Yip, Schenk and Hack

Yip, Schenk and Hack

A threesome combined with hilarious surnames which was Yip, Schenk and Hack teed it up together on the Web.com tour event this last weekend, you wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t happened but when Ryan Yip, Adam Schenk and Jhared Hack all teed off together at the News Sentinel Open in Knoxville Tennessee.

With the players having similar names to some of the most dreaded shots in the game of golf it was no surprise that the threesome caused a few laughs from the commentators of the event.

Yip, Schenk and Hack - Scoreboard

Ryan Yip – The dreaded Yips in putting

Adam Schenk – The awful shot that no golfer likes to play when hitting a shank

Jhared Hack – When most golfers around the globe get into the serious rough and have to hack the ball out to the nearest point

To top it all off they were all playing pretty good golf together as well, so maybe in the not too distant future they get paired up together again in another tournament on the Web.com tour.

All of the three players were lying in 15th place or better halfway through the final round and no doubt drew some of the biggest crowds of the day during their round, Schenk is currently the only player of the three sitting in the top 50 players on the Web.com tour with the top 25 on the tour qualifying for the PGA Tour for the 2016/17 season, so quite a lot to play for heading into the tail end of the season for all three especially for Adam Schenk.

With the Web.com tour getting some great publicity out of the threesome they are looking forward to the trio lining up again in the same group before the end of the season.

Another event that happened this weekend was the Scottish Senior Open – CLICK HERE.

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Happy golfing.

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