The Correct Golf Grip

The Correct Golf Grip

Over the last few weeks it has become apparent that having the correct golf grip with senior golfers is so important, but so many senior golfers still persist with their old grips with the same old results, so in this article I want to go over the three main options of the golf grip for senior golfers.

There is always a lot written about the golf grip on the internet sometimes good and sometimes bad, the purpose of this article is to drill down into all of the techniques advised about the golf grip and figure out the best one for you.

The golf grip can really be broken down into three grips most commonly used by today’s golfer, that being the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the baseball grip, some will argue there are others but for the purpose of this article lets keep it simple and work with the three as previously mentioned.

Having the Correct Golf Grip - Golf Grip

The overlapping grip is the most common amongst the world’s leading professionals on all the world tours from the PGA, European and fringe tours around the globe, however in the amateur golfing ranks the interlocking would be the most favoured because it makes it feel like you have a tighter firmer hold on the club, that is my personal opinion, but having played with far more amateur golfers in my playing career the interlocking grip seems and appears to be the most popular.

As you can see with the overlapping grip it is basically the same as the interlocking but with the small finger resting between the fingers of your left hand. By the way, this article is written on the basis of a right-handed golfer, if you are a left-handed golfer everything is in reverse. I strongly believe the reason that the overlapping grip is more prominent and used amongst the world’s touring pros is because this grip gives you more freedom to ‘tweak’ with your grip and it is far more flexible to change to suit different shots that are required throughout a round of golf, I am not saying major movement of the grip just fractions of an inch whether you want to make the golf grip ‘weaker or stronger’.

Having the Correct Golf Grip - interlocking grip

Now we are moving onto the interlocking grip, as you can see by the image there is not a real lot of difference between the interlocking and the overlapping grip, the major difference is that your small finger is ‘locked’ or ‘fixed’ in between your left hand’s fingers. This is by far a much more solid and stronger grip which allows for far less movement that the overlapping golf grip, however, a much stronger grip but with fewer movement opportunities. This is the golf grip preferred by the great Jack Nicklaus and the very talented Tiger Woods, 30 plus major golf championships between the two cannot be far wrong so the grip boils down to what suits you.

Finally onto the not so popular amongst the professional golf fraternity the ‘baseball grip’, the only seasoned tour pro I can recall is Bob Estes who used the baseball grip to magic up some great results and performances on the PGA tour, apart from Bob I cannot name another! Having the Correct Golf Grip - baseball grip

But saying that the baseball grip still ranks amongst the top three most used golf grip in the amateur ranks. As you can see by the image, it is exactly that – a ‘baseball grip’ what is most commonly used in the great game of baseball. Left-hand remains the same as the overlapping and interlocking grip, but the right and left-hand fingers do not touch in any way.

Most professional golf coaches in the game of golf will drum into you from the start the importance of a solid and good golf grip, whether it be overlapping, interlocking or baseball grip if you have a solid golf grip you have a solid basis of improving your golf game, the grip determines where your club face will be at impact so it doesn’t matter how flat or upright you swing the club, the grip will determine where the club will be when striking the golf ball.

To give your grip a quick visual once-over prior to hitting any golf shot, think about the ‘V’s’ between your thumb and forefinger on both hands pointing towards your right should shoulder, if they are pointing in that vicinity you will have the basis of a good golf grip, all you have to add to the equation is how hard or softly you grip the club with your left hand. Over the years, I have ‘practised’ on the golf driving range all three of the grips with varying results, but it’s with this practice that you will find the best grip for your golf game.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article having the correct golf grip please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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