Golf Tips for Seniors Videos

Golf Tips for Seniors Videos

I have compiled these golf instruction videos that I believe will improve your game in this article golf tips for seniors videos, the six videos I have produced cover everything from the golf grip to bunker play and few others thrown in between – I hope that these videos will enhance and help you enjoy the great game of golf better now and in the future.

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Here are the links to my latest videos, you can either watch them on this site or click through to YouTube to watch them on my YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE.

Video 1 – The Grip

This first video is all about the golf grip, some golfers might disagree with my methods, but I have always found that golf professionals/coaches teach you their way instead of building on the good bits about your golf swing etc. I believe that we should take the best bits of your golf game and build on that – however, if you have any comments or questions please do drop me a message through my blog and I will be happy to respond as quickly as possible.

Video 2 – Drawing and Fading

This second video is all about drawing and fading the ball, I have tried to put it into easy terms so you can understand the fundamentals of producing a draw or a fade. As above, if you have any questions or comments please drop me a message through my blog and I will be happy to respond as quickly as possible. To add to this if you want to produce the best shots from the tee to enhance your game then choose the left hand side of the tee box for a draw and the right hand side of the tee box for a fade.

Video 3 – How to Play a Bunker Shot out of Fluffy Sand

With this video you will see that I talk about keeping the club face open and digging the heel of the club into the sand, keeping it too open will more than likely make you dig into the sand and not move the ball, this method will hopefully make you understand about making the sand do the work and get the ball into the air. Also, if you put more weight on your leading leg it will help you commit to the shot and help to elevate the ball out of the sand.

Video 4 – How to Swing a Golf Club – Golf Grip and Swing Training Aid

This is a video just reviewing a training aid that helps with maintaining a correct golf grip and also using the training aid to warm up before practicing or playing a round of golf. A cheap and effective training aid to help enhance your game.

Video 5 – Golf Chipping Tips

This latest video is all about chipping near or just off of the green, how to be more confident with playing these shots, putting your weight on your leading leg and also executing the shot like a putt, mastering the shot plus making you more confident when playing this type of shot. This shot can be executed by using all of your clubs in your golf bag, the higher the club number the lower the loft so practice using all of your clubs in your bag to get the distance and trajectory you need to execute the shot that you need.

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My newest video about unleash the power in your senior golfer swing, this video is about adapting an easy drill to unleash some hidden power in your golf swing regardless of your age, remember you do not need to swing the club long and hard to achieve great power, practice this drill and you will see the benefits of it.

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Happy Golfing, and as always if you have any comments, questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to respond to you as soon as possible.

Have a great day – Michael

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