Golf Chip Shots around the Green

Golf Chip Shots around the Green

We all know how important that a good short game is for scoring well that is why golf chip shots around the green are so vitally important to master, so many senior and amateur golfers have a lot of trouble getting this technique correct which with a bit of practice will shave many shots off of your round of golf.

Golf Chip Shots around the Green - Putting Green

Two major faults of many amateur golfers is that they tend to evenly balance their weight evenly between their feet and then proceed to try and slide the golf club under the ball trying to scoop the ball up, this technique is hard enough for the touring pro’s let alone the average senior or amateur golfer, so we need to look at how the average golfer should learn and master this shot instead of continually thinning the golf ball through the green or hitting the shot fat and the golf ball only travelling a few inches!

So the first thing the amateur golfer should work on is making sure all of their weight is on the leading left leg (this is for a right handed golfer) this will then alleviate any thin or fat shots, then you need to make sure you play the shot like a putt without breaking your wrists, the least amount of movement around your whole set up is the key to mastering the art of good golf chip shots around the green.

I always suggest to any of the senior or amateur golfers I educate about this shot is that when they are practicing this shot DO NOT aim for a target on the practice putting green, they need to firstly master the technique and get used to that feeling of playing the shot and hitting behind the ball and making a good contact, working on the line and direction will come at a later stage once they have got used to making a good contact with the golf ball.

Once the senior or amateur golfer has now gained the confidence of hitting the ball cleanly we then will proceed onto working on the line and direction of the chip shot around the green, what I mean by this is not just about hitting the shot and hope that is roles out to the hole with the correct pace and line, I am talking about having a procedure ingrained into their game to read the shot half like a chip shot and half like a putt, so this means picking a spot on the putting surface you want to land the golf ball onto and because you have read the line of the break on the green your golf ball will hopefully take this line after you have executed the shot. 

This technique will bring another dimension into your game of golf and hopefully not complicate it, to enable you to fully understand what I have explained above I also have a video to support how to work on this technique and also how to play the shot. It highlights the use of a golf ball under your right leg for practice purposes and this will help make sure that the majority of your weight is on your left leading leg, the video also highlights playing the stroke and also looking for spots on the green where you want to land the golf ball so it runs out towards the hole.

Bringing all of this together will definitely improve your golf chip shots around the green and will most definitely improve your scores if you can practice and master this easy technique.

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