Golf Putting Tips for Senior Golfers

Golf Putting Tips for Senior Golfers

After spending a couple of days on fast and slick greens I wanted to put this article together for Golf Putting Tips for Senior Golfers on how to read greens, set up alignment and putting stroke to adapt to be comfortable on all types of greens.

As I mentioned previously I have just spend a couple of days on fast, slick and rather difficult pin positions that made a lot of golfers look silly with 3 and 4 putting on some greens, so I wanted to give you a few tips on how to prepare yourself when you do come up against greens that you are not familiar with when visiting another golf course which is not your regular home course.

How to Read a Green

A lot of senior golfers underestimate the importance of being able to read a green with some form of accuracy, I always use the plum line with my putter, this method gives you a pretty good and quick way of at least getting the read 90% correct. If your green reading is not very good it will be purely by luck that you hole the putt.

Golf Putting Tips for Senior Golfers - plum lining a golf ballSome senior golfers can be natural green readers, but you can definitely improve by doing nothing more than finding a practice putting green with some undulations and slopes and hitting endless amounts of putts and watching what the ball does, it takes time and practice but is well worth the time and effort, take time out to practice this part of your game as much as possible.


If you have now figured out the slopes and undulations of the green you now need to focus on alignment and your putting setup, this means that you have to have your shoulders, hips, feet and putter face square to the target line, this is not aligned with the hole but to the line of how you feel that the putt will break from.
But in the end you have to have the alignment set up that is comfortable for you, but you need to repeat the same stroke and alignment set up every time, and never ever feel that you need to manipulate the putt in the direction that you want it to go, you alignment setup should do that naturally once you have practised it.

The Putting Stroke

Now that we have covered reading of the green and your alignment at set up before you make the putting stroke, if you feel that you have read the green to the best of your ability we now need to concentrate on making the putting stroke on the desired line of the break and also ensure that we get the correct pace.

This is where a lot of senior golfers lose out to reducing their strokes per round, they tend to rush the putt and sometimes end up three-putting numerous greens because they have not spent the time needed on the putt to make some good saves and also long putts during their round.

I sometimes use two tees on the practice putting green to ensure that I am setting up correctly to make the putt, you can use the two tees for two things:

1. Making sure you are flowing through the ball at impact

2. Plus hitting the golf ball on your intended target line

These golf tips for senior golfers are pretty basic things to adapt but they can be so rewarding if you take time out to practice them a couple of hours per week.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article Golf Putting Tips for Senior Golfers please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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