Senior Tour Player

Senior Tour Player

European senior tour player Mark Mouland recently said that it’s only a matter of time before a senior tour player wins one of the mainstream major golf championships, you only have to look at Tom Watson’s valiant effort at the 2009 Open Championship when he lost in a brilliant playoff when beaten to the Claret Jug by his fellow American Stewart Cink.

That day will surely be just around the corner in a matter of years, with golf equipment, technology always improving, couple that with a seasoned senior tour professional and you will definitely see a major winner from the over 50’s bunch before long!

With the Open courses and The Masters not necessarily suiting the longer hitters, perhaps one of these venues will produce a major winner from the grey haired ranks? With the senior players still shooting low scores as they did in their younger years, Mouland believes it’s only a matter of time before this happens on the world golf stage.

With the majors at Augusta National or on an Open Championship venue you only have to look at the likes of Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer who still manage to hold their own with today’s younger and longer hitting tour professionals, this year it didn’t happen for Langer at The Masters but he certainly left the tournament with his head held high – good on you Bernhard!

You only have to look at the talent in depth on both The US PGA Champions Tour and European Senior Tour to realise that time will come, with the likes of John Daly and Jose Maria Olazabal both turning 50 this year, these are another 2 additions to the tour who have won a couple of major golf championships a piece in their day.

With today’s modern tour player spending as much time in the gym as on the practice range, the senior tour players know they will have to follow suit to keep up with them, mind you can’t see John Daly hitting the gym too many times during a tournament, not when you have sponsored beer tents dotted around, think the beer tents would win!

John Daly aside, the majority of senior tour players do and will hit the gym more moving forward, they know they will have to be physically fit for their arduous tour schedule, I don’t think the senior tour player has to spend too much time working on their mental game, they are too long in the tooth for that and can always draw on quality experience in that area.
Mouland’s maiden Senior Tour victory came in his debut season in 2011 and, after coming close to further success in 2015 with two third-place finishes, he is looking to add to his trophy cabinet in 2016.

“I want to win again,” he asserted. “I spent a lot of time in the United States over the last few years, so I missed some events, but this year will be a completely full season.

“It’ll be good to get out there and playing again. You have to have good weeks every week on the Senior Tour, you can’t afford to play badly.

“Everyone can still play really great golf and we’ve grown up together as a group, so it’s people who we’ve been playing against for the last 30 years or so. Some may be playing better in their 50s than they did in their 30s.

“We’re like a big happy family, to be honest. There’s no animosity at all, but we all stick in and try to win.”

Mouland’s first event of the 2016 campaign will be the US Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid at Harbor Shores, Michigan, and he will then return to the UK the following week for the SSE Enterprise Wales Senior Open.

He will be joined by fellow countryman, and 1991 Masters Champion, Ian Woosnam in the field, as well as Paul Mayo and Royal Porthcawl, head professional Peter Evans.

It is always great for these fantastic senior tour players to still have the drive and desire they had when they were teenagers, I suppose it’s one of the great things about golf because age is just a number, you can still compete with the best, you don’t have to be long just consistent and down the middle!

My money is on John Daly for this weekend’s Senior PGA Championship, I don’t think it will be a win bet but an each way place bet, the trouble with John Daly he can fire hot and cold but I have a sneaky feeling he will want to do well in his first senior major, when he was an alternate in 1991 he didn’t do too bad at that PGA Championship did he? So I think John Daly for a top five finish and keep an eye out for Bernhard Langer and also Colin Montgomerie, Montgomerie is looking for his 3rd Senior PGA Title and the little old fella Bernhard Langer is playing pretty good at the moment too.

Here is another article I wrote about John Daly joining the Champions Tour – CLICK HERE.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article senior tour player please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Keep hitting those fairways and enjoying your golf in 2016!


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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Nigel,

    Thank you for your feedback and comments regarding my article senior tour player, you are definitely correct that John Daly certainly does blow hot and cold but when he is hot he is hot, hopefully he might be the first senior golfer to bag a mainstream golf major!

    Keep in touch,


  2. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Linda,Thank you for your feedback and comments regarding my article senior tour player, I have taken that on board about articles for the lady golfer and will endeavour to create some articles on the subject. My current content is really for the male and female senior golfer but I suppose I need to make it clearer on my articles.



  3. Linda says:

    You have a very nice collection of products and tutorials for the senior golfer. I particularly appreciate the very positive affirmations that golf is a life sport that we can continue to both enjoy and improve at well into our later years. I wonder if your plans include future articles tailored to the needs of the senior lady golfer? There are a lot of us 🙂 I’ll be bookmarking your site and returning to read future posts.

  4. Nigel says:

    I remember that day you mention where Tom Watson just lost the Open Championship, it doesn’t seem 7 years ago though, time flies.
    If an older player does win a mainstream major, as odd as this may sound, I can see it being John Daly. As you say, he’s hot and cold but when he’s hot he is very good. I’ve seen him come out here (Australia) a couple of times in recent years and he’s stormed off after having a crap hole. That’s just him. But if he gets it altogether, look out.

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