Maintaining Your Golf Clubs

Maintaining Your Golf Clubs

This article is all about maintaining your golf clubs and why it is worth spending a bit of time looking after them for better results after you have finished your round of golf.
Working in a golf pro shop I see the condition that some golfers leave their golf clubs in, not just after a round of golf but also how they play with them all the time, golf clubs are not cheap and are a major investment so looking after them for the long term can certainly have benefits.

Maintaining your golf clubs - irons

Bearing in mind the average top brand set of irons is in the region of about £500 to £600, add on £200 or £300 extra for a driver and a fairway wood the cost is creeping up to the £800 plus mark, so I think you would agree on a regular maintenance regime and up keep of your golf clubs is well worth your time for the lifetime of the clubs.

The Grips

Let’s start with the grips on the clubs, a good set of clubs can easily last you ten years or more but that will mean have your clubs re-gripped at least every two years, this could be more dependent on how much you use the clubs but also how and where you store them when not playing golf.

Maintaining your golf clubs - golf grip

I will use Golf Pride golf grips as an example because the majority of golfers would have come across this brand in their local pro shop of golf retail outlet, they come in varying sizes, different textures and combinations so a good choice to suit all standards of golfer.

A normal size, mid-size or jumbo grip sizes are available and they cost around the £7.00 to £9.00 mark, so doing you whole set once a year can certainly increase your annual golfing costs if you want to do this annually, but the majority of golfers would get at least 2 seasons minimum out of a set of golf grips.

So to re-grip your fourteen clubs should cost you in the region of about £125, which should also include the cost of actually re-gripping the old clubs, pro shops normally make their money from selling the grips and ‘throw’ in the re-gripping as a ‘free’ service.

Grooves and Shafts on the clubs

Now that you have got your grips under control you can then look at the easy maintenance of your shafts, using a household detergent with a dry cloth to dry them off should suffice. I normally fill up a bucket with water and add some washing up liquid/detergent to the mixture, and then drop all your clubs in head first, let them soak for a while and then towel dry the shaft.
By doing this you will then make sure you have removed all the dirt or mud from the shaft, and at the same time given the club heads a good soaking.

Once you have dried the shafts you can then look at each club individually, using a nice sharp blade to intricately scrape out all of the dirt and build-up of mud in all of the club head grooves. Because you have soaked them in the bucket prior the liquid/water has had time to soak into the in ground dirt and makes it easier to scrape out later.

This whole procedure for cleaning your clubs should take no longer than 10 minutes once you have got home from your round of golf, not a major problem but one that can easily be overlooked because of laziness or ‘not having the time’!

I can vouch for this, when you do maintain and look after your clubs it makes such a big difference to your confidence, it’s a bit like having clean shoes with a suit on, your clubs become a major confidence factor when you are next playing.

Maintaining your golf clubs - golf club face

Nice new looking golf clubs, grooves all nice looking, clean and looking the part, your golf ball will appreciate your efforts too and if you put some spin on the ball the grooves will actually work because they are free from dirt and mud!

So there you have it, a simple easy to follow method of how easy it is to keep your golf clubs nice and clean and why maintaining your golf clubs is well worth the effort.

As always if you liked this post please leave any comments or feedback below, I will be happy to respond to any questions or queries you might have in the future.

In the meantime happy golfing and keep hitting it straight down the fairway!

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