How to Speed up Play

How to Speed up Play

We have all experienced painfully slow and long rounds of golf in our times on the golf course, how to speed up play would benefit many players who enjoy their weekly round of golf if we could just get the message across to the slow players.

We all know who the culprits are they are the one’s chatting on every tee, adding up their shots before leaving the green, strolling down the fairway as if they own the golf course with not one thought about the many groups behind them. Read this article in full and share it so we can speed up play in golf so every golfer enjoys their round.

If you are a golfer that does any of the above then you might not realise that you are not just ruining the round of golf of the group behind you, but also the entire field of players who are playing that day!

How many times have you been on a motorway/freeway and the traffic comes to halt, then when you get a few miles up the road there is nothing to show for the traffic build up – the build-up is normally down to one idiot who decides to hog the outside lane for some reason because they are f**king idiots and slow the traffic down which leads to a build-up of traffic for miles behind! Then the idiots just go on their merry way with their pathetic lives unaware they have caused such a mess!

This traffic story can be compared to new golfers, old golfers, senior golfers, young golfers and also professional golfers – they can all be guilty of slowing play down and unbeknown to them have ruined many golfers rounds of golf – it’s a simple little rule that golf has always adapted “Keep up with the group ahead”, it’s not rocket science just keep up with the group ahead!

How to Speed up Play - Keep up with play

To highlight a couple of other simple to adapt rules to speed up play would be:

Tee off when you are ready, don’t stand about gas bagging and talking rubbish

• Add up your score once you have left the green

• Leave your trolley or golf bag on the side of the green nearest to the next tee

• Walk the fairways as if you are exercising not strolling about like a f**king idiot

• Keep up with the group in front of you

• If the group in front of you are slow ask them to play through them

• If and when you do play through catch up to the next group ahead

• If you are new player to the game, once you have hit double numbers on a hole just pick the ball up and proceed and keep the play moving

• I know we all have to learn the game, but perhaps you should learn to play on the golf driving range before you p*ss off too many golfers on a real course!

• Also learn some etiquette of the game like you need collared shirts, tailored shorts or trousers, real golf shoes, shirts tucked in at all times, dress codes do apply

• And remember this game of golf is played by ladies and gentlemen not beach bums or lager louts if you want to p*ss people off go down the beach and dress like morons!

I have now had my moan about speeding up play and dress code, but there will be more I can assure you – if you know a friend like this or golfers like this then you need to share this post on Facebook or social media so maybe just maybe they might read this article and take some of it on board! Because the golfing gods at the golfing bodies ain’t doing a lot about it so maybe we can!

The golf governing bodies are talking about making the holes on the green bigger so it’s more fun and also reducing the amounts of holes on a golf course, this is not going to speed up play it’s just going to ruin it for the many millions of golfers who do the right thing and play the game properly – so don’t let the slow playing golfers get you down with a bit of luck the I Don’t Give a F*ck golfers take heed and just speed up their game!

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article the How to Speed up Play please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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