Golf Tips Senior Golfers

Golf Tips Senior Golfers

In this article I want to give three simple golf tips for senior golfers that they can adapt to their game pretty easily, keep it simple I always say and don’t over complicate the game of golf, over thinking your golf shots can do more damage than good, so don’t over think it and just play your natural game!

Tip One – choosing where to tee up your golf ball on the tee

The majority of golfers never give this part of their game much thought, they have a golf ball and tee ready to tee off and then randomly choose a spot for their tee shot and proceed without any thought of choosing a good spot to suit their golf game.

Golf Tips Senior Golfers - Image of tee box

I see so many times golfers who tend to slice or fade the ball proceed to the left hand side of the tee box/teeing area, by choosing this spot it has greatly reduced your margin of error if you do not produce a perfect slice or fade, think about it if you are teeing up on the left-hand side of the tee box if you do not execute the perfect shot all types of problems can occur.

However, if you tee the ball up on the right-hand side of the tee box all of a sudden the fairway looks wider and it has also given you a greater margin for error allowing for your slice or fade, think about it the next time you are playing a round of golf and you will see for yourself and instead of being in the rough or the trees on the right side of the fairway you will be in the fairway or thereabouts by adapting this easy to master tip for senior golfers.

Also, if you tend to hook or draw the ball then just use the left-hand side of the tee box, it’s the exact opposite to when you want to slice or fade the ball. No more having to worry about your natural shot because trees or some obstruction are in your ball flight or direction, by adopting this easy to follow tip you will see far more of your tee shots in safer spots.

Always remember the Left-hand side of the tee box to execute your hook or draw shot and right-hand side of the tee box if you want to execute a slice or fade shot – give it a go it’s a simple one to adapt.

Tip Two – do you know which eye is your most dominant one?

Golf Tips Senior Golfers - Image of circled hands

Next time your fellow golfers or golfing buddies are having a look at their putts and you see them with both eyes open, ask them how are they reading the putt? This easy method on how to establish which of your eyes is the most dominant you will soon start reading and seeing breaks in your putts more than ever before.Golf Tips Senior Golfers - plum lining a golf ball

All you have to do is create a circle with your hands as in the image shown, then focus on any item either at home or on the golf course it doesn’t matter, this quick and easy golf tip for the senior golfer will quickly let you know which eye is your most dominant eye.

One you have focused on an item then simply close one eye at a time and continue looking through the circle you have made with your hands, by closing one eye and looking through just one eye you will quickly see which eye is the most dominant, you will either see a clear or nearly clear hole between your hands and the item you have focused on, with your non-dominant eye you will only see a partial image or item. 

Now that you know which is your dominant eye you can soon put this into great effect on the greens and greatly improve your putt reading skills, by closing your non-dominant eye and only looking through your dominant one, especially when plum lining a shot as in the image you will start to see a clearer putting line.

Tip Three – playing golf shots in the wind

Playing golf on a windy open links course can be great fun, however it can be daunting if you do not have some basic rules in place to embrace playing in the wind, even the tops touring golf pro’s in the world don’t like unpredictable wind speeds and directions, however they do know if they do not master playing in the wind their opportunities for major titles greatly reduces, that is why the Open Championship and the US Open are played on open and sometimes very windy golf courses.

Even though the top touring pro’s in the world know how to play in the wind, believe me they don’t know a secret about playing in the wind and do not know anything that you cannot master and play in the wind too with great effect, below are a few easy to follow tips to next prepare you for playing into the wind.

Tip 1. It is important to check the speed of the wind before every shot, every hole will vary with open fairways to tree-lined fairways, so be prepared, an easy way to do this is to grab a few blades of grass and throw them up into the air and watch which way they fall and also the velocity of the wind, this will give you a very quick idea on wind direction and help you in the club selection that you need to execute the shot.

Tip 2. If the dominant wind is directly into your face or directly behind you always try and keep the same target line as if there was no wind, remember a well-hit golf shot will not be affected by the wind only bad shots get worse in the wind so stick to your target line and commit to the shot. How many times have you heard someone say when hitting downwind (the wind behind you) “that will go a mile with the wind behind” – it’s a totally different story with the wind into your face because you try and smash and hit the ball harder, keep you swing smooth and resist the opportunity of trying to overhit the shot.

Tip 3. If you are playing a course with a high wind so always look at the tree tops to give you an indication of the direction and speed of the wind, then play your golf shot accordingly dependent on the wind. A good rule of thumb is that if you want to hit a low ball flight then tee the ball up lower than normal which will give you a lower ball flight and thus keep the ball below the wind.

Tip 4. Widening your stance a little will increase your stability greatly when playing in strong or gusting winds, but don’t be tempted to overdo it, an inch either side of your normal stance is an easy to remember indicator, this will spread your weight and give you better stability which will greatly increase your chances of making a nice easy smooth swing.

Tip 5. When playing in strong winds you will often hear your fellow golfers commenting about “That’s a two club wind that is”, so do exactly that once you are confident that you know your iron distances and how far they travel in normal conditions, so if you would normally consider hitting an 8 iron under normal circumstances then do not be afraid to go up 2 clubs by hitting a 6 iron with an easy swing, the extra club selection will compensate for the wind.

A good guide for this rule is to think that if it’s a 10 MPH wind then you need to go up one club, if it’s a 20 MPH wind then go up another, so when you are checking the weather forecast for the day always look at the wind speed also, this will help you greatly when you are playing your round of golf.

Tip 6. When you are playing a shot with the wind behind you the ball with inevitably travel farther because of the wind, so if you do not want the ball to travel too far then grip the club lower than normal, this will also generate a lower ball flight because you have gripped down the club thus reducing the angle of the club at impact.

Tip 7. Being creative in the wind can be enjoyable and fun if you are creating shots to work or compensate for the wind, so be aware that less lofted clubs will produce a lower ball flight or as they say on the professional golf tours producing “Low flying Stingers”, so don’t be afraid to play some lower ball flights and instead of landing directly on the green create some shots that bump and run out onto the green.

Tip 8. Believe me the wind will and can affect every shot you make on a golf course, even bunker shots and putts the wind will and can change the direction of the ball. Even on your wedge shots consider a lower bump and run shots, not all golf balls need to fly high through the air to make them effective?

As I mentioned earlier about widening your stance on certain shots, you can also adopt this method for your putting as well, a stable posture will help you maintain your balance so always look at the possibility of widening your putting stance to adjust for wind and wind gusts.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article on Golf Tips Senior Golfers please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.


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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi There, thank you for comments and positive feedback on my article golf tips senior golfers. I am so glad that you found the articles and the video tutorials created for the senior golfer useful, you will find a lot of tips on this site for advice on the best golf balls for seniors, best golf clubs for seniors, best golf swing lessons for seniors, the list is endless and I aim to keep adding all the tip and tricks that I have learnt along the way in my golf career.

    Keep in touch and once again thanks for positive feed back about my golf tips for the senior golfer.


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    Hi Borislav,

    Thank you so much for the comments and feedback about my website Bogeys to Birdies which is dedicated to the senior golfer, the article you have commented on golf tips senior golfers is just one of many that I have written purposely to help the older / senior golfer improve their game, even if it is little golf tips they all help to improve and enhance your game.

    I have included a link to an article that includes 6 videos from my You Tube channel, I hope that you find the videos useful to assist yourself and also pass on the link to other aspiring golfers whom you think may get some benefit out of them, here is the link :

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  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your comments about the article Golf Tips Senior Golfers, the coming of age for a senior golfer is 55 in the amateur ranks in golf but as well know the Senior Pro Tour kicks off at 50, this goes back historically when the Senior Tour were short on big names so they reduced the age for senior golfers from 55 to 50 to entice the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson to join the tour to give it some leverage.

    But back to your question about your dad, being in his mid 50’s he does qualify for being classed as a senior golfer I am afraid, your dad would not only get good value out of this article but also a lot of the information on this site which has been bespoked for the senior golfer who is looking to improve their game.

    Your dad will also get some use out of one of my recent articles which has video tutorials, here is the link :

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  4. Paul says:

    Thank you for these awesome golf tips for seniors. Beyond what age would you consider someone “senior” in golf? My dad is getting up there — mid 50s — but I wouldn’t consider him to be “senior” just yet. I’m a young guy so this info isn’t really suited for me, but do you think he could get good value out of this article?

  5. Borislav says:

    Hello Michael,

    I do not what to say! Your content is very diverse, and I like it very much. There are a lot of video tutorials, tips, and tricks, a lot of information about golf gear, even about golf events!

    If you did it by yourself, then I can only say well done!!!

    Your content is very helpful and useful for senior and older golfers alike…. in one-sentence Golf bible for the senior golfer!!!

    Best regards,


  6. Wojtek says:

    I started playing golf some time ago, and before I had seen this blog I had some problems with technique, because I’m the type of guy who want to learn on his own. All tutarials are very clealry and easy to follow. I’m wating to see more! I really appreciate video tutorials , I can easly see that the owner of the blog is very dedicated to it, and this is passion.

  7. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for your comments and question regarding my article golf tips senior golfers, in an earlier article I put together a section on golf tips for beginners in three different articles, here is the link to them all :




    I am sure you will find plenty of golf tips for beginners in these articles? However if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me, once again thanks for your comments about my article golf tips senior golfers.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for Senior Golfers”

  8. Brandon says:

    This website is full of great content. Its very well put together, and I really like how much content is displayed on one page. Quick Question. Do you have any golf tips for beginners? I’ve dabbled in golfing (went to the driving range and pitch and putt course), but have never fully immersed myself in the sport of golf. Any advice would be appreciated.

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