Keeping Your Composure

Keeping Your Composure - Golfers on green

Keeping Your Composure

When we as senior golfers are playing our round of golf keeping your composure and using course management is the key to turning a mediocre round of golf into a good round of golf – composure and course management will help your game!

How many times do you watch senior golfers try and use a 3 wood or utility club out of the rough after having a bad tee shot and try and make up for the bad tee shot, what they should be doing is aiming to get the golf ball back into play even if it is only 60 yards towards the hole but in the fairway, this situation is just asking for a disaster to happen.

When I have played a bad tee shot and find myself either in the rough, off of the fairway or behind an obstruction like a tree or a bush, I take out my pitching wedge and look for the best landing spot for me to aim for, forget about trying to hit that impossible shot and go for the green because you will only dig an even bigger hole for yourself, play safe and get the ball back into play, then carry on playing the hole as normal knowing that the worst case scenario will be a bogey but nothing worse than a bogey.

There is nothing worse than racking up a high number on your first hole, this not only puts your mindset all over the place it also makes it extremely hard to get back 2 or 3 shots over the next few holes to make up for the first hole, so as I mentioned above I play safe, get the ball back into play, play as if you are just about to play your second shot and play for a bogey at worse – you never know you might even sink a good putt and walk off the hole with a par but at worse a bogey.

Another fault I see in senior golfers is that when playing an iron shot to the green they take dead aim at the flag and disregard all of the hazards or problems that can arise by taking dead aim at the flag.

Keeping Your Composure - golfer on the tee

For example say the flag is tucked on the back right of the green and is guarded by a greenside bunker and your golf ball is sitting on the right side of the fairway, first thing you need to do in your thoughts is take out the option of flying the greenside bunker and taking on the flag, instead go for the art of the green and play away from the green side bunker, at least then you know you will be thereabouts to either chip up to the pin or two putt the green and again walk off the green with a par or bogey at worse.

Hopefully you are starting to see what I am outlining, take out the impossible shot that is more than likely not in your capability and play within your capability and score better on the course by playing one shot at a time and taking out the hazards and problems along the way instead of trying to play a golf shot even the top touring pros would not take on, even they play safe and I think you should do so too.

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Happy golfing.

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