Being Aware of Counterfeit Golf Equipment

Being Aware of Counterfeit Golf Equipment

I have been wanting write to write this article about being aware of counterfeit golf equipment for some time, especially now that many senior golfers purchase a lot of their golf equipment from online mediums – after reading this always be sure you are buying the ‘real’ thing and not a counterfeit golf club or piece of equipment, prices might be cheap, and something that sounds too good to be true almost always turns out to be exactly that!

Being Aware of Counterfeit Golf Equipment - Rack of Irons

In a recent golf article it was pointed out that the cost of the global counterfeit problem is costing the golfing industry approximately $6Billion over the last few years, and the biggest culprit by far are the counterfeiters manufacturing out of China – so always be on the alert if you are buying online especially if you are looking at re-gripping any of your clubs and putter.

The problem lies in the fact that putter grips such as Super Stroke are easy to replicate plus they look the same online with a well-taken image, and the trouble that the real manufacturers have is that you can track down the culprits, close them down and then the next day the operation will just open up somewhere else in mainland China.

Going through international courts can be time consuming and expensive for the manufacturers and no guarantee of a prosecution at the end of it, that is why it so hard to beat this global counterfeit golf equipment problem, so if you have any senior golfing friends then please send this article for them to read as well, at least if people stop buying the counterfeit equipment then the deficit can at least be reduced.

Golfers in the United Kingdom spend about £4Billion per annum on golf equipment so as you can see the counterfeiters see this as a very nice pie to be involved in, and that is why the UK government is looking at ways of reducing this epidemic because the golf industry passes on about £900 Million in taxes to the government, this counterfeit problem is making the UK government take notice to help stamp it out.

So when you are next looking online always be sure you are buying what you are paying for, it is always hard to get a refund when you have ‘bought’ as seen on the internet and in the long run it will cost you money, I would recommend asking lots of questions from the seller online so you know you are buying what you want and what you have been promised.

Being Aware of Counterfeit Golf Equipment - Scotty cameron Putter

Golf equipment to be wary of when buying online is:

1. Club and Putter Grips
2. Clothing
3. Shoes
4. Golf Balls
5. Drivers and Fairway Woods

All of the above are easy to copy and then easy to sell online, so just be a little bit more diligent when you are next online shopping, it pays to put in the time and effort to make sure you are buying the real thing.

Some proof that the counterfeit golf club business is truly global then have a read of a couple of these articles:

In the UK four people were jailed for conning thousands of golfers into buying counterfeit golf clubs, they were selling well-known branded clubs for £35 each!

Factories dotted all over China and involved in making counterfeit golf gear, in a recent study it was found out that 9 out of 10 counterfeit golf club that was produced came out of one of these Chinese factories.

In Spain customs officials seized 200 counterfeit Odyssey putters from entering the country, apparently the culprits were targeting local golfers to shift their dodgy products!

If you are unsure about what to buy then just seek the advice of your local golf professional at your club’s pro shop or alternatively seek out a golf retailer in the high street, both of whom can at least point you in the right direction and give you sound advice.

I have written a few articles on best golf clubs for seniors, you can find one of my articles by CLICKING HERE.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article being aware of counterfeit golf equipment please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Keep hitting those fairways and enjoying your golf in 2016!


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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments as always especially on being aware of counterfeit golf equipment, hopefully many golfers will see my article and decide to buy from reputable sources.

    Keep in touch,


  2. JeffWA says:

    Great article again that you wrote at your site, Michael.

    I might naive but I don’t understand how a person who has developed a love for the sport of golf would choose to purchase expensive equipment online versus going to a reputable shop. With the latter option the person would be presented the opportunity to work with a professional, try out different clubs, get a sense of how that driver feels in his/her hands before laying down the amount of money, not cheap, that goes into quality golfing equipment.

    The first option buying it online is the fool’s way to get clubs, grips, etc. Particularly with so many being counterfeit as brought up in your article, Michael. I’d want to question just how serious that person actually is with the sport of golf and how he/she could be honestly doing to improve his game and handicap.

    I guess it’s just a trait that people have gotten lazy today, and the bogus individuals who put out inferior equipment knowing this are almost effortlessly able to take advantage monetarily of these naive individuals.

    Your article should be read by any person who is about to go online looking for his next set of TaylorMade irons. Only what he/she would be getting at that bogus site would be a bogus set of irons, definitely not made by the manufacturer.


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