Woburn Golf Club Review

Woburn Golf Club Review

Woburn Golf Club Review - Marquess Sign

Driving up the motorway on a cold spring morning I was on my way to give a Woburn Golf Club Review to play The Marquess Golf Course at Woburn and now a couple of days later I want to write about my experience – pretty good I can tell you!

The Marquess was opened in 2000, set within 200 acres of woodland, great scenery and beautiful tree lined fairways, it is apparently called the Jewel in the Crown and originally named after the Marquess of Tavistock, within a year of the course opening it had hosted two British Masters and the English Amateur Championship in 2011.

With the tees of the day in place, I am about to embark on a round of golf covering just over 6,300 yards in length, not long in today’s tour standards but will be playing every inch of that yardage because of the still wet and damp conditions.

With this review, I want to break it down from arrival to departure to give you an insight on not only the golf course but also the whole round ‘visitor’ experience.


When you do get to Woburn Golf Club after winding down varying different country lanes I found the entry and the approach to the club and car park pretty much like any other golf course, because I had no preconceived ideas on what it would look like I was not disappointed because it has a large car park and a very modern looking clubhouse, I suppose I was expecting a clubhouse that rivals Wentworth etc but was not to be. Anyway, all that aside, great parking facilities and great looking club house albeit not a country mansion!

The Pro Shop

A well-stocked and very spacious pro shop with very professional, polite and courteous staff members, they were very approachable and very welcoming so a nice start and feel to the day, bearing in mind they must get people like me every day of the week asking the same old ‘boring’ questions but they were obliging. Handing me my scorecard, golf bag visitor tag and pin position card for the course was all good, followed by an empty golf ball range bucket and machine voucher, I was on my way out and onto the practice range to warm up.

Woburn Golf Club Review - Woburn Flag

Practice Facilities

Woburn Golf Club Review - Driving Range

Not the best driving range that I have been on, but the signs actually says ‘Warm Up Area’ so I seem to have got the impression that there must be some hidden and better practice facilities lurking within the 200 acres surrounding me, so I was not too perturbed because I just wanted to warm up my very cold hands due to the just above freezing temperatures!

In the pro shop you can purchase range vouchers with the ball dispenser just to the left as you exit the pro shop, pretty reasonably priced at £3.00 for 30 balls or £4.00 for 60, so well worth the extra 100 pennies for double the amount. Good quality range balls I must add, nice practice mats with strategically located rubber tee holes for wooden tee insertion, so all in all a nice little practice area set up – nicely located near the club house and the car park.

Practice Putting Green

I have always like the idea of having a putting green near the clubhouse and the first tee, this was not the case but none the less a great putting green strategically located behind the first tee and 18th green. You have to walk out of the clubhouse and down the hill as if exiting the car park to get to the first tee and practice putting green, just be careful and look both ways when crossing the road it seems to be a popular road and not just for golfers!

The Course

What can I say but ‘fantastic’, every hole is a memorable one and you need to think your way round the Marquess Golf Course on every hole, even though you would think that they would all the holes would look the same with high pine trees lining all the fairways, they all had their own individuality stamped on each and every one of them.

Woburn Golf Club Review - Par 3

If the wind blows as it did when I played there it can make club selection very hard, so you have heard this old cliché before but hit an extra club just in case, it’s better to be a bit long that short!

The hole that stands out for me is the par 5 7th hole, very much a risk or reward hole, do you go to the left-hand fairway (apparently the choice of route for the members) or do you go for the right-hand fairway which can bring the possibility of reaching the green in two if your tee shot is long enough, and you manage a flat lie on the undulating fairway.

Woburn Golf Club Review - 7th Fairway

I chose the right-hand fairway, you are there to have a go and not think ‘what if’, so I chose the right hand fairway, managed a good drive, left me a fairway wood to the green which was nice, but going this route will catch you if you don’t get that fairway wood flush and flying left of the hole, it got me and I came up short next to the greenside bunker. If I played the hole again I would still go the same route, no doubt that’s the route the touring pro’s take so well worth a go!
Another hole that really stands out after the par 5 7th hole is the par 3 14th hole, this has got to be one of the signature holes of the golf course, playing well over 200 yards with the wind of the day straight into you, it was playing every inch of the 200 plus yards. My playing partner for the day was my son Paul, not only did he manage to birdie the hole but he nearly aced out on it, would have been a memorable day if he had because we were there playing to celebrate his 30th Birthday, maybe next time he will be a little luckier! Woburn Golf Club Review - Nearly an Ace

I have mentioned only two holes that really stick out as far as I am concerned, but the other 16 are all memorable holes and an enjoyment to play, if it wasn’t so wet underfoot because of the recent rain I would sense that many birdies are possible if you are getting the run on the fairway. 

Course quality – fantastic and a must play course!

The Clubhouse

Nice and modern clubhouse, good décor and layout, everything you need whilst not out on the course is there for you, toilets, pro shop, restaurant, bar, and facilities. You can even take your golf clubs and trolley through the clubhouse because of it leading off to the other two courses, so don’t be afraid of leaving your clubs outside the clubhouse just take them in with you.
Lunch and the food served in the club house were very acceptable, very obliging, polite, courteous and customer service focused staff makes the dining even more enjoyable, well worth a pit stop if playing a couple of rounds in the day.

Woburn Golf Club Review - Food on Plate

The Staff

Cannot fault any of the staff, I was well treated in the pro shop, reception, bar & restaurant area and even the started hut staff were very friendly and welcoming. If you get the guy in the halfway house after the 9th Hole prepare yourself for a laugh, he was a brilliant guy and witty too! A nice combination.

The Condition of the course

As I mentioned earlier the condition of the course was still very wet and muddy in places, but because of all of the recent rain you could not expect anything else, it just made it a very long course with no run on the ball on the fairway, I must have had at least 6 plugged balls in the fairways from driving off the tee, no doubt in the warmer and drier weather you would get much more run on the ball and be able to go into the greens with shorter irons instead of fairway or rescue clubs!
Even though the fairways were wet and damp the greens were impeccable, tour standard greens as you would expect at Woburn Golf Club, greens were very receptive to chips shots and iron shots and a delight to putt on even in the wet conditions, the members at Woburn Golf Club must be demon putters that’s all I can say.

The Enjoyment

Great course, really great to play, every hole memorable and enjoyable – the enjoyment factor – excellent and highly recommended.

The Value

I chose to play there in April because the visitor’s fees jumped up considerably after the 1st May, so even though it might have been a lot more expensive it might be worth paying the extra to play there in the drier conditions and the sun enabling you to wear lighter clothing.

Woburn Golf Club Review - Scorecard

Woburn Golf Club ranks up there with the likes of all the tournament graded courses and is priced similarly too, but you have a choice of experiencing a course like the ‘pro’s’ play or possibly a 2 night stay and three rounds of golf at a mediocre golf course for the same money – I think I would plump for the chance to play a golf course that the touring pro’s play – but that’s my personal choice and the quality of course I want to play.

Fees for two rounds at the Marquess and The Duchess Golf Courses, bacon roll and coffee on arrival, 2-course lunch all for £179.00 per person – so a pretty good value rating considering what you get for your money.


Great day, excellent courses, well-trained staff, very reasonable food and brilliant set up and facilities – would I play there again – yes without a doubt but I would definitely need a buggy if I was playing two rounds in one day again especially at Woburn Golf Club.

Woburn Golf Club Review - Fairway

I hope that you have found this Woburn Golf Club Review useful and help you make a decision on whether to play there or not in the future, any comments or feedback on this review please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this article and I would be glad to respond to you if you have any questions relating to my golf day at Woburn Golf Club.

As always, keeping hitting them straight and enjoy this great game of golf!


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