Unique Golf Gift Ideas

Unique Golf Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when golfers of all ages start dusting off the cobwebs of their golf clubs and are getting ready to attack the golf course, these unique golf gift ideas might give you a head start this year when you are trying to buy a unique golf gift for your golfing mate, family member or work colleague.

With so much golf equipment out there to choose from in the market it can sometimes be difficult to buy a gift for a golfer, but not knowing his or her game can seriously put a damper on getting the present right for the chosen one! Unique golf gift ideas might be the answer you have been looking for.

Unique Golf Gift Ideas - The Sun Newspaper headlineWorking in a golf pro shop certainly opens up your eyes to this particular question which I get asked a lot especially when buying a golf gift, for instance:

1. “I want to buy a golf shirt for my husband but not too sure what size will fit him” – this is a tough one because you do not want to insinuate that the recipient of the gift may be of the large variety so you have to tread lightly!

2. “I want to buy some golf balls for my partner but not too sure which ones to buy for them” – this is another truly tough question because you have to probe to find out what sort of handicap does the other half play off of, suggesting a distance ball might insinuate that he or she is a ‘hacker’ or suggesting a Pro V1 might suggest that they are buying them for Tiger! Unique Golf Gift Ideas - Golf Ball Marker

3. “I want to buy a surprise golf lesson for my other half” – the questions never get any easier trust me, this has got to be one of the toughest questions because you have got no idea of the calibre of golfer they are referring to and ‘Nor have they any idea because their other half always spills on about how good they are but are really a closet 28 handicap’ – so I always tread carefully with this one!

4. However the most common question I get asked is – “I have got no idea about golf can you help me” – my response to that one has always been – “Don’t worry most people who come into the pro shop have got no idea about golf as either”

So yes I can always help with selecting a golf gift for an unknown golfer that I will never meet, 9 times out of 10 you eventually meet the recipient at a later date when they are secretly returning the item for something that they really want and I have a little chuckle about the pains that I went through to recommend the gift in the first place! 

So the whole point of this article is to never try and second guess what a golfer could do with and will appreciate as a gift for their special day, the majority of the time the selected item makes its way back to the shop to surprise another unsuspecting golf gift buyer – if you want to select something that is unique and the recipient is going to love it, enjoy it and display it to all concerned then look no further that buying a novelty golf gift for the chosen one – this website online offers so many different choices of gifts for the aspiring golfer, personalised or unique gifts that will help you tick the box for another year! – click the banner below to visit the website or  CLICK HERE.

If you are still stuck after reading this then you could always try an E Book golf lesson gift from Rory McIIroy’s coach – CLICK HERE to read the article. 

I hope that this article unique golf gift ideas was helpful in assisting you to pick a gift and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

4 Responses

  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Brandon,

    So glad that you like the article Unique Golf Gift Ideas, the gifts are really creative and amazing so I am so glad that you enjoyed the article and can become inspired when you need to buy a golf gift for a friend or family member.

    Thanks for the feedback on unique golf gift ideas and if you have any further comments or feedback please do not hesitate to get in contact again.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for Seniors”

  2. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Tyrel,

    Thanks for your feedback on unique golf gift ideas, I am so glad that when you were younger you got your dad something for his golf that he would find useful, not many people would go that far though! So glad that you liked the article about unique golf gift ideas and if you have any questions with future articles please get in touch.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer”

  3. Tyrel says:

    I like the link to the personalized gifts site. I wish I had that kind of option years ago. I totally agree with the challenges you would have when people are wanting to give a golf gift.
    I remember when I was a kid attempting to give my dad a gift related to golf (he was quite the enthusiast at the time) but I didn’t have much money. Hmm… well I decided to go to the nearest golf course and look for lost balls in the woods at the edge of the course. A friend and I brought back a bag full. I was nervous what he would think.
    He was actually really happy, he was looking for extras to practice with when not on the course. Well, that fortunately worked, but later on I decided the best way was to root through his golf bag and see if his gloves were wearing out or was out of tees.

  4. Brandon says:

    Hey Michael! It seems like you have a very good knowledge and experience base around unique golf gift ideas. I clicked the link at the bottom of this article and checked out the personalized gifts. They are amazing! When I need to find a gift for myself, or one of my friends that golf, I will be sure to come back here. All the best to you.

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