What are the best golf clubs

I am asked frequently what are the best golf clubs for senior golfers and also younger golfers alike, but it’s a tough one to answer without knowing more about the golfer in question.

When deciding what type of golf clubs are suited for any individual, there are many factors to take on board, like how hard do they swing the golf club, how fast do they swing the golf club, what is their club head speed at ball impact etc.

Then you also have to take into account the height of the golfer so they end up getting the correct length golf club for their height, stature and stance, before you say it, yes there are many deciding factors that need to be considered even before you attempt to purchase a set of golf clubs.

With most golf manufacturers they offer stiff shafts, regular shafts, medium shafts, senior shafts, ladies shafts and graphite shafts, to name but a few! So the key with any set of gold clubs regardless of make or model is all in the shaft.

So to answer the question ‘what is the best golf clubs?’ All makes and brands would suit any golfer of any standard and calibre, but the key is in the shaft. So I would recommend before purchasing any golf clubs that you visit your local golf professional at the local or your local golf course, or alternatively, visit your local golf retailer, where they will have the facilities to enable you to hit a few shots into the nets, range or simulator and monitor the following:

  1. Swing Speed
  2. Ball Spin Revolutions
  3. Trajectory and direction
  4. Club head speeds at impact and also the ‘smash factor’
  5. Distances

What are the best golf clubs - Club Fitting, A set of golf irons in a rack

Once you have got over this particular hurdle then you will know what type of shafts you need for your golf clubs, shafts can also vary from irons to woods, so ensure you get your local golf professional or golf retailer to monitor the numbers on say a 7 iron and also a driver, this will then ensure you get the correct shafts for all of your clubs.

Now we have got the most important factor out of the way of ensuring you get the correct shafts for your swing and calibre, we can now look further into what type of golf clubs are going to suit you and your budget, this can all depend on whether you are going to purchase new or second-hand or slightly used golf clubs.

Now the big question is what brand, what sort of club you want like is it going to be a cast iron, is it going to be a blade iron or is it going to be cavity backed, the list is endless. So my recommendation would be to try a few clubs and see what suits your ‘eye’, in the end, the club has got to look good for you and also feel like you have a larger sweet spot to work with and feel comfortable with. When you have narrowed it down to what particular brand you want and feel comfortable with, that suits your budget and your golf game. I have always felt that TaylorMade or Titleist have been my club of choice because I have always felt comfortable standing over the ball with that type of brand club in my hand, but everyone has a different look and feel that they are looking for, so please do not get swayed by what suits me, what suits you will and can be totally different.

So now you have it, you have worked out with your local golf professional or golf retailer of what type of shafts you need and what brand or manufacturer of golf clubs you need, all that needs to be done now is to have them club fitted your individual requirements and swing speeds.

If you have decided to go down the route of purchasing new clubs then you can really ensure you get everything tailored to suit you from the offset, by doing this your local golf professional or local golf retailer will ensure that your choice of brand of clubs is ‘fitted’ to your exact requirements, but always bear in mind that this process is not an immediate thing and can take at least 10 working days for the manufacturer to get them tailored and fitted for you and then return them back to your local professional or retailer so you can pick them up, but ensure you do try them out prior to leaving your local professionals shop or retailer, this way you know they have been fitted to your exact requirements.

Golf Bag with clubs in it - What are the best golf clubs

If you decide to go down the track of second-hand or slightly used golf clubs you must ensure you go through the same process, most golf professionals or golf retailers are there to help, so just explain to them that you fully understand the importance of swing speeds, club head speeds etc and you want to make sure you purchase the correct clubs to suit you even though you are going down the route of purchasing used golf clubs. Most golf pro shops and golf retailers have a used, second-hand or manager specials on hand to also sell to you, plus they will be able to adjust these to suit you or recommend a local person who specialises in changing shafts, adjusting lengths and modifying them to suit you. This may add a little to the cost of your new golf clubs but well worth the investment, so don’t be too shy to ask when you enquiring about the second-hand or used club.

So to ensure you get the correct golf clubs for you, please go down the process of:

  1. Correct iron shafts for you
  2. Correct wood shafts for you
  3. Brand or manufacturer that suits you and your budget
  4. Get them ‘fitted’ to your golf swing and calibre
  5. Get them adjusted or modified to suit you
  6. This will then lead to a better golf game and make it more enjoyable

So in answer to the initial question of ‘What is the best golf clubs’ – the best golf clubs are the ones that enhance and improve your game, not what your local golf professional or golf retailer recommends, you can take their recommendations on board once you have gone down the track of looking at the numbers, then make a decision that suits you and your game. If you want to purchase a book on helping you through the process CLICK HERE for further information.

I hope that this article helps you with purchasing your new, second-hand or slightly used golf clubs and that you make an informed choice moving forward to enjoying your game of golf more by using the correct tools that are fitted to you that enables you to improve.

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