Slow Down Your Backswing

Slow down your backswing

I watch many senior golfers week in week out at my local golf course and the one thing I always recommend to them is to “slow down your backswing”, if they can do this it would increase not only their distance off of the tee but also ensuring a better balls strike, senior golfers don’t need to try and smash it a mile they just need to trust in their swing and their timing will improve with practice.

When I use an example on slowing down their back swing, I explain to them that if they were hammering a nail in a piece of wood they wouldn’t raise the hammer at a speed of knots and then try and hit the nail with force, they would take the hammer back slowly and then proceed to hit the nail with accuracy and force.

Slow down your backswing - low hands at address

Adopting this mindset when hitting the golf ball this will help many senior golfers improve and enhance their game of golf, not by changing anything about their normal swing just slowing the whole backswing and process down.

If you can combine a slow take back on your backswing and also shorten your back swing the two used together will give all senior golfers a more consistent golf swing and make a much better impact with the golf ball, if there is one thing I try and drum into a senior golfer it is this one aspect of their golf game.

If you have a large mirror, large double glass doors or any large glass area you can look at your reflection and look at the length of your backswing and also practice making those slower back swings, it works for me and it will definitely work for your golf game – slow down your backswing and unlock some hidden power and accuracy that will trim many shots off of your rounds of golf whether it be a social game or a club competition – try it and practice it because it works.

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Happy golfing.

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