Senior Golf Swing Tips

Senior Golf Swing Tips

I am always on the lookout for any Senior Golf Swing Tips and I have a couple up my sleeve that should enhance your golf short game. There are videos in this article that may be worth watching before you read the instructions or tips – so please feel free to watch the videos before or after perusing this golf tips for seniors article.

Have you always got that nagging doubt that your short game around the putting greens is letting you down? If so I may have a few options for you to consider to enhance your game around the greens.

When your short game is under focus and not delivering the results that you would like, visualising the shot is 70% of the golf shot and something that should not be taken too lightly!

When we are playing with our mates in a social round of golf the competitive nature is still very much in force, you might not be playing for the US Masters Green Jacket but it feels like it when you are playing your golf or work mates, even when you are playing just to better your last score it is still very much in a golfers nature to want to do better than the last time.

Because of that competitive nature we sometimes make bad decisions on what shot to play and inevitably we make a ‘hash’ or mistake of the golf shot because we are trying so hard to make the golf shot perfect.

The main mistake we make is always trying to ‘aim’ at the target, when it fact, we should be aiming for that larger area to get up and down successfully, when we are a hundred yards out your golf shot should be to the largest part of the green, when we are chipping off of the side of the green our target should be approx. 20 feet around the hole, and when we are putting we should be aiming to get the ball within a 2-foot radius of the hole, attacking the hole at every opportunity is not the way to go, unfortunately.

So what happens 9 times out of 10 attempts we overshoot the hole, we thin it through the green or we blast a putt 15 foot past for a long return putt!

What I tend to do is if I am just off the green on the shorter grass or even the greenside rough is to pick a spot to land the ball on, but prior to that I have already done my homework as if I was making a putt from where I intend to land the ball so the golf ball rolls out to the hole like a putt – pretty easy system to adapt!

When you are next on the putting green or practice chipping green try using your golf towel off of your golf bag, place it roughly where you want the ball to land to make the golf ball run to the hole, if you land the golf ball on the towel the ball will stop dead so try and avoid the towel and just use it as a marker to aim for but not to land on?

Once you have picked your spot around the towel and have executed the shot you need to watch how the golf ball reacts when it hits the putting surface, once you see how the golf ball reacts it will give you an idea on what type of club you could practice with? If you want a low running shot possibly use a 9 iron or pitching wedge so the ball runs out to the hole if you want a high shot that will land softly and then run out less then use a sand wedge.

You need to be able to play all different types of around the green delicate shots, this will improve and enhance your golf game no end, so give it a try next time you are practicing on the chipping or putting green.

Senior Golf Swing Tips - Golf balls and flag Senior Golf Swing Tips - Golf ball and putter

Another major flaw the majority of handicap golfers suffer from is not putting their body weight onto their left foot or the closest foot to the hole dependent on whether you play right or left handed, for this article I will always be referring to all my recommendations playing as a right-hander – sorry to all you lefties out there!

By keeping the weight on your leading foot or foot closest to the hole will enable the golf club to come down on a descending angle instead of trying to lift the ball up which inevitably lead to a thin or fat shot. So next time you are practicing try putting all your weight on your leading foot, if that still does not give you the feeling of putting your weight on your leading foot then place a golf ball under your trailing or other foot, this will then automatically make your weight distribution more onto your leading foot which is what you want.

But remember you can only do this type of drill ( placing a golf ball under your foot ) when you are practicing because you are not allowed to do this on the golf course, it’s called improving your ‘stance’ and is against the rules of golf.

So when you have mastered the art of putting all of your weight onto the leading foot make sure that you descend down onto the golf ball and let the golf club do the work, coming into shallow or trying to scoop the ball up will result in a thin or fat shot dependent on what type of angle you attack the golf ball at?

You may have heard your golf mates make mention of this saying but it is a true and accurate fact, that around 70% of all of your golf shots out on a golf course are from 100 yards out from the hole or under 100 yards, so getting a good short game is imperative to making good scores on the golf course.

When playing into the green from the 100 yard marker you need to be a lot more creative and make half swings or even smaller swings to gain the distance you are trying to achieve, so you need to work on making contact with the centre of the club head, this makes sure regardless of swing length that the ball should ‘bite’ and hold once it hits the putting surface.

If you watch a professional golfer from under 100 yards they have a few shots up their sleeves, low stinging shot that hits the green and stops within two bounces of hitting the playing surface, or alternatively they play a high full iron wedge and when it hits it has backspin, so having different shot making skills in your armoury is definitely a major benefit if you can execute them.

When around the putting surface I have put together a golf chipping video that will help you with those short ‘bumping’ shots around the green by using a simple putting stroke, this video will certainly strengthen your short game and well worth a look at, here is the video:

An earlier article on chipping and short game tips CLICK HERE.

In another golf instruction video for senior golfers I have outlined getting your angles correct in the back swing, mastering this technique will enable you to play those full and half shots that you need in your game to execute the shot that is needed from with 100 yards – if you can master this swing angle technique you will be watching your ball with backspin and the ball checking quickly on the green in no time at all.

Here is the video that should help you achieve that shortened and controlled swing:

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As always, if you have any comments or feedback regarding these tips please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will be glad to respond to you as soon as possible. Or if you would like to leave me a comment or message below on suggestions on any new videos you would like me to cover or address please let me know, more than happy to oblige!

As always, happy golfing and keeping hitting the ball straight down the fairway!



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