Golf and Tips – How to play a Bunker Shot out of Fluffy Sand

Golf and Tips – How to play a Bunker Shot out of Fluffy Sand

Golf and Tips in this video – How to play a Bunker Shot out of Fluffy Sand for the best results! With all bunker shots it’s all about what sort of sand is in the bunker, is it fluffy and loose sand, is it loose sand but a little more compact, all of these things will come into account before deciding how to play the required golf shot.

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But for this golf and tips, I have used a fluffy and loose sanded bunker for the demonstration. As you will see in the video you have to really ensure that you get your feet firmly in ground into the sand, it’s no good just standing on top of the sand because you won’t feel grounded and steady enough to play the shot, plus by grounding your feet you all get the feel of the texture of the sand.

So now we have our feet firmly grounded in the bunker, we now need to make sure that we keep an open stance and the blade open so we ‘splash’ into the sand with the open club face, and making sure we bounce the heel of the club into the sand but not too deep, just enough to enable the speed of the club to explode the sand and in turn, the exploding sand pops the ball out of the bunker.

Golf and Tips

This type of shot really takes practice and you will need to master it prior to going out on the golf course, not only will the practice give you more confidence of playing out of sand, but also ensure that you are getting the heel of the club through the sand and not digging the sole of the golf club into the sand.

As you will see in the ‘slow motion’ part of the video tip I really make sure that I lift the club up high and drive it into the sand, so making a committed shot and also making a full follow through will ensure that if you have hit the shot approx. 1 inch behind the ball the golf ball will definitely pop out and make a high soft landing onto the green, hopefully coming to rest near the hole on the putting surface.

I hope that you have enjoyed this video tutorial about how to play a bunker shot out of fluffy sand, as per normal if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will gladly respond as soon as possible.

In the meantime Happy Golfing!


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