5 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers

5 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers

The majority of senior golfers fail to prepare themselves for a round of golf, in this article 5 simple tips for senior golfers I want to highlight some easy but effective ways to prepare themselves before they start out on their round of golf.

1. Warm Up and Hit a Few Golf Balls

One thing that I notice at most golf courses is that the majority of senior golfers fail to even have a few stretching exercises before they take their first tee shot, I am not saying put in a full hour of stretching exercises I am just suggesting warming up by hitting a few shots on the driving range or alternatively hit a few golf balls in the practice net before teeing off and also stretching out those muscles. Even the top touring pros hit a few shots on the range so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for you. 5 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers - Range Balls

2. Practice Putting a Chipping

If you are playing your home course you might always think well I know the greens so I won’t bother having a practice putt, well that is a very big mistake because greens can change from one day to another plus the pin positions have been changed out on the course, so having even just a few putts to get used to the pace of the greens on the day will ultimately save you a few shots during your round.

You can also mix this up with a few chips from just off of the practice putting green, this will not help you with the breaks of the greens out on the course but it will certainly help you with that ‘feel’ of the golf ball when you are practicing, I always suggest not aiming at a target when practice chipping if your time is limited, it’s just to get that feel of the golf ball releasing off of the club face nicely.

3. Using the tee to your advantage

Many senior golfers do not realise that you can use a larger part of the tee and not just between the tee markers, the official rule is that you can go two clubs lengths back from the tee markers on the tee. Using this to your full advantage will enable you to find the flattest part of the tee box and also away from fresh divots made from previous or earlier golfers teeing off tee shots.

The other tip for senior golfers on the tee is use the tee box to suit your golf shot, if your natural golf shot is a slice/fade then tee the ball up on the right side of the tee box, if your natural shot is a draw/hook then tee up on the left-hand side of the tee box.

Trust me adopting these suggestions on the tee box will definitely enhance your game, next time you are playing give it a go because it does work.

4. Tee Height

Many senior golfers just use the same set spacer tees for every shot whether it be a driver or a short iron, try adapting this method to suit the golf shot not what suits you. If you tee the ball up for a driver then tee the ball up so the golf ball is showing at 50% above the face of the driver, don’t have it too low because you will create a slice and have it too high will cause you to ‘sky’ the golf ball. 5 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers - Low Tee

With irons or say when you tee the ball up on par 3’s try keep the tee low and hit down behind the ball instead of trying to sweep the ball off of the tee, you need to play these shots as if you were hitting the golf ball off of the fairway, so hitting down on the golf ball.

5. Simple Course Management

Having a plan when you are playing your round of golf will not only help senior golfers with their game but all golfers of all standards, try some of these when you are next playing your round and I think you will see a vast improvement in a number of strokes you take off of your round:

• Look in advance at pin positions on holes ahead of you, this doesn’t mean when you are on the hole but having a look when you are passing when playing earlier holes.
• If you make a mistake don’t make the matters worse by trying for the ultimate shot and getting into more trouble, advance the ball towards the hole and get the ball back on the fairway, play for a bogey at worse, use a pitching wedge to move the ball forward and back into play, don’t be tempted by hitting a wood or long iron out of the rough.
• Don’t take on ‘sucker’ pin positions, if the flagstick is protected by a greenside bunker don’t be tempted by taking direct aim at the pin, take the green side bunker out of play and play for the heart of the green, it’s far easier to two-putt when on the green and not having to worry about getting the golf ball out of the greenside bunker and possibly racking up double digits – play smart!
• Play your own game and try not to keep up with your ‘big hitting’ partners, play within yourself and play to your strengths, your partner might hit the golf ball a long way but might still rack up high numbers so always remember accuracy is better than distance on a golf course.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article 5 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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