The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

When he was searching for perfection in his golf swing he found out that the mastery of the Ben Hogan Golf Swing would leave a long-standing legacy for coaches, professionals and students of the game of golf to enjoy in years to come – Ben Hogan had such a magical swing!

During his golfing career as a touring golf pro-Hogan documented a lot of what he learnt during his travels, the courses he had played, what he could do with a golf ball in different playing conditions and what type of swing he needed when playing all of the different types of shots that were needed when the time arose. The Ben Hogan Golf Swing - Book cover Stress Free Golf Swing

On top of all that technical information he also taught himself how to control his emotions and play the shots that were needed at crucial tournament times, his nerves of steel set him apart from his peers and tournament pro’s at the time and it also gave him the drive and determination to pick himself up again after a very near death car accident.

Even though many doctors and medical professionals doubted whether he would walk again let alone play golf again, his determination and drive got him through a very bad period and he got back to the highest pinnacle again in golf, he did all of this with hard work and drive that he also took it upon himself to record all of these findings in many documents he passed on for future generations of golfers to come.

To read more about a top golf coaching professional who is using the same basic fundamentals as Ben Hogan, CLICK HERE this link is well worth a visit and to fully understand the secrets behind the Ben Hogan Golf Swing, it will cover areas such as:

• Swinging without a million and one swing thoughts going through your head.
• Playing golf and not trying to find a swing to use that day, because you have a simple one you can rely on and trust.
• Having one key move that you practice and perfect, and the rest of the swing just falls into place.
• Swinging with one key swing thought and that swing thought to stay the same, from one swing to the next and from one game to the next.
• You won’t have countless “to do” lists in your head as you swing. You can play golf instead of playing ‘golf swing’.
• You will swing with more power and control with this one move. As a result, you will hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before.
• You’ll finally have a golf swing you can trust because it’s simple and effective.
• You’ll have good, consistent ball striking from one game to the next – even if you only play once a week if you’re lucky.
• You’ll have a body-friendly swing. Hogan’s ball striking improved the older he got, and very soon you’ll be able to do the same.

To find out more about Ben Hogan Stress Free Golf Swing CLICK HERE:

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Happy golfing.

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