A Good Grip is so Important

A Good Grip is so Important

Why a good grip is so important to your golf game if you do not have a good solid and easily repeatable golf grip your golf game will never improve, if your golf grip is at least 90% correct you will have a better chance of improving your golf scores.

I have always been an advocate of getting the ‘basics’ right from the start and the start is a good golf grip, if this is wrong from the start you are just making matters worse and your golf game will definitely not improve, especially in senior golfers when it is so important to get this right.

So you will find an easy to follow guide on how to achieve a better golf grip.

We now need to cover how to hold the club with your left hand ( right hand if you are a left-hander ), I have added photos of the steps to follow enabling you to achieve that perfect golf grip time after time, the first step is to get the club resting in the palm of your hand with the club face square, a good reference point is if your club has a brand name of the grip,  this should show that the club is laying flat on the ground and square to the target. The next point is to get place your left hand on the club with your thumb right of centre and the ‘V’ from your thumb and finger should be pointing at your right shoulder. The next step is to place your right hand onto the club and to create that ‘V’ again from your right hand, and again the ‘V’ should be pointing at your right shoulder, and remember strong left hand and softer right hand so not to grip it too tight. And finally a photo from the side showing complete grip, you will also see that my right hand on the last photo shows a very soft and not strong grip, this will ensure that your leading left arm will not be influenced by my right arm and ensure that the club face is coming back to square at the ball and impact.

A Good Grip is so Important - Golf Grip A Good Grip is so Important - grip of left hand A Good Grip is so Important - Golf Grip A Good Grip is so Important A Good Grip is so Important

If you would like more golf tips for senior golfers then please CLICK HERE.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article a good grip is so important please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your comments and feedback on my article a good golf grip is so important. I strongly believe that with a good golf grip and also getting the correct golf shafts/flex in your golf clubs are the two most important parts of the game of golf, get these two things correct and you have the making of a good golf game especially into your senior golfing years playing golf.

    This article you might also find useful, it is a video and written tutorial I put together about a golf training aid that I purchased myself to help with the correct golf grip, it has a moulded grip which ensures that your golf grip is correct, it also doubles up as a warm up club prior to playing a round of golf or warming up prior to hitting some balls on the golf driving range, here is the link to the article:


    I hope that you find this article about basic golf swing lessons useful for the senior golfer and I will look forward to hearing from you in the future if you have any additional questions about golfing tips for the senior golfer.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer”

  2. Richard says:

    Your website is just amazing with super imagery with some amazing tips for the senior golfer. I tried golfing in my teens with no idea how to hold or swing a golf club. My brother in law loves golf and speaks excitedly about how to hold the golf club correctly, in one of your other posts and videos you have explained in detail on how to grip the golf club correctly. I am a senior golfer in the making and I reckon I might give golf a second chance after reading your articles on golf tips for the senior golfer.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for your comments about my article a good grip is so important, I try to stress the importance of getting the golf grip 95% correct so it at least gives you a chance of improving your golf game moving forward, with a bad golf grip your golf will unfortunately not improve, here is an article I wrote sometime ago about a useful training aid that I found that helps you with your golf grip and also swing plane, it is a moulded grip which helps you get and maintain the correct golf grip, have a look here

    : http://bogeystobirdies.co.uk/basic-golf-swing-less

    Well worth a look at this article and also the training aid, it is pretty cheap to purchase and also considering the cost of some golf equipment its a small investment to improve your game of golf, the training aid is also a useful too for the senior golfer who has trouble maintaining a good golf grip and also good golf swing plane.

    Once again thank for your comments about a good grip is so important and please keep in touch.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for Senior Golfers”

  4. Brandon says:

    I like how you teach the basics of golf techniques especially about how a good grip is so important; so that even a novice golfer like me can learn something crucial to my skill development from your article. I also like how you specified the different hand placements for left and right handed golfers. That kind of attention to detail makes a helpful article like this that much easier to comprehend. Great content, really keep up the good work. I had trouble when I first started playing golf to get the golf grip correct but your article has certainly helped me moving forward.

    Thank you once again on the great article A Good Grip is so Important.

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