What is the best golf balls

What is the best golf balls

With all of the hype about golf balls and what golf manufacturers tell you about their golf balls it is sometimes very difficult to establish what is the best golf balls for your golf game, does it have low spin, is it a durable golf ball, does it have a high flight, low flight or what is the compression numbers of the golf ball – all of these types of questions can seriously confuse most golfers – and it does!

Before you go rushing out to buy golf balls you need to establish a few things about your golf game and what do you want from a golf ball? flight

What is the best golf balls – for your golf game

1. What’s your handicap?
2. What are you looking for in a golf ball?
3. What have you tried in the past?
4. Do you use the same golf ball every time you play?
5. What sort of budget do you have to spend on golf balls?

Many high or higher handicap golfers certainly get caught up in all of the golf marketing hype or they have just been told by their mate down the pub who plays off of 28 that the best golf balls for their game is ‘X’ – why would you listen to a mate who plays off of 28, hacks it around the golf course and then go and buy the golf balls that he or she recommends! What is the best golf balls - Golf Ball

Let me tell you this, if you want a consistent all round good golf game then you need to play with the same ball all of the time, how can you expect to make consistent putts like the top touring pro’s if you are using different golf balls throughout your round?

Or how can you get a good consistent gauge on how far you hit all of your golf clubs if you are using different golf balls – because believe me all golf balls do different things, they come off the club face differently, they have soft or hard covers on them so they are going to do different things when you hit them.

So the first thing you need to ask yourself is how much do you want to spend on golf balls? Once you have established that then you need to start looking at what golf ball will suit your game and how it will improve your game?

These are a couple of questions you also need to ask yourself:

1. What part of my game is letting me down?

If the answer is either distance off of the tee or my short game chipping and putting then you can start eliminating what golf ball is going to enhance your game, if it’s distance you lack then you need to purchase distance golf balls, if it’s your short game around the green then you need a softer golf ball that will improve your touch and feel around the green, are you starting to get the picture?

2. What golf ball is pleasing to your eye?

This one always baffles a lot of golfers, put it this way if you put down a driver or an iron in front of you it is either going to be pleasing or not pleasing to your eye, this is very much the same for a golf ball once you have got the one that is perfect for your golf game you will know what I mean. What is the best golf balls - Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls

I once read a story about a top touring professional getting paid millions to play with a certain ball, after his first competitive round of golf he gave them their millions back and went back to the golf ball that he liked and preferred playing with, if you put this into context and money was no object you would play with the best ball to improve your golf game wouldn’t you?

So you are now hopefully getting the message that if you want to see better scores and results on the golf course then you need to buy the best golf balls for your game and not what golf marketers or your mate down the pub recommend that you buy! – the one that suits your game are the ones you need to buy.

My recommendations for different standards of golfers are the following:

High Handicap Golfer

Srixon Distance Golf Balls – low price range, durable golf ball for the high handicap golfer

This golf ball gives a higher velocity and penetrating ball flight because of its 420 dimple design which in turn gives you more distance than other distance golf balls.
It is a very durable golf ball and if you don’t lose them they still look like new even after a couple of rounds of golf, this is very much a no frills golf ball but stands up well against other golf balls in the same category – so if you are a high handicapper or new beginning golfer these are ideal for your golf game.

Mid to High Handicap Golfer

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – Mid price range, durable 2 piece golf ball for the mid to high handicapper

If you are going to call a golf ball ‘Velocity’ then you would need to back it up with some distance wouldn’t you? Well, Titleist did exactly that when they first brought out the Velocity golf ball, not only will this ball give you more distance it will also give you a nice softer feel when putting or chipping around the green.

This golf ball allows for a lower swing speed so that means the golf ball is going to compress easier and give you the best performance not only for your golf game but also increased distances off of your irons and wood shots.

The Velocity is good mid-range priced golf ball and I personally recommend these golf balls having played with them extensively, if you are trying to lower your golf handicap then these are the golf balls worth trying, they are the starting point for playing with a few other Titleist golf balls as your golf game improves.

Low to Mid Handicap Golfer

Srixon AD333 Tour – A mid to upper price range, nice durable cover for the low to mid handicap golfer

If you are getting to point where your golf game is improving and you don’t have a touring pro’s swing speed then these golf balls might just be for you, it’s not a tour premium ball but it has all the performance traits that a mid to low handicap golfer might be looking for.

If you are after a 3 piece golf ball with a long off the tee performance coupled with a softer around the green feeling golf ball then this is the one to try, if you had your eye on the Srixon premium golf ball the Z-Star but don’t want to spend out big money then this golf ball has a few traits like the Z-Star – Speed dimples and spin skin outer layer then this golf ball is worth a go to improve your all round golf game.

Single Figure or Low Handicap Golfer

When you get to this type of steady golf when playing to a single or low handicap then you are serious about your game and know what exactly what golf ball improves and enhances your game, you know exactly what your distance averages are and you know what golf ball suits your short game.

Over the years being a low single figure golfer I have tried many different premium tour grade golf balls, I want to put this into context in the fact that if money is no object and you don’t get sleepless nights about losing expensive quality golf balls then I would recommend with of these premium golf balls.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Without a doubt one of the best golf balls on the market in today’s game, you only have to look and see that the top touring pro’s win more golf tournaments worldwide using this golf ball than any other golf ball brand, so very much a good all round golf ball if you want a tour premium golf ball.

Not a lot you can fault about this golf ball with the exception that they can scuff up pretty easily when playing bunker shots and can also fade after a few rounds of golf, but if you don’t mind any of that and just love playing with the Pro V1 then it has to be one of the best golf balls on the market.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

If you are looking for a premium tour golf ball but without the Titleist Pro V1 price tag then this golf ball is well worth considering, for many years Callaway have lived in the shadow of Titleist with golf ball performances but the guys at Callaway are now getting their act together, If Phil Mickelson says that it’s the best golf ball he has ever played with then that is a pretty impressive statement.

A three-piece construction with a lower compression rate of 65 which is a low lower than your average tour ball on the market, what that basically means is that when the ball compresses, elongates or deforms and split second speeds it return back to its natural state far quicker than other golf balls.

This golf ball is hard to beat but in the end, as I mentioned it’s all about if the ball is pleasing to your eye or not – if it is then this golf ball is well worth a go trust me it’s a lovely golf ball.

I hope that this article What is the best golf balls will help you in making a decision on your next purchase of golf balls and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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  1. Great that the article what is the best golf balls was of a benefit for your game please keep us posted how you are getting on?

  2. Ann says:

    what is the best golf balls great article I will be buying the ones that I need from now on!

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi David,

    So glad that you thought the article What is the best golf balls useful and answered some of your questions and concerns about golf balls for the future, with so many choices in the market place it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies

  4. David says:

    This information is simply awesome, I started playing golf 2 years ago and my game has improved but still needs a lot of work. My golf buddies are always talking about the quality of their own golf balls which I am completely clueless on as I still consider myself quite new to this game. As I still play off 18+, I will stick to the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls as you suggest. Thanks a million for all your helpful tips, at least now I’m not completely clueless when talking about golf balls now on the greens.

  5. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi There,

    Thanks for your feedback regarding the article what is the best golf balls, in answer to your question what are the best gold balls for beginners, I would recommend a distance golf ball that carries further until you need to start playing with a softer golf ball when your golf game improves, with a distance golf ball it will give you distance and confidence until your game improves.

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions please let me know?


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Serious Golfer”

  6. Matt's Mom says:

    My son and I are beginner golfers. We both have clubs and he has taken lessons. So with that being said, what golf balls do you recommend for the beginner? I never thought much about it, and really didn’t know that there was much of a difference between one ball and the next, I know you are rolling your eyes! LOL I like to have a golf ball that looks good, which is crazy. Let me know what is a good choice.

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