Chipping Golf Tips for Seniors

Chipping Golf Tips for Seniors

Week in week out I see senior golfers struggling with their chipping, so in this article chipping golf tips for seniors I have included a video and also some tips for the senior golfer to enable them to make a consistent strike on the ball when chipping just off of the green.

Watch this video first then follow on and read the rest of this article, you will then get a better understanding of what I am talking about.

What most senior golfers need to realise is that you do not need to try and sweep the ball off of the ground but more importantly try and strike down on the ball and most importantly follow through on the stroke, so many senior golfers just try and sweep the ball up and quit on the shot hoping that they won’t thin the shot or hit a fat shot.

In this video you will see that I make a major point of keeping your weight on the leading foot, so if you are a right handed player all of your weight should be on your left foot, I have used an example of placing a golf ball under my right foot during practice to make sure that you keep your weight on your left foot/leg throughout the stroke, this will ensure that you hit down on the shot.

Chipping Golf Tips for Seniors - Ball under right foot

Once you have mastered the idea of keeping your weight on your left foot/leg you will then need to concentrate on making sure you hit down and through the ball making a good contact. I would suggest practising this technique not aiming at a target but just hitting some shots to get the feel of the shot, once you have got the hang of this you can then concentrate on accuracy and pace of the ball once you have got the feel of the shot and technique. But with this you also need to keep your wrists locked like you would do with a putting stroke, so no breaking of the wrists.

Now that you have the feel of the shot you then need to start looking at what you think the ball is going to do when it hits the green, are you going to hit a low running shot with top spin (using say a pitching wedge) or a high shot (using a sand iron) which will hit the putting surface from a higher level and land softly and then slow down quicker towards the hole.

Imagine you are now just off of the green, you want to pitch and run the ball so you have chosen to hit a pitching wedge, you now need to land the pitch on the green where you feel that you want to land the ball, as in the video I imagine it’s like reading a putt, so I aim for the spot I feel that would be the distance to allow for the chip to roll out and also follow the line of my intended reading of the putt from the spot I have chosen.

So to recap on golf chipping tips for seniors:

• Keep your weight on your left foot/leg or leading foot/leg
• Hit down on the ball not try and sweep the ball off of the ground
• Do NOT break your wrists, use your same putting stroke as in the video
• Pick the club you want to use dependent on your lie and angle of attack
• Pick a spot on the green for you to aim at to get the ball rolling and towards the hole

I hope that this chipping golf tips for seniors has been of help to your game, but if you are in doubt just keep watching the video and pausing it until you fully understand the technique behind it.
Here is another video where I use a grip and swing training aid, this sort of aid will help you to get that follow through feeling when making the chipping stroke, it works for me and hopefully it will work for you.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article chipping golf tips for seniors please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received. If you have enjoyed this article you may also like this article and video on ‘unleashing’ some extra power and also more videos – CLICK HERE.

Happy golfing.

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  1. Hi Barry, thank you for your comment regarding the article chipping golf tips for seniors, I always try and put all of my articles into a simple explanation so all standards of golfers can understand them, especially senior golfers who love the game of golf and are always trying to improve their game, the simple golf tips on Bogeys to Birdies hopefully help all golfers to improve and enhance their current game of golf.

    Once again thank you for your comment.

    Michael Bogeys to Birdies Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer

  2. Barry Morrow says:

    Very good. Well done and well presented.

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Sonny,

    Thanks for your comments about my article chipping golf tips for seniors, I am so glad that you found my website via my You Tube channel and found that my website tips for the senior golfer really helped you even though you are not a full time golfer as of yet. My articles and posts on my website have been designed and tailored purely for the senior golfer but no doubt a lot of beginning golfers would also reap the benefit of my tutorials as well.

    Here is the link to my video page my website, it show cases all of my video senior golf tips in one place, will save you time by having them all in one place if you want to share with your friends and family.

    Video page is here :

    Thanks once again for your comments about chipping golf tips for seniors.

    Regards, Michael Bogeys to Birdies Golf Tips for Senior Golfers

  4. Sonny says:

    Hello,Michael I am not really a golf player but I just happened to come across your You Tube video about golf tips for senior golfers and I was quit impressed by the way you teach beginners and senior golfers like me to improve their golf game.

    Your tutorials for senior golf instruction are awesome and easy to understand plus you have a brilliant website which is just as good.

    Thank you for making a great review about how to improve seniors technique for their game of golf.

    Cheers, Sonny

  5. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Roamy,

    Thank you for your comments on my article about golf chipping tips for senior golfers and also your comments in general about my website golf tips for the senior golfer and also my golf instruction videos and article for senior golfers. You are right, many years of dedication and practice will in the end make a much better golf game for the senior golfer and help them enjoy their game of golf better regardless of the number of strokes they make during a round of golf, one shot is all it takes is to make them keep coming back for more and enjoy their golf in their senior and older years.

    If you have any other questions of comments regarding my articles on golf tips for the senior golfer please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer – Golfing Instruction for Senior Golfers

  6. roamy says:

    Hello Michael

    These are wonderful tips for senior golfers who are just getting started or are still playing the wonderful game of Golf or for those looking to refresh their skills, all of the tips throughout your website golf tips for seniors in fantastic.

    Golf is a lovely game but many working parents do find they have to give up when kids are young and they have to work,but after retirement,many seniors do want to take up golf again so your website would be my first port of call and my recommendations for the senior golfer to visit.

    Seniors do not only struggle with chipping because they do not try and force the golf ball more to rely on their technique that they have mastered over the years,l feel after a long time (maybe years) from the golf course,things look so different when one gets started again especially with new golf clubs and golf technology on the market for senior golfers to buy..

    I find that these tips are not only for senior golfers but for any golfers who want to improve their chipping especially those who have not played for extended period of time.

    Great site and will be book marking to keep en eye on all of your future golfing tips for the senior golfer.



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