Slow play golf solutions

Trying to speed up the speed of golfers who play golf is a tough ask, so with a bit of luck these slow play golf solutions might just get a few golfers at least trying to speed up their play and encourage newcomers to the golf course and not scare them away because they think it takes 5 hours to play a round of golf! 

Slow play golf solutions

1. Slow play on the golf course is very annoying, so you need to

a) Keep up with the group in front at all times no exceptions

b) Mark your scorecard on the next tee when you are away from the previous green, remember there are golfers behind waiting to play onto the green Slow play golf solutions - Player on Fairway

c) When you get to the green think about your point of exit when you have finished the hole, leaving your golf bag on the opposite side of the green to the exit for the next tee is time-consuming and also very annoying – so think ahead and save those extra minutes on every hole

Slow play golf solutions

d) Walk around the golf course as if you mean to be enjoying it and at least walking at a decent pace to look like you are getting some exercise – some golfers walk around as if they are half asleep and couldn’t give a monkeys hoot about playing at a decent pace – think about the poor bastards behind you who are having to watch you just saunter around without a care in the world – if you can’t play the game get some lessons, if you still can’t play then take up another sport and do us all a favour!

e) To speed up play you need to know your golf game, you need to realise that when you are waiting for a green to clear which is 240 yards away be realistic and know that even with your best ever shot you are never going to reach the green, so know your game and play to it not want you think it is – you are not a tour pro and never will be so to speed up play get to know your golf distances Slow play golf solutions - golfer waiting on tee

Slow play golf solutions

f) When on the tee let the shortest hitters go first unless you are waiting on a par 3, doing this you can get the majority of your group teed off prior to your biggest hitter in the group, forget about who’s honour it is on the tee just be realistic and get on with it 

g) When you know that you have hit into deep rough or a forest of trees out of bounds be sensible and realise that you have a pretty slim chance of finding it, so unless you are playing in an important competition just either re load off of the tee or just drop a golf ball roughly where you think it entered the rough or hazard, always keep thinking to keep up with the group in front!

If you can spread the word on the above few ideas or you have others to add to the list to speed up play in golf then please leave a comment. 

Etiquette in golf is so important – spread the word with this next article.

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  1. Thanks for the comment about speeding up golf play on the golf course, I wish we could all adapt your attitude and pass on these speed up play suggestions.

    Keep in touch.

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Richard says:

    Great ideas on slow play golf solutions I will be having a word with a few of my golf buddies this weekend, a few of these I will be enforcing on them!

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