Tiger Woods net worth 2018

Born Eldrick Tont Woods in 1975 he has certainly come a long way in amassing a sizeable fortune with 14 major championships under his belt, so how does the Tiger Woods net worth 2018 look like, according to Forbes Woods has earned in excess of $1.4 billion dollars from prize money, product and equipment endorsements plus golf course design since he turned professional. Tiger Woods net worth 2018 - Tiger Woods

During his peak years during the mid-2000’s, he was pocketing approx. $100 million per season, he, in fact, was the highest paid athlete globally for over 11 years, not bad for hitting a little white golf ball around a field! – however he did do a lot of it in style, now you can see why his long-term caddie Steve Williams was the highest paid ‘sportsman’ from New Zealand during his tenure with the great Tiger Woods – not bad for lumping a golf bag around a golf course for a living!

Even during the tough times when he hit a bad patch with some bad publicity about his private life and also crashing his car over Thanksgiving he still managed to still make around $40 plus million a year, some sponsors dropped him but a lot still stuck with him because of his marketable pulling power, there are quite a few of the old sponsors that jumped ship wished they hadn’t now that he is on the bounce back.

Tiger Woods net worth 2018 - Tiger WoodsHis main sponsors now include Nike, Bridgestone Golf Balls, Hero, Upper Deck and also Rolex to name but a few, if he can maintain his current fitness and eventually win more tournaments he could be the first sports superstar to hit the $2 billion mark with winnings and endorsements.

He has a few assets up his sleeve too, with a massive 10-acre property in Florida valued at around the $60 million mark he won’t go short of a few dollars during his lifetime, however, if all that fails he always has an approx. PGA Tour pension sitting at around the $20 million dollar mark to fall back on!

Watch this space to see if Tiger Woods can, in fact, burst the $2 billion dollar mark over the coming years.

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