Regripping Golf Club Instructions

It is that time of year when you are digging out your golf clubs for the season ahead, this simple to follow regripping golf club instructions should help you on your way making sure you do it right, but the key here is not to rush the process! 

Kit used in Regripping Golf Club Instructions

Regripping golf club instructions - Regrip kit

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Remove golf grips – Regripping Golf Club Instructions

This is the quickest and easiest part of the process, you need to use a nice sharp knife or Stanley knife to remove the old golf grip, start by cutting from the bottom of the old grip upwards towards the end of the golf club, try and make it in one smooth cut, by making one deep solid cut along the old golf grip will make sure it comes off relatively easy – however, if they are really old grips that have been on the golf club for many years be prepared that they might just come off in chunks! Once you have removed the old grip clean out the hole at the end of the club so its a clear hole, use your sharp to do this as I have in the image below.

Regripping Golf Club Instructions - removing old grip Regripping golf club instructions - old grip removal Regripping golf club instructions - old grip removal Regripping golf club instructions - old grip removal

Preparation after taking off the old golf grips

Once you have successfully removed all of the old golf grips from your clubs you then need to prepare them or tidy them up so it’s easier to add the adhesive tape in the next section. You will need to remove as much of the old adhesive tape as possible, sometimes it will come off easily sometimes they can be a lot harder to tidy up – all depends on how much adhesive tape was used when they were last regripped.

Regripping golf club instructions

Golf Club Grips – putting on the adhesive tape

Regripping golf club instructions - taping golf club Regripping golf club instructions - putting the tape on the club

Once all of your clubs have been de-gripped and prepared the next stage is to add the adhesive tape to the golf club, but a little word of advice once you have taped them up do not stand them all next to each other, this can be a little frustrating when some of the clubs new adhesive tape has glued to each other and can be rather difficult to separate them, remember sticky stuff sticks together! 

Fitting the new golf grip and adding the lubricant

Once you have taped all of the golf clubs up that you are changing the grip on now is the time to add the lubricant and to fit the grips on, you can apply the solution/adhesive holding the club over a kitchen bowl, this then collects any drips and also allows you to reuse again the lubricant that has dripped into the bowl, plus you don’t want to be getting any lubricant on your kitchen floor so the bowl will serve two purposes – but ONLY lubricate one club up at a time because the lubricant will dry up, so only add the lubricant when you are ready to add the golf grip. Also add a few squirts of the lubricant into the new golf grip you are fitting as shown in the image below, but don’t forget to put your finger over the hole at the end of the grip to stop any leakage.

Regripping golf club instructions - lubricate the tape Regripping golf club instructions - adding lubricant into golf grip Regripping golf club instructions - lubricate golfgrip

Fitting the golf grip to the golf club

Now is the part you need to be ready to act as quickly as possible once you have added the solution/lubricant, the lubricant can dry up quickly and not be effective so you have to be ready to add the lubricant and be ready to slide on the new golf grip as quickly as possible.

Regripping golf club instructions - Putting golf grip on Regripping golf club instructions - sliding golf grip on

Regripping golf club instructions

The setting of the golf grip to suit your golf game

The setting of the grip on the golf club should be set what suits your game, what I mean by that is do you have the manufacturers logo on the front? Do you just use the lines instead? This is very much a personal choice, in other words, how do you set up the club face to the golf ball? If you use the manufacturer’s logo to do this then set it that way, if you prefer just the lines do it that way.

Regripping golf club instructions - adjusting the golf grip Regripping golf club instructions - adjusting the grip

Golf Club Grips

There are many golf club grips on the market, what you need to do is find the one that suits your game and also hand size, do you like jumbo size grips? Do you like 50/50 of cord and golf grip material? Do you like all cord? Regripping golf club instructions - Regripped Golf Grips

The rule of thumb for selecting a grip is simple, select what you feel will suit your hand the best, standard size fits the majority of golfers unless you have hands like shovels and then you will feel more comfortable with jumbo golf grips.

Lamkin Golf Grips

In this article I have chosen Lamkin golf grips for the review, they are a trusted and well-established golf brand within the industry, so if you are looking for a competitively priced golf grip look no further than Lamkin golf grips they are well worth the money and look pretty good too – click here to buy on Amazon £45 to £65 grips plus fitting kit

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