What to have in your golf bag

What to have in your golf bag

With the world of golf exploding with new golf equipment and technology it is hard sometimes to know what to have in your golf bag, add on distance technology, whizz-bang golf trolleys and add-on golf balls that go where you want them to! It is sometimes difficult to know what to really have in your golf bag. However, taking out all the technology advancements in golf into account, I have outlined what you can have regardless of how long or straight the manufacturers will have you believe!

Golf Equipment Explained – You are allowed 14 golf clubs in your golf bag, this can be a combination of woods, irons and a putter – there is no set rule of what you can have that is entirely the golfers own choice. Any number below 14 is allowed but not over 14 during a round of golf, also once your round of golf commences you are not allowed to change with the exception of a club breaking. What to have in your golf bag - Pitching Wedge

However, if you start a round with less that 14, you can add clubs during the round as long as you do not cause any delays and you cannot borrow clubs from another player.
So now we have the basics out of the way and golf equipment explained, we can now decide what clubs are needed in your bag – the rule of thumb is roughly the following:
1 x Driver, 1 x 3 Wood, 1 x Fairway Wood, 7 x 3 iron to 9 iron, 1 x Pitching wedge, 1 x Sand Iron, 1 x Gap wedge, 1 x Putter = Total 14 in the bag.

What to have in your golf bag - Driver HeadHowever, dependent on the time of year IE Winter, Summer etc when the ball either travels further because the ground is hard from the summer months to the ball travelling less because the ground is softer during the colder months of the year – so you can change your clubs to suit the climate and conditions.

During the summer months you may find clubs like an 8, 4 or 3 irons are used less because of the carry of the ball, plus your drives are nearer the green so many golfers opt for a selection of gaps wedges to hit those distances from 70 to 100 yards, so gap wedges become important clubs in your bag during the summer months, these can be anything from a 50 degree to 60 degrees in loft to hit those distances that are too short for a pitching wedge and not enough for a sand iron.

So mix up your clubs dependent on the time of the year and keep hitting those short shots and setting up birdie putts!

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article what to have in your golf bag please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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