into your game, nice solid grip and one swing thought – couple those two with a nice slow tempo swing and you are on your way to hitting the ball more consistently into your older or seniors years.

Now slowing your back swing down, one thing I have always told or taught amateur golfers is that you don’t hit the ball in your backswing – so slow it down and don’t rush it, if you were hammering a nail into a lump of wood you wouldn’t swing it up so fast that you would have no chance of hitting the nail on the head on the downswing, so slowly back with controlled tempo and then unleash your swing with good timing and power.

When I am assisting people on the practice range or on the course I ask them to deliberately so slow down their back swing, they always come back saying that it felt like it was in slow motion, in fact, it was not much difference to their normal swing but it’s a start. You need to really purposely slow it right down and initially not worry about where the ball is going, but just to get the feeling of a nice smooth and slow takeaway of the back swing – then we start to see progress.

I know it’s easy for me to say just look at the touring golfing professionals on the tour, but when you look at them especially with the likes of say Fred Couples, it is a slow and effortless swing that produces unbelievable power at the impact of the ball. I am not saying that you will go out and hit it like the professional golfers after adopting this method but every now and again you will hit that ‘effortless pure ball strike’ and you will say that felt so good, leading with one of your playing partners saying that was a pure golf shot – is it powerless effort or effortless power? You make up your mind.

So to recap on this post I want to briefly go over what I have covered, and then I want you to take this onto the driving range or practice area the next time you are practising:

  • Work on getting your grip right will lead to much better ball striking and game in general
  • Work on the one trigger, getting your right shoulder out of the way and leave the rest to your swing – I guarantee this method will work for you
  • Slowing down your back swing and remember you hit the ball on your down swing and follow through not in your back swing. No more swatting at flies with a frantic swing!

These coolest golf swing tips may not seem cool to your average younger golfer, but they will be cool to the senior golfer if you can adapt them over the coming months and surprise your playing partners with the major improvements in your game – they may seem complicated but once you have mastered them they will feel like second nature.

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As always happy golfing and if you have any comments or requests regarding any posts on my website please do not hesitate to drop me a message in the comment section below.

Keeping hitting it straight!



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