What’s The Best Divot Tool?

As we all know, there are countless divot tools available in the market . . . and I’ve reviewed a few. Most are simple, plastic and get the job done. Some divot tools also have a ball marker attached, which I find to be convenient as I feel that anything that reduces the number of ‘things’ in my pocket is a plus!

Birdicorn’s all-in-one divot tool is far from ordinary as it also functions as a ball marker holder, bottle opener, ball line stencil, club rest, cigar rest, putt alignment and groove cleaner… I took my Birdicorn Divot Tool on the course for a few rounds, and I must say that I was very impressed. First off, my pockets were nearly empty – just my Birdicorn Divot Tool, 2 tees and one ball. There was no need for anything else. Secondly, I found it very helpful to use the Birdicorn tool as a wedge-rest as the ground was damp, allowing my grip to stay off the wet ground and remain dry. Lastly, the tool did a nice job cleaning my groove after leaving a bunker and some heavy rough. Overall, I found the Birdicorn Divot Tool to be really handy, convenient and did quite a good job.

The company website is www.birdicorn.com and they also offer customized markers to go with their Birdicorn Divot Tools. Please go to their website for more details.

If you’re someone who wants less in their pockets when golfing and doesn’t prefer to not run back to the golf cart over and over during their round of golf, a Birdicorn Divot Tool is the answer.

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