Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game

Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game

We have all been down the track of deciding whether to purchase new golf clubs or alternatively taking a course of golf lessons to improve your game of golf, let me give you a little bit of personal advice, book some lessons in now that the warmer months are behind us and get ready for next season and reap the rewards.

Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game - The Complete Grip

Whether you are a seasoned single handicap golfer, a senior golfer or a new beginning golfer you need to look at finding a local golf professional to help you improve your game, the thought of buying the newest and most expensive driver might be great for your ego but is it really going to improve your game – it might do after a course of golf lessons but short term I doubt whether it would improve your game without correct coaching or guidance.

• How to Find a Good Local PGA Golf Professional

When looking for a good local golf professional sometimes the easiest way to find one is to look online, however before you go down this route have a chat with one of your golfing buddies who may have had lessons before and they might be able to recommend a good golf professional they have used in the past – a referral is always the best route to take, if this option is not available then go online and do your research to find the best local golf professional that you feel might improve and enhance your game.

When you have decided or selected a golf professional that best suits your needs then you need to initially book in an assessment with the golf professional, this assessment is not about hitting golf balls and letting the golf professional see what your ability is, you need to book in the assessment to allow the following to happen:

1. The golf professional needs to know your goals and what outcome you want out of having golf lessons.

2. The time frame of how long the course of lessons will take.

3. Discuss weaknesses in your game that you feel need to be worked on.

Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game - Cartoon Golfer

4. Ask your local golf professionals for current clients so you can either meet up with or call to ask about their coaching services, a reference from a happy customer is always good.

5. ONLY book in one lesson initially once you have made the decision to give the golf professional a try, any tuition is all down to getting on with the tutor and they fully understand you and what you want to achieve.

6. Set goals with your golf professional, you want to see improvement short and long term, this will make sure that the golf professional understands your game and you have a good rapport from the offset.

7. Let them know that you don’t need to start from scratch as if you were a total beginner, you want a golf professional to enhance your current game not tear it apart and start all over again.

8. The main thing any good golf professional should start on the basics to make sure you are setting up correctly IE Grip, Stance and Posture. Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game - golfer teeing off

The reason I have highlighted the above is purely down to letting the golf professional know that you will not and will never be a tour player you just want to improve your game and enjoy it more, knowing that you have all of the basics in place to help you achieve your goals.

So do I believe that all golfers need lessons – absolutely yes without question, even the best players in the world have daily coaching with their coaches and you do as well, so would I spend a few hundred pounds on a new driver or a new set of clubs versus having lessons, I would definitely look at investing my money into lessons instead of acquiring additional golf clubs or equipment.

In the end, if you have a good swing, posture, grip and set up you will be able to hit any golf club regardless of who’s clubs they are, when I am working in the golf shop many customers some in and say ‘Are these clubs any good’? My reaction to that is always ‘yes they are all good you just need to know how to hit them’!

Here is another article on how to choose golf clubs to suit you if you have already been down the track of having lessons with your local golf professional – CLICK HERE for more information.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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