Simple Golf Swing Seniors

Simple Golf Swing Seniors

Have you been looking for the simple golf swing seniors? Well, this website is full of great and useful golfing information about golfing tips, golfing techniques, golf equipment, golf reviews – all written and designed to help the male and female senior golfer achieve a much better golf game! Simple Golf Swing Seniors - golfer on the tee

Golf Instruction Seniors

I myself being a senior golfer I can relate to all of the ‘ups and downs’ in playing golf, whether it be aching bones, ailments that you have had for years and cannot shrug them off, unfortunately, we have to take all of this into account every time we pick up a golf club!


So the first thing I want to cover off if you are really serious about improving your golf game is getting the correct golf shafts for your game.

Getting the correct golf shaft for the mature or older golfer

A couple of days a week I ply my sales and client facing experience in working in a golf store, this achieves three things:

I can talk about golf all day and nobody moans about it!

I can also try out the newest golf equipment in the market and recommend different options to the shop’s clientele.

I will only recommend or sell golfing equipment if the desired product is going to improve the golfer’s game.

The reason I mention this is because a few days ago a couple of older gentlemen approached me and whispered “What does Senior Shaft” mean?

Firstly I said to them that they need not whisper, but I got the impression that for years they had always wanted to ask the question but felt a bit intimidated to ask, perhaps they just felt comfortable with me, so I explained the difference.

My response was pretty simple – I just said gents we have to accept that we are all getting older and that our bodies and physical capabilities have changed, all the senior golf shaft will do is compensate for our loss of club head speed and get the maximum out of our ageing golf swing.

In this section, I want to go over some simple golf swing seniors or techniques you need to focus on, they might seem basic to the seasoned golfer but I need to reiterate them because I am a low single figure senior handicap golfer but I still revert back to them now and again.


Simple Golf Swing Seniors, Drills or Techniques

What I tend to do nowadays is to focus on one of two points, basically forgetting about where the club is going, what plane it is on, have I got the right club for the shot I am just about to make, just keep it simple and take it back to basics:

1. Keep your head still at all times

I see so many older golfer swinging the golf club and swaying when they take the club back ready for the downswing, this is just asking for trouble, as I said keep it simple, go back to basics, don’t worry where the club is going, keep your head still and just create a nice easy swing, keeping your head still and eye on the ball will inevitably lead to better shots and better striking of the ball.

When I am playing bad or below my capability this is the first thing I address, keeping your head still will lead to a better all round golf game. Simple Golf Swing Seniors - Keeping your head still

2. Think of ‘Trigger’ when taking the club back

What I mean by this is just think of one thing before you take the club back, one I have always used being a right handed golfer is getting my right shoulder out of the way, so imagine you are addressing the ball then all you have to think about is getting that ‘right shoulder’ out of the way, then all the rest of your mechanics that you have learnt over the years will kick into place. Instead of addressing the ball and thinking, take the club back, keep it smooth, keep your eye on the ball, make a good follow through etc, just one simple thought or trigger will help you immensely in achieving a consistent ball strike.

So to summarise my two things I always focus on keeps it pretty simple, keep my head still and just think about one thing, getting my right shoulder out of the way. These might seem like simple ‘beginner’ lessons but, believe me, going back to the basics of the game will help you always and simple drills or thought patterns that you can adapt to on the golf course and not just the range!


Exercise Tірѕ fоr Senior Golfers for simple golf swing seniors

Playing golf is more than just a pastime for the older golfer, it’s about spending regular times each week with friends who are either retired or semi-retired, and you all have the one main thing in common which is of course golf. So it’s not just about turning up and hoping that you play or hit the ball well, it’s about being prepared and ready for your weekly or bi-weekly round of golf.

With all that said I always recommend warming up with a few stretching exercises to loosen up the muscles and be ready to play, this can either be a few arm and leg stretches but ultimately if it’s available at your golf course a few warm up shots on the practice golf range.

If you can hit a few golf shots on the range you cannot beat that, getting that swing grooved and ready for the day’s play, plus time permitting a few putts and chip shots on the practice green is a good warm up too!

But one thing you need to have is a clear head, no distractions or things that might take your mind off of your game, golf is very much and mental game and it needs you to be 100% focused, one lapse in concentration and you can have a triple bogey and you think to yourself where did that come from? Keep focused and keep those nasty unwanted scores off of your card.


Golf Grip Tips for the Senior Golfer – simple golf swing seniors

Now we are back to basics, but I wanted to cover this point because of another conversation I had the other day with a customer in the golf store I ply my trade in, it was about the person’s golf grip which I was looking at while I was checking out their swing speed using a Flight Scope in the indoor net practice area.

I asked the gentleman his handicap, he replied ‘about a 24’ but I only play socially, so I asked who had taught him how to grip the golf club, his answer was ‘my mate’ – of course my next question was ‘may I ask what sort of handicap your mate plays off of’? He came straight back and said he is a ’28 handicapper’! – my response was ‘so that’s why your grip is totally wrong and needs to be addressed’. Simple Golf Swing Seniors - Training Aid

My point of the above is if you need to ask advice then ask a professional golf coach or even a decent handicap golfer, you wouldn’t have a driving lesson off of your mate if he were the worse driver you have ever ridden in a car with, so why would do the same with an important decision such as golf advice!

In one of my previous articles I located a pretty simple golf grip/swing training aid, it is great for getting your golf grip correct or even at least 90% correct, but it also doubles up as a warm up training aid prior to hitting golf balls on the driving range or having a warm up on the first tee – CLICK HERE to read the article.

Golf Chipping Tips for the senior golfer – simple golf swing seniors

Moving on I would now like to cover the best golf tips for chipping around the green, you know the shots, you are just off the green but the grass is too long to putt through so you have to decide on another plan of attack to get the ball close to the hole.

One of the ways I always try to help golfers is by keeping it simple, chipping is a pretty easy part of the game of golf, we as golfers just make it harder by always doing the same old mistakes, here are the most common ones:

• Weight not on our leading or nearest leg to the target
• We try and scoop the ball up instead of hitting behind the ball
• We have a sneaky look to see where the ball has gone and ‘thin it’ through the green
• We are not concentrating fully and make a hash of the situation

So I want to keep this simple!

• Get your weight on your leading leg, a good drill for this, when you are practising, is place a golf ball under your trailing foot, this will make you put your weight on your leading leg – very good drill to use.
• Use either a pitching wedge or sand iron to execute the shot, sand iron will give you more of an elevated shot, the pitching wedge will give you a lower trajectory ball flight and the ball will roll out towards the hole.
• Do not break your wrists, use your arms as an all in one motion, I liken this shot to a putt but with a bit more zip in the shot.
• Pick your spot on the green where you would like the ball to land and let the ball run out towards the hole, so you would look at how the putt would break if you were putting from your chosen landing spot, play for that target and let the ball continue on your chosen path towards the hole.

Hope that all makes sense?


Putting Tips for the Senior Golfer – simple golf swing seniors.

One thing we always overlook is that putting is approx. 50% of all of our golf shots during a round of golf, if you are playing a par 72 which is 18 holes x 2 putts per green that is 36 strokes per round if you are putting the greens in regulation. So as you can see it is a very important part of your round of golf isn’t it?

You would be surprised how many golfers think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds or dollars on the latest driver, but when it comes to a putter the majority of golfers baulk at the sight of having to spend more than 50 pounds or dollars on a decent putter!

As you can see when I explain it that way, putting is 50% of your game but always overlooked as the boring part of golf, but if we can sort out our putting flaws we will all be onto much better, lower and more consistent scoring if we spent just a little time on this very important part of our golf game.


In this article I have covered off simple golf swing seniors tips, I have covered getting the correct golf shaft for a senior golfer, basic tips to keep in your head when addressing the golf ball, golf exercises and warm-ups, the golf grip, chipping and putting – so a lot of information to take on board in one article.

But I am sure with the links that break up this tutorial and be able to watch golf video tutorials in between it will make it much easier to grasp and take on board my golf tips for the senior golfer.

I hope that this article Simple Golf Swing Seniors was of use to your game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies


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  1. Hi Rich,

    Simple tips for senior golfers always helps you just need to in grain it into your golf swing and have lots of patience, patience will pay off in the end if you adapt a simple golf swing for seniors.

    Keep enjoying your golf.

    Cheers – Michael – Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks Bogeys to Birdies some really good advice I’m going to be giving it a go tomorrow on the range and give you some feedback once I have done so. Cheers Rich

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