Best Golf Putter Reviews

Best Golf Putter Reviews

In light of the great Ernie Els notching up a 9 at the Masters, I am going to look at the best golf putter reviews, I will be not only looking at some of the putters on sale in the marketplace but also some of the legends of golf who could putt when it really mattered!

Let’s start off by looking at the legend ‘putters’ of the game!

Loren Roberts

Here is a golfer that many golfers around the world seem to overlook when discussing the great putters of the game of golf, he was the envy of the professional game for nearly two decades. Not only did he manage to clock up 8 tour victories, he is carrying on doing the same playing on the Champions Tour where he has clocked up 11 victories so far and no doubt will carry on doing so for many years to come.

He has a playing career putting average of 28.3 putts per round, if he were still playing on the main PGA Tour that putting average would be the envy of many of the tour playing professionals, he earned the nickname of The Boss of the Moss, that nickname in itself speaks how well that he was able to brush the putter so consistently for many years.

Best Golf Putter Reviews - Putter Head

Dave Stockton

This two-time PGA tour winner had a strong mental attitude and an unbelievable ability to read the slope and speed of the green and made it look so simple. His putting ability was so good he is still a much sort after putting coach for many touring golf pro’s, his technique was always about keeping the technique and putting stroke simple and uncomplicated.

Stockton’s putting technique was simple too, keeping the putter close back to his body, then lead with the handle of the putter through ball at impact, this coupled with keeping his left elbow to his side ensured that he didn’t miss the putt right of the hole.

Bobby Jones

This brilliant golfer racked up 13 major titles in 20 attempts, plus won 9 of his 10 matches playing Walker Cup Golf, but more importantly did all this before the age of 28 years with not the greatest putting technique or stroke! In comparison to his golf swing, his putting was a bit of a joke or as one journalist put it a bit of a ‘calamity’.

When the great Bobby Jones built the famous greens at Augusta he wasn’t designing them for merely good putters of the ball, he built and designed the greens to separate them from the great putters, even to this day the famous greens at Augusta National are still playing tough even for today’s best golfers in the world.

Brad Faxon

Brad Faxon wasn’t very long off of the tee but what he lacked in length on the golf course he more than made up for it once he got to the green – this man was an insanely brilliant putter, in fact in the season of 2000 he managed an average of 1.704 putts per greens in regulation, that was the best putting season ever recorded and no doubt that average will take a lot of beating.

His putting stroke was something that you wouldn’t teach to a golfer today because it was all about feel, but when history is looked back at in many years to come it will go down that Brad Faxon was one of the best putters to not have won a major golf tournament.

Bobby Locke

This was the man that came up with the phrase “You drive for show and putt for dough”, he was also so good that his fellow competitors/golf professionals on the PGA Tour had him banned at the end of the 1948 season, even though the ban was lifted 3 years later in 1951 he still managed to bag two of his four British Open Championships, that ban didn’t deter him much!

Best Golf Putter Reviews - Putter Head

In his first 59 events, he finished first, second or third 30 times and also headed the field at the 1948 Chicago Victory National by a staggering 16 strokes and it is still an official PGA Tour record, that’s when Sam Snead has wished that he had not invited Bobby over for the tournament.

His putter was a 38 inch hickory shafted steel putter so not the most desirable, but he had an incredible knack of moving the ball different ways, a bit like his shot making when in full swing, however, his main ability was being able to read and to roll the golf ball the right distance to the hole.

Ben Crenshaw

A Wilson 8802 blade putter was the choice of the great Ben Crenshaw and is still the putter that most golfers crave for because it is the one that ben used! Ben’s coach in his younger years encouraged him to putt with a smooth and effortless stroke, in his words the perfect scenario to master even the most treacherous and speediest greens, especially the ones at Augusta National the site of his two Masters victories in 1984 and also 1995.

Best Golf Putter Reviews - Putter Head

In fact during his victory at the Masters in 1995 the great Ben Crenshaw either 1 putted or 2 putted all 72 holes with no a single 3 putt during the whole of the tournament. Ben never fretted over any putts he just liked to keep it simple, he never follows any mechanical or robotic setups, in fact, he treated all putts like mini chip shots, I suppose that’s one way of looking at a putt!

Jack Nicklaus

Jack’s game was always about power during his heyday when he was amassing the majority of his major tournament wins, but he was a real conservative golfer when playing the game, didn’t like to gamble too much on shots and more of a strategist and was the first professional golfer to mark his own yardages in the course yardages book, never leaving anything to chance.

Jack never liked three putting, in fact, he hated this most part of the game of golf and once said “I am one of the greatest two putters in the game” and came through more often than not in the major golf tournaments. Jack’s putting greatness is more about the drama that unfolds, he one-putted 6 of the final 9 greens when winning the US Masters in 1986 and notching up his 18th major golf title.

Jack never looked comfortable when putting, his well-built stocky frame crouching in his familiar putting style, but it was really easy putting stance to repeat time and time again, keeping his head really still locking his arm and shoulder in place, then simply rolling the ball to the hole with his right hand and forearm.

Tiger Woods

Apparently when going through all of the golfing polls this man Tiger Woods was the man to beat, perhaps one of the greatest putters of all time and he certainly made an enormous amount of pressure putts when it was needed. Going back to the days of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and so on you didn’t have the world media on your back with so much pressure, Tiger relished in this during his heyday, sinking puts with not just thousands watching but millions and millions of worldwide golfers tuning in to watch him play ‘Live’ and make the shots and putts when it was needed.

Tiger has an enormous talent whether it be off of the tee or long irons he could make the shot when it mattered, but when he wins it is all because of his putting, when all elements of his game comes together there is no one who can come close to him and he leaves the rest of the tournament field standing, so he as to go down as one of the best putters of all time.

Now to the young talent of today, we have Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler the list is growing and will do for years to come, but the one that stands out currently is Jordan Spieth because he is fearless when it comes to putting, making it look simple and easy to replicate. No doubt we will see many more major tournament wins for the young guns of today but will they go down in the history of some of the greatest putters of all time? Time will tell!

To round of this article on the best putters the game of golf has ever seen I have looked at some best golf putter reviews with what putters are available on the market at the best price:

TaylorMade Golf Mens R/H Ghost Tour Sebring 62 Heel Shaft Putter 35″

Best Golf Putter Reviews - TaylorMade Putter

Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s director of iron, wedge and putters development – “We spent a full year perfecting every detail on our Ghost Tour putters, making each one a thing of beauty, elegance, and excellence. Golfers will be blown away when they set each of these putters down for the first time, and again when they experience the performance.”

TaylorMade turn easy of their putters into a work of art by using tour proven and traditional head design with a modern twist of aesthetics to make putting even easier without your compromising on looks!

The atheistically pleasing design and colour scheme follow TaylorMade’s look of black, white and red so you can focus on alignment and your stroke without being distracted by large shapes and colours.

TaylorMade’s PureRoll insert is a multi-material combination of 8020 split of 80% Surlyn and 20% Aluminium to provide you with a smooth roll from the putter face while helping to you have better control of distances and a great feel aiding consistency.

The latest Ghost Tour Series are the ideal combination of modern cosmetics and traditional head shapes to give a premium look. Each head shape has been proven on tour and the most popular styles have made it into TaylorMade’s latest range.

The Ghost Tour series has a classic Sebring 62 model where the face balanced design with a single bend shaft allows the hole in the back of the putter to balance perfectly throughout every putt.

Well worth a look at and at a pretty good price – CLICK HERE for more details.

The Odyssey Works – and it’s the culmination of everything we know about putting

Best Golf Putter Reviews - Odyssey Putter

And this is what they are saying about the new putter:

Brace yourself – the #1 Putter in Golf is coming out with a new high-performance technology platform. It’s called Odyssey Works, and it’s the culmination of everything we know about putting as we continue to focus on technologies that push the industry forward, and most importantly, that helps golfers become better putters.

The major-winning high contrast alignment, the shapes, counterbalance and components in Odyssey Works Versa models show our relentless dedication to creating the highest performance putters in the world. And here’s the big news, our new Fusion RX insert takes the best-selling, best feeling, most trusted insert that’s won more majors than any insert ever, and adds extreme roll.

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, we thought so. Fusion RX Insert Here’s the long story short: we’ve taken the most legendary insert of all-time – the most Tour wins, best feeling, best-selling, all that good stuff – and combined it with an unbelievable new roll technology. Roll meets feel when we couple the White Hot backer with an ultra-thin stainless steel mesh with our patented Metal-X roll pattern. Extreme Roll and Extreme Feel from an insert with no compromises.

Stat alert: Fusion RX has 93% faster roll than the White Hot insert, which reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster. High Contrast Alignment Tour-proven high contrast alignment highlights the proper face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout your putting stroke.

Silver and black contrast allow your eyes to key in on linear designs on the putter to accentuate the face angle and improve concentration.

Well worth a read up and at and at a pretty good price – CLICK HERE for more details.

Last but not least, the Titleist Scotty Cameron – this putter just about sums up the ultimate in golf putting, not much to say just read the reviews!

Best Golf Putter Reviews - Scotty cameron Putter

Titleist Scotty CameronCLICK HERE for more information on the super Scotty Cameron.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article on the best golf putter reviews on players and also hardware and as always if you have any comments or feedback please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will be glad to respond to you as soon as possible.

Or alternatively also leave a comment or contact me about any future articles or reviews you would like me to cover in the future.

And as always happy golfing and keep rolling in those putts!









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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Joey,

    Thanks for your response on the article best golf putter reviews, welcome to the world of golf because it can be such a frustrating and the most enjoyable sport you will ever participate in, as you improve you will upgrade your equipment but for now just keep enjoying the game – what is the best putter for a newbie you ask, putting is one part of the game that is totally about feel for the putter, you don’t have to spend big to find a good putter, they used to say even if you gave Ben Crenshaw or Brad Faxon a coat hanger each they would still putt like demons, its all about feel and pace!

    Thanks once again for the feedback on the best golf putter reviews and if you have any other comments please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

    Cheers, Michael – Bogeys to Birdies ” Golf Tips for Senior Golfers “

  2. Joey P says:

    Very informative review. I’m currently getting started in the world of golf. I will be playing my first round of golf very soon. I’m currently using a used set of clubs that were handed down to me by a friend. I will be upgrading my golf bag as I improve my game. What putter would you recommend for a newbie like me?

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Max, thanks for your comments on Best Golf Putter Reviews, without doubt the Scotty Cameron brands are the best putters in the market but they do come at a price!



  4. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Julius, thank you for your comments on my article Best Golf Putter Reviews, the Scotty Cameron is a beast of a putter but as you say its expensive, but considering you make approx 40% of your shots with a putter and the price of a good driver is well into the £300 mark, the Scotty Cameron sounds cheap.



  5. Julius says:

    Hello Michael, I really appreciate your work. It’s really nice to see that some people are still honest and trying to help!

    I never was a professional golfer, but I really enjoying it as a hobby from time to time. That Titleist Scotty Cameron putter looks really good. Even though it’s quite expensive but I’ll really consider buying it! Thank you for this informative post!

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    Hello Michael,

    When I choose a putter, style is a very important thing for me. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t do that, but I love to have nice golf clubs! I really like the style of the Titleist Scotty Cameron you are talking about. I also very happy to see that it is a good putter! Style and quality together, a perfect world!


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