Coolest Golf Swing Tips for Seniors

Coolest Golf Swing Tips for Seniors

Now that we are coming out of the colder months I thought some coolest golf swing tips for seniors and advice would not go amiss, this ensures we get the most out of the pending arrival of the warmer weather and the inevitable drying out of the golf courses!

So you are ready for the new golf season, I want to go over a few ‘must do’ things before you start hitting those fairways, better to be prepared and have the knowledge that you are kitted out and ready to make sure you get maximum return out of your golf this year!

Firstly – Get your swing and equipment checked?

It never goes amiss to have a refresher lesson regardless of your handicap, believe me if the best golfers in the world need lessons we all do, it’s just a great opportunity to ensure that the basics are in place, grip, swing plane, alignment etc – it’s worth even a 30 minute pre-season check-up – best investment you will make this year!

You also cannot go too far wrong if you get your local golf professional or your local golf retailer who have professional golfers in store to give you some advice and also evaluate your golf clubs, they may need re-gripping or your clubs may need a ‘health check’ – I call it a health check because they can look at your shaft flex, grips and also make sure that the sole of the clubs are still lying evenly on the ground at address, well worth the time.

If you need to buy new clubs – make sure they are fitted correctly

Coolest Golf Swing Tips for Seniors - rack of golf clubs

If you need to go down the track of buying new or used clubs you have to make sure they are fitted correctly for YOU! If you are fitted by a golf professional they will make sure that the length, shaft flex, and shaft weight are fitted for your personal build and swing speed, it’s pointless having clubs that are not fitted to your specifications.

If you go down the track of used clubs or clubs you have bought online or from a golfing friend, you should still treat this the same as if you were buying new clubs, correct length, shaft flex and shaft weight – if you go with this option just look online for a pro or local club fitter/golf repairer, they will make sure with a few tweaks the clubs are fitted and adjusted to your specifications.

Either option should only take one hour in total for a qualified golf club fitter to make sure that the correct size of club and fit are for you, they tend to ask a few pertinent questions to make sure you have the clubs that suit your style of golf with things like larger iron heads for bigger sweet spots, forged heads v cavity backs etc, plus they will also cover off how many clubs you would like in your bag.

A lot of people ask me “Will custom or fitted clubs make me a better golfer”?

This is a tough question to answer because it also depends on your personal capabilities and whether you have had lessons or not, but the majority of the time new clubs or properly fitted clubs will improve your game.

Think of it this way, if you have the correctly fitted shafts to your height and build then bring the clubs back correctly and with a faster swing speed your chances of hitting the ball correctly will surely increase. Put it this way you will have a better chance of improving with correctly fitted clubs than non- correctly fitted clubs.

If I buy a new set of golf clubs how long should I be able to use them for?

Golf clubs are made very robustly and can withstand lots of stress and pressure, but as with all things that we buy during our lifetime it also depends on how well we look after them! But on the whole, a new set of clubs will and can last you a considerable amount of time.

However, dependent on the age of the golfer golf swings can change, for example if you are just starting out and then as you get better and improve your swing impact can change and this also can alter the dynamics and lies of the club heads – so a lot of factors to take into account but you should get many years of good golfing out of a well-fitted set of new or used golf clubs.

What about all the additional items that I might need to improve my game?

Coolest Golf Swing Tips for Seniors - 6 Golf Balls

A lot of golfers either over think what golf ball to use or they think they are better than what they actually are and waste a lot of money playing with the wrong golf ball – playing with the correct golf ball for your swing speed and handicap can have a big influence on your golf scores.

My suggestion would be is when you are being fitted for your golf clubs and the golf professional is checking all your numbers on the swing monitor, ask them at the time of fitting – they can advise and fit you for the correct golf ball that will suit your game – it is well worth being fitted for a golf ball, trust me you will see the difference and it will pay dividends in the long run.

Golf gloves in another area that many golfers also overlook – take your time and pick the one that feels right for you?

  1. Is it elasticated?
  2. Is it water resistant?
  3. Does it absorb sweat and moisture?
  4. Is the palm grip good for your golf grip?

All of these things need to be taken into account, for example, I sweat in the hotter weather and really need a water resistant material, so I base all my decisions on that main factor – you should look at the main factor for you too!

Golf shoes can have a very good effect on the way you feel on a golf course, have they got enough grip? Are they comfortable? Are they waterproof? Loads of bits and pieces to take on board when selecting the best golf shoe for you. I tend to go with moulded soles in the summer warmer weather and soft spikes for the colder and wet weather in the winter months. Dependent on where you are in the world is a major factor when selecting golf shoes, don’t just buy on impulse because your favourite golfer wears that particular golf shoe, they are not wearing them YOU are!

Last but not least the good old ‘Putter’

Coolest Golf Swing Tips for Seniors - putter head

I actually work in a golf professional shop a couple of days a week, every day I see budding golfers not batting an eyelid when it comes to buying the latest new driver regardless of the price! But when it comes to buying a putter the majority of golfers only like to spend pennies on their potential new purchase of a putter, a really bad mistake.

I always put it to them, you may hit your driver 8 maybe 10 times a round dependent on where you are playing and also your handicap and golfing capability? But I always put it this way, if you are playing a par 72 golf course that means 18 greens times 2 putts per green equals 36 putting strokes per round.

In straight number terms that is 50% of your golf shots are putts! But the majority of golfers don’t even register with that fact and still proceed to ‘go cheap’ when it comes to selecting a putter that will strip off a few strokes per round – not like a wayward driver where they can add considerable amounts of shots if you hit too many wayward tee shots!

If you want my advice don’t overlook the importance of a putter, I am not going to recommend any types of putter brands or makes, just make sure you select one that enhances and improves your game and not be swayed by price – choose and select it on merit and how it feels in your hands?

As with all good golf professional shops they will almost always ‘protective tape up’ a putter or putters that you would like to try out on the practice putting green, it’s well worth the time and effort trust me you will see the rewards.

In finishing, if you couple a good putter up with a good golf ball that suits your golf swing and the type of feel you want from a golf ball, your putting will improve no end and you will see your golf scores plummet with good practice and patience. Here is a link to a recent article I penned on putting – CLICK HERE.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little overview on my recommendations for the approaching golfing season for the coolest golf swing tips for seniors – and as always if you have any comments regarding this piece please leave me a comment at the bottom of this article.

And as always if there are any particular golf subjects that you would like me to cover in the future please do not hesitate to also leave me a comment, glad to respond and write future articles on your suggestions.

Have a great day and happy golfing as always!



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