Why Do Golfers Always Bend the Rules

Why do golfers always bend the rules

Why do a lot of golfers and people assume that rules are for everyone else and not for themselves, so why do golfers always bend the rules, that applies to the rules of golf and also life in general, they make their own rules and just saunter through life thinking that they can always bend the rules whenever they feel like and let the rest of us just get on with it!

These rules might seem minor to a lot of golfers but they mean a lot to other golfers, this might mean taking off your golf cap when you enter the clubhouse, not using your mobile phone when out on the golf course and more importantly getting out of your golf spikes before entering the clubhouse! But not to Mr Joe “I can do anything I like” Golfer, their rules are their rules and the rules of golf mean nothing to them at all! Why do golfers always bend the rules - Golf ball and flag

When the top players in the world are on our TV screens plying their trade and making millions of dollars for it, they get the right hump if a spectator or a TV viewer picks up on one of their rather dubious calls of judgement on a local ruling or a golf rule in general, let me say if the top pro’s in the world could get away with bending the rules then our very own Mr Joe Golfer can do it as well.

The honest golfers amongst us will always call a shot on themselves, whether it be they touched the sand in the bunker accidentally or they moved the ball in the rough accidentally they will always put their hand up and say “I didn’t mean to but I just did this or I did this” and own up honestly, golf is not always about winning it’s about enjoying the game, but some golfers in this world have to win at all costs don’t they?

I firmly believe that some golfers inadvertently break rules of golf because they do not know the rule or the local rule, it’s not that they are cheating they just didn’t know, that is why when a good golfing friend or friend inadvertently breaks a rule you should be honest and up front and tell them, I am sure that they wouldn’t be annoyed with you it’s just that they just didn’t know, that’s not cheating it’s just being ignorant to the rules of golf – but we were all in that position one time or another so give them a break and pull them up on it?

The whole point of this article is not to have a go at the majority of honest golfers it’s to vent my anger about the golfers who have to win at all costs – how many times have you played in a club competition or a corporate golf day and thought we as a team really played well today and are well within a shot of possibly making the top three on the day – but low and behold there is always one team or individual who comes in with a ridiculous score and pinches all the prizes!

And what makes matters worse is that you saw the team or individual out on the golf course and you thought to yourself blimey they are having a bad day spraying the ball all over the golf course, and then they walk up all nonchalantly and grab the spoils – it makes my blood boil – but to them it’s all about winning isn’t it!

I have always believed that cheat’s never prosper and eventually they will get caught out and believe me they will, whether it be in a club championship or a monthly medal they will always get their just rewards and get found out. Why do golfers always bend the rules - Golf Club and ball

Recently I heard a story about a very good golfer who had won four club championships at four different golf clubs, that is no mean feat in itself but apparently he was a renowned cheat and had to keep moving to different golf clubs so he could carry on cheating, but why would a seriously good low single handicap golfer want to cheat I hear you ask – to this golfer it’s not about the taking part in the game it’s all about winning at any cost but the rumour mongers and gossip will follow him around for the rest of his golfing career which is a shame!

Anyway, a message to all golfers who play this great game of golf, enjoy your game, read up on the basic rules of golf ( because no one knows every fine rule in detail ) and if you are not sure on a golf or local ruling just ask another golfer or speak to the course golf professional at the conclusion of your round of golf, it’s better to be safe than be called a ‘Cheat’ – Cheats never prosper and in the end no one wants to play with them anyway.

Out of all the sports played by sports fans around the globe golf has always been a sport played by gentlemen and women, they respect the rules, play the game to the best of their ability and above all have fun and enjoy their golf, so next time you are playing a round of golf and suspect a player in your group is cheating, do yourself and the golfer a favour and pull them up on the breach of a golf rule, you will feel better about it and so will they – especially if you have pulled them up on a rule they were not aware of – so it’s a win-win for the game of golf.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article practice why do golfers always bend the rules of golf please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

Michael Baker, Bogeys to Birdies

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