Rory McIlroy golf swing

Rory McIlroy golf swing

With the world of golf producing so many talented young players now from Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth you have to look at the Rory McIlroy golf swing to really appreciate a good mechanically sound swing like Rory’s, it’s a shame he hasn’t got the mind set of Jordan Spieth because he would be unbeatable!

You might wonder how did the Rory golf swing come about well now the secret is out on how and why Rory has such a consistent and powerful golf swing, it was not just down to hard work and real dedication but also down to Michael Bannon, the lifelong coach and mentor to Rory, nurturing and developing the youngster’s golfing technique and swing from when he was a little kid of 8 years old growing up in Northern Ireland, to reaching the pinnacle of the sport and becoming the World’s Number 1 Golfer. And, to this day Rory keeps Michael close by his side as he competes all over the world. Rory McIlroy golf swing

Michael is also a superb golfer. Like Rory, he took up golf very young, aged only seven. He rose through the amateur ranks and turned pro in 1981. He won more than 20 titles on the Irish Region Tour. His biggest taste of glory and disappointment came in the 1998 Irish PGA Championship when he lost in a playoff to an emerging star…Padraig Harrington.

He’s respected in teaching circles — he was named the European PGA Golf Coach of the Year in 2011.

Michael Bannon has a video archive of McIlroy’s swings that spans 15 years and numbers well into the thousands. Each swing was digitized, cataloged by date, and stored on a hard drive.

Michael says, “they all tell a different story.” It is a remarkable database of one player’s development.

Michael always videoed Rory’s swing. They’d play it back and deconstruct it together, with Michael scribbling all over his small TV screen with a washable marker.

Michael has had offers from clients willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fly halfway around the world for just a few private lessons.

He loves to teach and he loves to see every golfer getting the maximum enjoyment from their game.

Here’s what Rory McIlroy said about Michael Bannon in September 2014:

I didn’t have a great 2013. This year? I’m back to playing like a World No. 1 should, with a shiny new Claret Jug and a Wanamaker Trophy to prove it. Credit goes to my long-time coach, Michael Bannon, who reacquainted me with five key moves I had strayed from in recent years. Michael Bannon is the only coach I’ve ever had. It’s scary — he knows my swing better than I do. So when things started sliding south 18 months ago, he knew exactly what to do: Get back to the basics that rocketed me to No. 1 in the first place, using checkpoints and feels that Michael taught me when I was a little kid. Now my driver, iron, and wedge swings are again on autopilot. My performance stats are about the same as last year, but I can sense a difference. Every shot feels flush.

Finding your perfect golf swing doesn’t need to be mind-bendingly-complicated, or need some voodoo guru magic. It can be straightforward and logical.

Rory McIlroy’s coach, Michael Bannon, knows that a great golf swing is all about nailing the fundamentals. And these can be mastered…if you follow a simple plan.

The problem with something being easy is that most people convince themselves that it can’t be that good or important, otherwise they would have figured it out on their own already.

Making stuff complicated and difficult might make you feel like you’re learning something but if you’re like most golfers these complicated guru tactics are just messing with your head…giving you too much to think about.

It rapidly frustrates you and wrecks your natural ability to strike the ball powerfully and accurately.

If you have a genuine desire to slash shots off your round then the simple approach from Rory’s coach could be your answer.

Golf Swing Coaching Program – Main Points and Background Information

– Simple techniques revealed by Michael Bannon – Coach to Rory McIlroy, the top professional golfer on the planet.
– Takes only 10 minutes per day.
– Simple and easy to follow.
– Anyone can use it.
– Can be practiced anywhere…inside or outside.
– Can be accessed from anywhere on any device
– No golf ball needed! Michael believes the ball is a DISTRACTION when perfecting your swing!
– Learn to use your natural ability to pack every swing with 100% more power and accuracy.
– Your precise swing movements become “automated simplicity” so you reproduce your perfect swing easily, every time.
– One time payment

The basis of this unique teaching is:

How to get your perfect swing permanently branded deep into your subconscious mind, and muscle memory, so that your naturally perfect swing becomes second nature, without having to think about it, giving you repeatable, automatic power and accuracy.

Rory McIlroy golf swingAnd, the amazing thing is Michael’s 6 Step Lesson gives you this advantage without hitting a single golf ball!

Customers get instant access to the 6 Step Golf Lesson’s coaching site.

The 6 lessons are laid out in easy to follow training modules.

After a personal introduction from Michael Bannon, each training module contains:

• High quality live videos.
• Animated version of the lessons – 100% unique – specifically created for the 6 Step coaching program.
• Downloadable transcript of each training video in PDF format.
• Downloadable audio of each lesson in mp3 format.
• Lifetime access to the coaching website.
• 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee – customer can keep all the Learning Bonuses manuals and audio files just for trying it out!


Michael knows that keeping it “simple” works, so he’s got a challenge for you…
…try out his 6 Step Golf Lesson with absolutely ZERO RISK. Follow the instructions laid out in the online coaching videos and if you don’t slash shots off your game he’ll send you a complete 100% refund.

You can’t say fairer than that!

However, if you are still not ready to jump straight into Michael, I have listed below three tips that I am positive will improve your game, it will also give you a taste of Michael’s coaching technique until you are ready to take the plunge with his on line tutorial lessons.

Golf can be our greatest love or our worst enemy depending on how we play on any given day.

In fact, the whole round can quickly spiral into a hacking nightmare because of a lost ball or a nasty drive, even from the very first tee. But we should always remember, even the world’s leading professionals can hit a bad shot, and or suffer a “bad run”.

The difference is every pro has processes for dealing with mistakes, and methods to try to ensure that one poor shot does not affect their next shot.

The professional tour players have their coach at their side to support and guide them, and I’m guessing you don’t have a full-time coach shadowing you on every round. However, you can still “steal” their tips and tricks for yourself. In this report, I’m revealing Three Pro Secrets that will bring noticeable improvements to your game, when you put them into action during your round.

You’ll notice how the three actions are linked, and how doing each one correctly will affect the one following 3. Use these processes and methods in your own game to help you instantly recover from having just played a bad shot, and more importantly, help you prevent the mistake in the first place. Rory McIlroy golf swing

Ok, I’m not suggesting you’ll match Rory McIlroy shot-for-shot simply by adding these three actions to your game, nevertheless, I guarantee when you use them regularly, you’ll be hitting more consistently, improving your scores and enjoying your game more than ever before.

And, if you’re already using any these processes, Congratulations!…You are well ahead of most other amateur golfers. So here goes……Three Pro “Secrets” You Can Put Into Action To Instantly Carve Shots Off Your Next Round.

Rory McIlroy golf swing – Pro Secret Number 1

• Be Ready To Score – Practice Before You Play.
• Every professional practice their drives and putting before they head out on their round. This gets them ready to score from the very first shot.
• I know it isn’t always easy to find the time to practice before your round. Typically, many amateur golfers zoom into the golf course car park with only a few minutes to spare before they tee-off.
• They step onto the tee and take a few warm-up swings, which might be the first time they’ve swung a club since their last round a week beforehand.
• This method would almost certainly be a disaster for a World Class Pro, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to these amateur players when their drive off the first tee goes haywire.
• My simple and very effective tip is, arrive 30 minutes early to warm-up and practice your drives and putts.
• Hit 40 – 50 balls, working your way through the clubs from the wedge to the driver.
• This is where you can think about your swing because once you get on the course your only thought should be on the target.
• If you haven’t already done this I predict you will instantly notice an improvement when you play your round.
• And when you experience this for yourself, you’ll make a point of finding a little extra time in the future to practice before every round.

Rory McIlroy golf swing – Pro Secret Number 2 

• Use a Pre-Shot Routine.
• Every professional golfer has one. And if you already have a good one too, that’s great! You’re a step ahead of most golfers.
• So what exactly is it, and why do you need one? Following a good pre-shot routine helps your consistency, accuracy, and scoring, by preparing your mind and your body for the shot. It gets you focused and “in the zone”.
• In a way, you’re “programming” yourself to play every shot in the best way possible.
• Many golfers will claim they have a pre-shot routine, but is it an effective one?
• For most amateurs, a pre-shot routine (from the tee) probably goes something like this:
• Glance down the fairway…
• Pull their “favorite” club out of their bag…
• Step up to the tee…
• Take one or two practice swings…
• Get into the set-up position…
• Maybe have a fleeting thought about which way the wind is blowing…
• Aim for the middle of the fairway anyway…
• Focus hard on the ball…
• Realize everyone else is focusing hard on them…
• Immediately tense up…
• The pressure is on to hit a great shot…
• And the main thought screaming in their head is “Don’t screw this up!”

Now, that’s definitely not the type of routine that will produce the best shots and give you the cores you want. So what makes an effective pre-shot routine?

Here are a few steps to follow that will be a massive help to you:

• As you approach, study the fairway, the yardage, and par.
• Create a mental picture of how you will reach the green. Just like a chess player, you are planning your moves in advance.
• Think of it like “connecting the dots” (or shots) in reverse…from the green back to the tee, taking note of the pin position, and the direction of the fairway.
• Working backward like this enables you to “see” the spot where you will play your second shot. This then is your target for your tee shot.
• Then visualize how this shot will look. For example, if the fairway is a dogleg left, you will be visualizing your first shot landing on the right side of the fairway, opening up the fairway for your second shot.
• To get your aim correct, choose a small intermediate target, like a leaf or tuft of grass, about five yards in front of your ball on the line to your target.
• Use this as your point of reference for your setup and alignment. Then transfer your focus to the real target.
• Consider the direction and strength of the wind. Aim your shot to the left or right of where you want it to finish up, to compensate for the wind blowing the ball off course. You could also keep the ball flight lower than normal to lessen the effect of the wind.
• Choose the club that will best produce the shot you have visualized.
• Practice your swing, taking your time to ensure it feels right. Stay focused on the target during the practice swings.
• The only thought in your mind at the point before your shot should be target position you’ve chosen.
• Now, take your shot.

Rory McIlroy golf swing – Pro Secret Number 3

Stay Relaxed between Every Shot, Especially If You’ve Played A Bad Shot.

This might seem an odd suggestion to some golfers. But, you’ve probably heard many times before… “Golf is a mental game”.

Staying relaxed and positive between shots helps you produce the best shots possible in your game, despite the challenges of the course, the conditions, and your own abilities.

After hitting a bad shot, most golfers spend the time beating themselves up as they walk along the fairway to the next shot. This will instantly mess up your pre-shot routine.

Imagine this. You’ve hit a wonderful tee shot, striking the ball perfectly to the exact spot you intended. You’re “mental prediction” for your next shot is almost certainly that it will be another fantastic one. So your chances of actually hitting another great shot are extremely good. Now imagine you’ve sliced your tee shot into the rough, 40 yards shorter than you were aiming for.

Do you notice the difference in your feelings? For many golfers that one bad shot, and the negative expectations they carry in their mind on the way to take their next shot, can wreck their whole afternoon.

So here are a few techniques to ensure you remain relaxed and positive after a bad shot:

First, after hitting a bad shot, immediately take another practice swing. Repeat the swing a few times until it feels like it should have felt when hitting a great shot.

This instantly implants a positive reminder in your mind and body that you can produce the shot you want. Rory McIlroy golf swing

Second, stay open minded about the next shot.

Keep calm and don’t fret because you simply won’t know for sure how difficult the next shot is until you reach your ball. You might be lucky. The lie may not be as bad as you expected, and the ball might even be sitting up nicely for you.

And, even if it turns out to be a real toughie, you can enjoy that too. Don’t we all love the buzz of pulling a great shot from a tough position? You have a far better chance of producing a great shot if you’re relaxed and positive.

Third, remember to follow your effective pre-shot routine.

So there you have it. Three simple and extremely effective techniques used by the Worlds Leading

Rory McIlroy golf swing – Pro Golfers.

Pro Secret Number 1 – Practice Before You Play.
Pro Secret Number 2 – Get Yourself a Pre-Shot Routine.
Pro Secret Number 3 – Stay Relaxed and Positive.

Put these into action for yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can improve, starting on your very next round. Good Luck and Enjoy!

Golf can be our greatest love, or our worst enemy depending on how we play on any given day. In fact, the whole round can quickly spiral into a hacking nightmare because of a lost ball or a nasty drive, even from the very first tee. But we should always remember, even the world’s leading professionals can hit a bad shot, and or suffer a “bad run”. The difference is every pro has processes for dealing with mistakes, and methods to try to ensure that one poor shot does not affect their next shot.

After you have mastered these 3 fantastic Michael tips, his on line golf tutorials are a must, following this link for further information – CLICK HERE.

I hope that this article about the Rory McIlroy golf swing was of use to your game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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