Chipping Golf Tips

Chipping Golf Tips

This video is about chipping golf tips, this one, in particular, is the one when you are thinking of is it a ‘putt or a chip’? 

When you are just off the green and on the fringe you always have a choice to either putt it or chip it onto the green, the majority of amateur golfers would always take the safest option and putt the ball, this is because of the lack of confidence in executing a delicate and effective chip.

Golf balls and putter - chipping golf tips

So in this video I am going to show you how I play these chipping golf tips, still using a putting motion but using a sand iron instead, it’s an easy technique and over the years it has always yielded effective results for me, it only takes a bit of practice to master the art of chipping just off the green – instead of the easy choice of putting it.

You will see in my video, when I address the ball I make sure that I keep my body weight on my left foot to alleviate any thin or fat shots, these shots are caused by too much weight on the right foot so you hit upon the ball and thin it, and when you use too much wrist action in the shot that you end up hitting the shot fat – so we want to avoid these types of shots that can cost your scorecard dearly!

When I am reading these types of chip shots, I tend to treat it like a putt, so I read it like a putt with the exception of where I want the ball to land and ensure that I get it rolling on the correct line towards the hole – so you read the break, pick a spot to land on and then execute the shot with confidence.

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So as you watched in the chipping golf tips video:

  1. Keep your weight on your left foot
  2. One motion, just like a putt but with a sand iron
  3. Keep it an all ‘arm’ motion shot and don’t break your wrists
  4. Read it like a putt
  5. Pick a spot on the green where you want to land the ball
  6. And pick the pace of the shot just as you would when making a putt

It is a simple method that works for me and I am sure it will be an effective method for you too. As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will gladly respond to you as soon as possible.

Another way you could also look at improving your short game chipping techniques you can look at training aids that can help with getting that feel of making the correct swing, the golf swing aid is called Chip-N-Pitch, here is a brief rundown on it.

Chip ‘n Pitch is a teaching apparatus that can improve the accuracy of your short game. In a round of golf, the average golfer 10-30 handicap only hits 3-5 greens in regulation. The golfer’s ability to use the pitch or chip shot determines the outcome of a low or high score for every hole in every round.

Chip ‘n Pitch makes available to all golfers a tool which has been used by teaching professionals for years. This training apparatus is an improvement of one of the most widely used teaching techniques for the chip or pitch shot. Teaching professionals have retrofitted wedges for years, making them longer in order to teach their students the proper form for chipping and pitching. Many of these tools damaged the grip of the club, interfered with the player’s grip or didn’t allow the student to use his or her own club.

Chip ‘n Pitch’s portability allows the golfer to practice the correct form for the chip and pitch shot at any time or any place. Chip ‘n Pitch attaches the end of the grip and provides immediate feedback during practice. Here is a link to find out more about the training aid – CLICK HERE.

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