Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs

Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs

In this article it’s all about senior golfers checklist for buying clubs and what to look for and what to have in your armoury when purchasing clubs for the first time or when you are ready to upgrade to another set of clubs and woods.

Over the last few decades golf club manufacturers have designed clubs that are revolutionary thanks to excellent engineering and also science, even Boeing who design and manufacture aircraft have got involved with Callaway to increase aerodynamics in their clubs and woods, for the new senior golfer or avid senior golfer this may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, trust me!

To make your choice here are 14 steps that are recommended when you next are looking to purchase a new set of clubs or additional clubs to your current set of clubs, however always seek professional assistance when doing so from your local golf professional, golf retailer or local club fitter, I work a couple of days a week in a golf pro shop so I am more than capable of recommending what I feel will enhance your game of golf – but none the less always seek advice before purchasing.

1. Purchase a shorter than normal driver

As I have mentioned in previous articles the most important part of any golf club is the shaft, if you get the correct shaft fitted for your swing speed it will be a perfect match for your swing, in fact, it’s the “Engine Room” of the golf club, especially for senior golfers as we get older your swing speed changes.

So the recommendation is the purchase a shorter shafted driver, the shorter shaft will help your control of the club, longer shafts for the driver tend to generate more club head speed but are harder to control.

Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs - Club head of Driver

The average driver length on the market today is approx. 45 inches in length or a bit longer. To give you a comparison to what is available in your local golf store, the average length of a driver on the US PGA Tour is approx. 44 inches, so why is a shorter driver better than a longer driver, to keep it simple it’s easier to hit the ball squarely the majority of the time.

2. Get rid of your long irons and replace them with a hybrid club

It has always been a common factor that longer irons are harder to hit off of the ground especially bare lies when out on the golf course, they might be more consistent off of the tee but you can’t just keep long irons in your bag for tee shots!

So the recommendation is to replace your long irons with hybrids which are easier to hit off of the ground, have heavier looking heads and are far more consistent. Because of the lack of loft with long irons, this is not good for the average senior golfer who has trouble making the long irons work for their game.
So to resolve this problem purchase a hybrid club to replace your 3, 4 and 5 irons, they can be used for shots off of the fairway or on tees for shorter par 4’s and also the longer par 3’s.

3. Choose irons with a wider sole

A wider sole on irons stops the club from digging into the ground and is a lot more forgiving for the average senior golfer, the wider sole means more weight in the sole of the club which will mean more weight is concentrated in the sole of the club.

Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs - Rack of Irons

The extra weight means a lower centre of gravity, this enables you to launch the ball at a higher trajectory, so select an iron that is at least 2 fingers in depth, stay away from a club which has sole less than a fingers width, this means you are getting into a ‘Blade’ like high which will not be as forgiving than the larger soled irons.

4. Stay away from ‘Bargains on the internet or these clubs suits all golfers’

When purchasing clubs try to steer away from bargains on the internet or your best buddie has decided to buy a new set of clubs and you are offered theirs at a discounted rate, there are so many factors to take into account when buying clubs that suits your age, height, build, swing and club head speed, so get dragged into buying clubs that are not going to work for your golf game.

Custom fitted clubs are a must if you are serious about enhancing your golf game, if you play with clubs that are not fitted for your golf game then you are just wasting your money – once again seek professional help from your local professional or golf retailer to make sure you get clubs for your golf game, not your ‘buddies’!

5. Never use cheap golf balls regardless of your standard of golf

Believe it or not but the golf ball is a main part of your golf game, don’t buy golf balls because they are cheap, on special or lake balls, the golf ball is all about compression nowadays, so make sure you buy golf balls that suit your game.

For the majority of golfers they would all prefer distance to soft feel or spin rate, so choose a golf ball based on that, not just price, if distance is your thing then buy a ball for that and nothing else.

Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs - Stack of Golf Balls

The price you pay for a golf ball should also reflect on how many golf balls you lose or go through in a round of golf, so take in that factor as well when purchasing golf balls as well, if you lose the majority of your golf balls during a round of golf then this should be a deciding factor when purchasing too.When your game has improved then consider another ball with different characteristics but until then stick with a distance ball.

6. Buy last year’s stock or end of line products

As with car makers, golf manufacturers are no different, every season they will come up with different additional benefits that are going to make you hit it further, produce more spin, great sweet spot etc so don’t get dragged into all of the marketing hype.

End of the line product or last years in thing are now going to be reduced so they can make way for the new stock, so if you are not into marketing hype and just want the best for your golf game then just sit tight and wait for the prices to come tumbling down, because trust me they will, if it’s the difference between price and technology then bide your time and wait for the model or models you want for the discounted price that suits your budget.

7. The importance of the shaft in your golf club

Last but not least, I have rattled on about the shaft and the importance of the shaft in so many of my articles, but I cannot stress the importance of getting the correct golf shaft in your golf clubs, whether it be a driver, a 3 wood or your irons in general, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CORRECT SHAFTS FOR YOUR GOLF SWING SPEED AND GOLF GAME.

As we all know a graphite will generate more swing speed which equates to greater ball distances, graphite is ideal for senior golfers and also female golfers, so if you get the opportunity to try out some graphite shafted golf clubs as well.

You shaft options will generally be ‘S’ for Stiff, ‘R’ for Regular, ‘SR’ Soft regular or Senior Regular, I serve so many senior golfers in the pro shop that I work in and they all come initially and say they want STIFF shafts because their friends have recommended and suggested STIFF shafts, but once I have explained how the flex or shaft works in a golf club they fully understand the reasoning behind making sure you get the correct flex shafts for their swing, not their friends swing.

So there you have it, recommendations on what to look for when purchasing your next set of clubs, I hope that this will help and assist you in making the correct choice.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article Senior Golfers Check List for Buying Clubs please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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