Used golf clubs on sale

Used golf clubs on sale

We are now at that time of the year when the weather is on an upward trend and the weather is warming up so we are going to look at used golf clubs on sale that may prove beneficial to improving your game, but the keys are where to look and what to buy is the most important factor! Used golf clubs on sale - set of golf clubs

Whether you are new to golf or are a seasoned player the majority of golfers are misled either by their friends telling them what they need and also golf retailers selling golf clubs that suit their commission levels and their bottom line.

So to start off you need to get one basic thing right when buying golf clubs and that is getting the correct shaft in them for your swing speed and golfing skill set, I liken the flex of the shaft on a golf club as an engine room on a ship, if that part is not correct then everything else will suffer.

So before you go hunting around online for the best-used golf clubs on sale you need to put these factors into the equation, however, if you already know these then you are on the right track in getting the right golf clubs for your game, so the important points are:

1. You must get the correct shaft flex for your swing speed

2. You must get the correct weighted shaft for your swing speed – heavy, regular or light weighted shafts

3. You must get the correct length of shafts for your height

4. You must get the best golf clubs for your skill set – no point in buying bladed golf clubs when you should be buying cavity backed irons or forged head irons

5. You must check before you buy any golf clubs that they come with some form of guarantee

6. You must compare apples to apples when buying golf clubs, sometimes the big name brands seem to do a better job but sometimes cheaper brands can also get the same result

7. You must read up on reviews on the clubs you are interested in, reviews can give you loads of different information and insights into the golf clubs you are thinking of buying

Once you have ticked all of the boxes for the above then you will be ready to start looking at golf clubs that suit you and of course your budget, no point in spending loads of money when you can get the same results out of other clubs that might cost half of what the top brand names are charging in retail outlets. Used golf clubs on sale - driver

Over the years I have purchased lots of different golfing equipment, this is not because I just like spending money but also because the equipment needed changing because it was either too worn out from usage or my swing speed specs have changed as I get older, so you have to be realistic and realise that you will always need to upgrade golf equipment now and into the future.

In recent years the dynamic as changed due to online buying patterns and because of no fixed premises or shop fronts the prices have come down to suit that factor, so even I have now started buying all of my golf equipment and accessories online, the best two I have found online dependent on whether you are buying new or used golf club is either Amazon or eBay because they are tried and tested so always worth having a look to get yourself a bargain – so here are my findings on the two biggest online retailers.

Used golf clubs on sale – Buying golf equipment on Amazon

With Amazon whatever you want whether it is a pack of golf balls, a golf rangefinder or a top of the range electric golf trolley you will find it on Amazon and at the best prices.
If you are looking for a full set of golf clubs for men or women, beginner or junior or even the most seasoned scratch handicap golfer you will find what you are looking for on Amazon, here are a just a couple of examples, click on the images to read more or to look at other products on the Amazon network.


     Men’s Set and Bag £119.99           Junior Set and Bag £59.99       Ladies Set and Bag £149.99

Used golf clubs on sale – eBay

eBay is a different animal entirely, you can search for whatever you are looking for, make sure the product is best for you and then throw in a bid for the golf equipment that you fancy, sometimes you win the bid and sometimes you don’t, but you will have a lot of fun bidding on the golf equipment and also have a lot more fun when you win the bid and save yourself lots of well-earned cash! – click on the link below to go through to eBay:

Link to eBay

So in conclusion, always revert back to the 7 basic rules of buying the correct shafts for your golf game and not someone else’s – in the short and long term, you will see the benefits from buying the correct ones whether it is on Amazon, eBay or any other online retail outlet.

I hope that this article on used golf clubs on sale and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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