Golf Betting Tips

One of the hard things an average golf punter can have, is when they have golf betting tips to consider when an approaching tournament is looming, especially because the tournament fields are large and sometimes in excess of 150 players, plus the golf courses vary a lot, with climate, weather conditions, length of courses and putting greens/surfaces changing dependent on the local grass preference for that area.

Golf Betting Tips - Dustin Johnson

Golf Betting Tips

Trying to pick the winner of a golf tournament is like trying to pick a horse race with 150 plus horses in the starting line up! There are many ways of trying to pick the winner of a golf tournament, but it’s not as easy as working out the best player to bet on compared to a horse race field of say 8 runners

There are many things to take into account, but firstly the main thing would be that any player that has a recent run of form, not necessarily a recent winner but a player who has been playing well and possibly finishing in the top 10 of say their last 6 tournaments, next we need to weed out the players who realistically have no chance of winning the event, believe me, you will find a few!

Next step would be to look at the course, what was the last tournament there and what sort of score to par won it last time around, courses can be sublime one day and weather conditions totally different the next, so this is a major deciding factor.

Golf Betting Tips

So the golden rule or the gauge must be to look at players who have hit a good run of form of late and if they played the corresponding event the previous season, if so, how did they fair the previous time they competed there and if they did, how did they do, how did they score or play? But bear in mind a few players who were not in the reckoning at the start of the tournament can find themselves in the thick of it after Thursday and Friday, normally the first two days of an event, so be prepared to be patient.

After the initial two opening rounds you could be looking at a new favourite for the event, so be prepared to have some options up your sleeve to potentially ‘lay’ your bet off to either take some early winnings or reduce your initial outlay. There are only a few golf tournaments per year that have a ‘wire to wire’ winner, what this means it that the player has been leading or ahead in all four days of the event, so they would be a wire to wire winner, but it only happens very seldom throughout the season.

Another way to lay a bet or to oppose the bet, is to also ‘lay’ the new favourite after the first two days, you have looked at form and you just cannot envisage that particular player winning the event, so this is a good opportunity to make some winnings and becoming a ‘bookie’ and betting against the ‘false favourite’ who happens to be in the lead after the first two days, so in theory, you have the whole field up against your ‘false favourite or early leader’ to help you out and win your lay bet!

Golf Betting Tips

Watching odds can be a tough one to call, but knowing when to strike is the key as well, you don’t want a Tiger, Rory or Jordan running up a 10 stroke lead into the final round before you decide to ‘back or lay’ your selection, by that time odds have drastically changed in favour of the clear leader, with this type of betting the margins are never great but they are profitable, you just need to be patient and take small winnings instead of large losses!

So lets take a major championship, for example, most of the favourites will be around the 7/1 – 9/1 mark, so this is when taking an each way punt on your selection, whether it be the favourite or not you have the chance of your selection coming in the top 5 and getting good each way odds! So you will find many players who are playing well at that time, their recent 6 events have yielded good solid top 10 finishes plus at last year’s event they put up a good show – with this type of fringe player some of the odds can be over 100/1, so the opportunity to get a good each way bet and possibly get a 5th of the odds in the place scenario, can suddenly give you a nice return of 5/1.

The type of tournaments you want to avoid are the one-offs that happen year to year, different course, different country and no real form to go by. So if you stick to say a PGA Tour or European Tour event that is the same time of the year, the same venue as previous years and the player you are selecting played in the previous year’s event, then you have a pretty good sound strategy in place.

Golf Betting Tips

But on a final note, golfers are no different and can have good weeks and bad weeks as all sporting individuals or sporting teams can have, but in golf I have always noticed the old 80/20 rule applies very much to professional golf players, they win 80% of their winnings at 20% of the tournaments they have entered, so you will notice that certain players win early in the season, some players always win in certain states on the PGA Tour and it’s exactly the same with the European Tour.

So in summarising I would suggest, so you enjoy your little flutter on a golf tournament!

  1.  Firstly look at your selections last 6 events.
  2.  If they have yielded good solid top ten finishes.
  3.  Played well in the previous corresponding event the year before.
  4.  Their historical form has produced past winning/high finishing results in the region.

The above criteria will, at least, help you in your selection, knowing that it’s just not a gut feeling but you have done serious research and feel that player has a good chance of a top 5 finish, if they tick all the boxes I would recommend smaller bets depending on the size of the odds, if over 100/1 then I would suggest 5 points each way or under the 100/1 odds, then 10 points either way!

Golf Betting Tips

This strategy has helped me over the years and I am sure it will help you too but more enjoyable you will enjoy the event far more knowing you have a realistic chance of getting a return on your selection.


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