Pompano Beach Golf Course

Pompano Beach Golf Course

Situated in the heart of Pompano Beach the Pompano Beach Golf Course is a perfect golf venue for all standards of golfers, I recently played the Greg Norman redesigned Pines Course – well worth a visit if you are in southern Florida on holiday or looking for a casual round of golf if you are a resident.


When you arrive at the golf course you will not have to look long for a car parking space even at peak times there is always an abundance of spaces located pretty near to the clubhouse. I would recommend leaving your golf bag in your car until you have paid your green fee and also picked up your cart for the round, even though you cannot take the cart to the car park the car park is nearer the golf cart parking area than the club house, saves building up a sweat in the searing Florida heat and humidity.

The Pro Shop

What a friendly bunch all of the staff are in the pro shop, helpful, obliging and very courteous even if it is just for grabbing a few range tokens or just asking questions about the courses ( there are two courses here, The Pines and The Palms but I only played the Pines ) and availability of tee times etc, very helpful throughout my visit. Pompano Beach Golf Course - Range Balls

Not a very big or well-stocked pro shop, but then again it had adequate amounts of balls, tees and apparel in the shop but not a massive amount of golf equipment such as clubs etc.
When you do play at Pompano Beach Golf Course you do not pay for your green to the pro shop but in a little window where staff sit and you pay through the glass via a speaker, you will be handed your paperwork for your cart and also receipt for your green fee, keep hold of these receipts just in case a storm comes in and you can then get a refund which is outlined on the board about ‘Rain Checks’ – keep hold of the paperwork just in case.

Practice Facilities

Pompano Beach Golf Course - Golf RangeNice set up on the golf driving range, you get your tokens from the pro shop and the ball dispenser in near the cart sheds which is on the way to the driving range. Range balls will cost $4 for a small basket of balls or $6 for a larger basket of balls which is approx. 50 balls, I found just getting $10 worth of tokens, plenty of balls for you and your playing partner to warm up with.
Near the range, there is a practice bunker and also chipping green, all nicely located to each other to get the best out of your warm up or practice session.

Practice Putting Green

The practice putting green is ideally located between the clubhouse, the range, the starters hut and also the 1st tees of both of the courses, so an ideal spot if you are waiting to tee off or just looking to have a practice on the green. The green on the practice putting green is pretty consistent with the greens on The Pines Course, so well worth a few putts prior to going out for your round. Even in the middle of the day, the putting is green is pretty shaded and has a few benches dotted around if you want to take a break from putting, the heat and have a rest. All in all a good practice putting green with nice undulations and good hole positions – but a word of advice the greens are a little slower than they look so don’t be fooled!

The Pines Course

Brilliant golf course for the money, every hole is different and enjoyable starting with a straight forward par 5 or as it seems, this hole is ranked number 6 on the course so don’t be fooled that it’s an easy starting hole, par or bogey is a good start on this hole.

At the course the starters allow you to choose your tees of where you want to play from, my recommendation would be to choose the white tees, it’s a total length of over 6200 yards off of the whites and a good test for all standards of golfers. Pompano Beach Golf Course - Golf Cart

Pompano Beach Golf Course - 17th Hole SignI got caught behind a few players who were playing off the ‘back’ tees which is ridiculous because they looked like they would be lucky to play off a handicap of 28 and playing those back tees surely cannot make your round enjoyable?

Even the touring pro’s playoff tees of about 7000 plus yards and the back tees were around that number, so my advice play off the whites if you are a man and red tees if you are a woman. Plus playing off shorter tees speeds up play too!

Out on the course you will see quite a lot of raccoons but don’t be alarmed they will not hurt you, all they are looking for is something to eat, so if you are leaving your cart on the paths just don’t leave any food lying about in the cart, they are like all wild animals they are just looking for their next meal!

I found all of the holes enjoyable and all of them you have to think about your shots, some open fairways but also some tight driving holes so be warned there are a few holes that can come up and bite you if you are not careful.

Fairways were all in good condition and very rarely did you get a bad lie unless you landed in an old divot but that is very rare, all bunkers were pretty consistent in the sand levels and not too fluffy sand and not too hard a sand so all in all pretty good bunkers to play out of, whether it be in a fairway trap or greenside trap.

You will love the closing 5 to 6 holes of this golf course, a mixture of par 4’s and par 3’s and a delight to play, water plays a big part on these closing holes so if you are trying to protect a score don’t try and do it over these closing holes because you can rack up high numbers if you are trying to play cagey!

These closing holes are all about accuracy and not length, but either way just enjoy them because it’s a great way to finish off a round of golf – especially the 18th – You will love The Pines Course at Pompano Beach, I highly recommend it.

The Clubhouse

Not really a clubhouse as such, more of a restaurant come bar facility, friendly and helpful staff even if you just want to sit at the bar and have a cold beer and relax at the end of your game – also has an abundance of TV screens so your favourite sport will always be on hand if you want to catch up on your sport.
You have a good choice of food and drink so all you need to do is ask for a menu and the friendly and helpful staff will soon have your order and you can just sit and relax, well worth a visit after your round and pretty reasonable prices as well!

The Condition of the course

I cannot fault any of the course for its conditions, considering the amount of storms that hit the area while I was there on holiday the course dries out pretty quickly and you would not have even known if a storm has just passed through. Pompano Beach Golf Course - 18th Fairway
Greens were in good condition, fairways and bunkers were well maintained, there were a couple of tees that were a bit bare in patches but not anything too severe to make it hard to find a place to tee your ball up – apart from the odd shabby bare tee the condition of the golf course was excellent.

The Enjoyment

Great course, really great to play, every hole memorable and enjoyable – the enjoyment factor – excellent and highly recommended.

The Value

Excellent value even when you are paying peak green fees at the weekend, even though it seemed like every round was slow when I played here, when you finished I was amazed to look at my watch and see that the maximum length of my round was between 3.5 hours and 4 hours so very acceptable.
So great value for the $35 on average green fee and I would highly recommend.


Great day, excellent courses, well-trained staff, very reasonable food and brilliant set up and facilities – would I play there again – yes without a doubt when and if I am in southern Florida again.
I hope that you have found this Pompano Beach Golf Course Review useful and help you make a decision on whether to play there or not in the future, any comments or feedback on this review please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this article and I would be glad to respond to you if you have any questions relating to my golfing experience at Pompano Beach Golf Course.

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As always, keeping hitting them straight and enjoy this great game of golf!


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