Stableford Points Explained

Stableford Points Explained

So many golfers struggle with this scoring system so this article Stableford Points explained will hopefully shed some light on how easy it is to understand this popular game amongst golfers around the globe.

The Stableford points scoring system came about in 1931 and was introduced to the game of golf by a gentleman called Dr Frank Stableford, he was a member of both Wallasey & Royal Liverpool Golf Clubs, the first competition played with these rules was played on the 16th May 1932 at the Wallasey Golf Club.

Any player or side plays against par on each hole and receives points on how they played the hole against the par of the hole.

To simplify the system points are awarded as follows:

2 or more over par = 0 points
1 over par = 1 point
Par = 2 points
1 under par = 3 points
2 under par = 4 points
3 under par = 5 points

Now before we go into the nitty gritty of how you make points this type of competition is not like a medal round of golf where you have to count every stroke, if you are unable to score just pick up your ball and move on!

Let me explain, if you receive one stroke on a certain hole and you have taken 3 over the par of the hole then pick up the up the golf ball and move on, no need to waste any more time on the hole and let your playing partners play on without you.

Stableford Points Explained - score card

So to keep it simple I have attached a score card with players A: Andy Golfer who plays off a handicap of 18 and B: Steve Driver who plays off a handicap of 22, I have highlighted on the score card where Steve Driver gets the extra 4 strokes with an asterisk so it’s easy to follow.

So as you can see the whole objective of the Stableford system is that if you play to your exact handicap then you should score 36 points if you score better than your handicap then your points total will be at 36 points and below that number if you do not play to your handicap.

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