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With this article, we are going to look at why you need to get a good golf club fitting once you have learnt the basics of the game, plus you can also manage to steer yourself around 18 holes of a golf course. The reason I say ‘once’ you have learnt the basics and had a couple of lessons before you indulge yourself into buying a good set of clubs you need to make sure that the game of golf is for you!

Golf Club Fitting - Rack of Irons

But once you are over that stage and ready to invest you need to take into account many things that are involved with a custom fitting for your new set of golf clubs. Firstly everyone’s golf swing is different whether it be the speed or the swing plane we are all different, so the process of a custom golf club fitting is to take into account your swing speed, height and hand size for gripping purposes and making sure at impact the club is square and produces a straight shot if fitted correctly.

Will club fitting cure my ‘hook’ or ‘slice’? It might help, it all depends on what clubs you learnt with and was the heel of the club digging into the ground, which would have opened or closed the club face and caused the issue with a hook or a slice. But before you get the idea that a custom golf club fitting will eradicate your flaws in your game, it might not because your flaws may be being caused by a bad swing plane or fault, so as part of the fitting process let your fitter know your current game so they can accommodate with possibly making the club more upright to counteract the issue.

What generally happens during fitting is really down to what make of club you select, manufacturers have different methods but their main focus is to ultimately improve your game. They will begin with your height, hand size and your wrist to floor measurement so they can recommend the right size club and the angle to the ground. You will be asked to hit some balls either on a range or in an indoor set up so they can see how you are hitting the ball at impact, one method widely used nowadays is to place tape on the sole of the club and you hit the ball off of an impact board so they can determine where you are making the majority of the contact when hitting the ball, the results are shown on the tape and also the board will show whether you are hitting the ground toe or heel first so they can make the clubface flatter or more upright.

After this stage they can then generally have an idea on what you need, so the analysis can get a bit more in depth, such as measuring your clubhead speed, spin rate of the ball and ‘smash factors’ are taken into account, this will then enable them to recommend the best-fitted clubs to generate maximum distance from your golf shot, they will also look at launch angle, backspin and also ball flight, all of these factors are taken into account which can affect your distance control.

Rather than taking your old clubs to the golf club fitting you might be better off with a clean slate, this will then enable your club fitter to not have any comparisons to work with only to concentrate on getting the right fitting for you. Any golfer can benefit from a custom golf club fit, a lot of golfers are under the impression only good golfers get a custom fit, this is not the case and any level of golfer can get the benefit of a custom fit.

Custom golf club fitting will not cure all of your bad habits or shots, your local golf professional will be able to do that for you with some good lessons. But saying that once the clubs have been fitted for you and you make a good golf swing, then the ball will come off square off of the club face and you will make a good ball strike, this should over a round of golf save you many strokes.

Custom fitting is generally included in the cost of the new set of golf clubs, the only factor to maybe take into account are the grips you choose to have put on the new clubs, but most well-stocked pro golf shops and golf retailers offer a custom club fit. Or alternatively many of the top club manufacturers offer the service too, it might just be that you will have to travel a fair bit if they are not local to you. Otherwise, a lot of the top brands have a ‘travelling road show’ who try to cover the whole of the country and visit the majority of golf clubs over a 12 month period.

One thing to take into account is that you would generally only get your irons custom fit, this is because most of the today’s golfing brands offer drivers and fairway woods that come with an adjustable face angles and lofts, so you will be able to fit these to suit your swing, hook or slice dependent on your issues.

I hope that I have given you a general overview on what a golf club fitting will be like, but if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to give me some feedback or leave a comment and the foot of this page. More information on golf equipment CLICK HERE.

Link to Wikipedia on equipment.


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