Staying Focused when Playing Well

Staying Focused when Playing Well

We have all experienced this problem during a round of golf and it all boils down to staying focused when playing well, all too often we get ahead of ourselves and are already preparing the acceptance speech at the end of the round!

I see this all too often when senior golfers are putting a good round of golf together and they are almost willing themselves to keep the good golf going, we all know too often it doesn’t happen that way, you need to play one hole at a time and be focused on one shot at a time.

Staying Focused when Playing Well - Scorecard

Sometimes when we have put together our best rounds of golf the round normally started off pretty much the same as normal but we keep in that zone and keep playing our game, then we pick up some shots and at the end of the round, you are surprised to have scored well that day.

It’s when we start off a round with a few gains on the opening holes and we tend to start thinking of scoring a personal best and already thinking scores into the 70’s or 80’s dependent on your handicap, that’s when the wheels tend to come off for many senior amateur golfers.

I have a very simple rule regardless of how I am currently playing and play one shot and one golf hole at a time, staying focused on each individual shot and committing to every shot will ensure that you will play a consistent round and not get ahead of yourself and play each shot and hole in the moment.

When I am playing in any competition whether it is a Stableford or Medal round I never add up any of my rounds at the 9 hole stage, I wait for the adding up of the scores once I have completed the full round, sometimes knowing what you have just scored on the front 9 dictates what you are going to score on the back 9.

I speak to so many senior golfers at the half way stage of their round and you always hear “I am playing really well and I have just had 22 points on the front nine” – when you catch up with them later you hear 9 times out of 10 that they only managed 10 points on the back nine, this is because they got ahead of themselves and already looking at the prospect of shooting 44 points!

So a bit of advice from me, play one shot at a time, play one hole at a time and leave the adding up of the points or shots until the end of the round, you will see that your mindset will change and you will score better on the back 9 if you are not aware of the exact amount of points or shots you have had.

Try it next time you are playing in a club competition you will see a notable difference in your scoring, golf can be a strange game, one minute you are playing for a bogey and the next you’re putting out for a birdie, a round of golf can change at the flick of a switch so never give up trying and focus on one hole at a time.

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Happy golfing.

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