Simple Golf Swing for Seniors

Simple Golf Swing for Seniors

The easiest way to find a simple golf swing for seniors is looking no further than the great Fred Couples – silky smooth and powerful which equates to effortless power.

Now well into his 50’s and still playing a great competitive game, the US Masters played at The Augusta National is always one of his favourite weeks of the year, after winning the US Masters in 1992 he ensured that he will be able to tee it up at the Masters for many years to come because of his exemption of being a past winner.

He once was the World Number 1 and he has amassed 57 professional golf tournaments in his playing career and he continues to excel on the Champions Tour with the elite over 50 years of age senior professional golfers. All senior golfers looking for golf tips for the senior golfer can learn a lot from the way the great Frederick Steven Couples swings the golf club and hits the ball with maximum power.

As you can see in the video Fred Couples keeps a very still head during the address, backswing and follow-through, something that all of us senior golfers can learn from when making our golf swing.

When we have had golf lessons we are always told about the basics of the golf swing, well I know Fred Couples is in a league of his own but you cannot go far wrong replicating his swing!
You can see how he maintains that straight left arm throughout the backswing and follow through, Fred takes the club back to the maximum point where his wrists take over and enables the golf club to point at the target at the top of the swing.

I am not suggesting taking the club back as far as Fred does but get it back far enough that it feels controlled and within your ability if we all had the flexibility that Fred Couples has at his age then we would all be hitting the ball great distances.

You will see that once he releases the club for the downswing he maintains that 45-degree angle between his left arm and golf club, this is something that all senior golfers should try and replicate and practice. Image included to show what I mean by holding that 45-degree angle.

Simple Golf Swing for Seniors - 45 Degree Angle

You will also see how Fred also nicely transfers his weight onto his left side or leading leg, holding that 45-degree angle and making sure his hands are in front of the ball at impact.
To end off the swing he maintains that strong follow through and holds that follow through until his ball is on its way to the target.

A fantastic swing, and one that we should all look at pause the video at certain points and really take on board all of his great traits, the main one being the way he holds his head still until follow through, a major flaw that seems to come about when we get into our senior golfing years!

I recently put a video together on how I break down the ‘four’ points of the swing down, holding the club back on the ground, keeping the distance between your wrists and chin, holding that 45-degree angle and facing the target in your follow through.

Pretty easy steps and I hope that you enjoyed the Fred Couples silky smooth golf swing video and also mine on simple golf swing for seniors. To watch more of my videos you can visit my YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you have any comments or feedback please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, alternatively, you can also leave me a comment on any future video tutorials you would like me to address and compile for the future.

Look forward to hearing from you and happy golfing.
Keep hitting it straight down the fairway!

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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Glen,

    I was so glad to receive your contact and comments about my article simple golf swing for seniors, with you being a senior golfer and still playing to single figures I take my hat off to you because you know that its all about flexibility in the senior golfers swing, If you have any other input I am always on the look out for fellow senior golfers to also have an input into the content on my website focusing on golf tips for the senior golfer.

    Keep in touch Glen and thank you once again for your comments on my article simple golf swing tips for seniors.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for Senior Golfers”

  2. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for comments on my article simple golf swing for seniors. I have tried to keep all of my content and videos simple for all of my golf tips for seniors, that is the problem with trying to keep golf simple because a lot of people over complicate the learning process, you need to think of simple golf swing basics to get better at the game of golf.

    Here is a link to all of my golf videos that might be of interest to you :

    I will endeavour to keep adding simple and easy to follow content on all of my articles on golf tips for the senior golfer, once again thank you for your contact and comments and please keep in touch.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer”

  3. Brandon says:

    You’re articles are consistent with quality content and helpful advice for all standards of golfers including golf tips for senior golfers. I’m really impressed with your ability to analyse these pro golfers swing techniques. Even more so, I am impressed with your ability to break it down and explain it, in a way that even the average golfer would understand. I also like how you replicate the swing in your own video, and break it down to us even further. Keep up the great articles and videos about simple golf swing tips for senior golfers.

  4. Glen says:

    You have good tips for senior golfers! Low and slow and let it flow. Keeping it simple avoids all the technical stuff associated with the golf swing. I noticed in the two videos that both Fred Couples and you have a great deal of flexibility in your swing. And you turn out your left foot to help clearing your hips.

    As a senior golf player two weeks short of 67, I still play to a single digit handicap. I also spend time in the gym working on flexibility and mobility plus core strength. Anyway, seniors should work on flexibility, which can be done at home by doing stretching exercises. Keep up the great work on the golf tips for seniors, I have book marked your website for future reference and have also sign up for your newsletter.

    Thank you, Glen

  5. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Chuka, thank you for your comments and feedback. I certainly do offer golfing tips and advice not just for golf tips for seniors but also for anyone interested in taking up the game regardless of their age. I always ask that if anyone would like to suggest a subject on golf they would like me review or give tips on I am more than happy to oblige. Keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  6. Michael Baker says:

    Hi David, thanks for your comments and feedback. Even though I have tailored my content for golf tips seniors it is nice knowing that even the younger golfer is seeing benefits out of my posts. Keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  7. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments most appreciated. I have tried to really focus my efforts on creating good golf tips for seniors, so glad that you got some benefit out of it. Regards, Michael

  8. JeffWA says:


    That was a very well written article, complete with relevant analysis of a golf swing and video that would show the senior golfer how to create a simple yet repeatable swing designed to improve his/her game.

    It is a fact that as we get older, (and I’m about to turn 59 this summer) our bodies simply does not have the same type of flexibility nor can we do the same movement which would involve the use of muscles in our back, arms, legs and shoulders compared to when we were under 30 years old.

    You did a great job, using Fred Couples great swing how it would be possible to create a similar swing that would not incur to much stress on the person’s body, (and Couples in the past has had back issues) while looking to strike the ball with a golf club. In fact really grooving a similar swing through repetitive practice the reader would certainly see improvement in his/her game.

    A great article that you so diligently crafted for your readers, Michael!


  9. David says:

    I am not a senior golfer, but I think that is great advice for golfers of all ages. Holding that angle and timing the release are the hardest things for me in my swing. I really liked the slow motion videos to really break down the swing. I am going to check out more of your YouTube videos and hopefully hit more birdies. Thanks for the advice!

  10. Chuka says:

    Hi Michael, I do enjoy reading your reviews. The video shots are so helpful in clarifying exactly what you mean for people who are starting out. I have always wondered if golfers suffer from back pain because of the way they swing around.

    Question, do you offer tutorials for retirees who have never played golf before?

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