What is a weekend golfer

During all of our golfing careers we have all come across numerous weekend golfers but what is a weekend golfer exactly? I tell you what they are they are a pain in the neck – let me elaborate! 

What is a weekend golfer - Golfers on green

These weekend golfers are the ones that have a Monday to Friday job and can only play golf at weekends because of either work or family commitments, so they are the ones that appear on the 1st tee in the middle of summer and slow down the whole field of players behind them and couldn’t give a damn about anyone behind them.

What is a weekend golfer

Look I have nothing against anyone who wants to play this great game of golf but they just have to have some consideration for other golfers and learn some etiquette and the rules of golf, they turn up right on their tee time, not prepared, they flap about and take numerous practice swings then proceed to duff it about 20 feet just off the tee.

Is golf the only sport that participants think that they can just turn up and be ready for an 18 hole round of golf unprepared and able to at least enjoy the round regardless of their playing capabilities – I don’t think so, would anyone turn up for a marathon without at least warming up or stretching? Would anyone turn up and play a game of football without warming up or stretching? I couldn’t think of any other sport where you just turned up and played without some form of preparation!

What is a weekend golfer

This article is not about having a go at the weekend golfers it’s about trying to understand their mentality, they don’t give a toss about players behind them, they saunter about the course as if they own it, they are their mobile phones, they are taking selfies on the course, they have no respect for other golfers or the rules of golf, they pick up any golf ball that is remotely in their line of path and immediately claim it as their own – normally Pro V 1’s is when it normally happens!

Golf is not about being the best it’s about ensuring that not only do weekend golfers enjoy their round of golf but also the regular golfers following them also enjoy their game, we can all be average or rubbish at the game but at least keep up with the group in front of you or alternatively let the group behind them through so it speeds up play, then everyone on the course has an enjoyable and acceptable round of golf in a decent amount of time. What is a weekend golfer - golfer

What is a weekend golfer

In closing, when you are next on the motorway and the traffic comes to a grinding halt, you sit in the traffic for about an hour then it all clears up and you wonder what was the problem – I tell you what the problem was it was an inconsiderate driver who sat in the fast lane doing 20 MPH under the speed limit and caused a knock-on effect for miles behind them – that is exactly what happens in golf, an inconsiderate group of golfers have caused the knock-on effect behind them for hours after they have finished their round because they sauntered around and didn’t give a toss about the golfers behind them!

I don’t mind weekend golfers or any golfers as a matter of fact the game of golf needs new golfers but just have some consideration for the other golfers and learn the etiquette and rules of golf.

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