Practice Putting Mat

Practice Putting Mat

Over the years I have tried many different options to improve my putting technique but purchasing a practice putting mat for the home or office is definitely the way to go, with the colder months of winter slowly creeping up on us one of these practice putting mats will keep your eye in practicing with the short stick!

The one that I chose to purchase comes in a nice compact box and easy to store when you are not practicing your putting, all of the pieces are easy to pack away after use and easy to assemble when needed – I must add it’s easy to maintain when you have finished with using it as well.

Practice Putting Mat - Rolled Up

With the materials used it’s easy to quickly brush over when in use so that you can see the lines of your putts and quickly fix any push or pull putts, it also allows you to practice slow or fast putts depending on the grain of the mat, either putting into the grain or with the grain, so very much like a real putting green.

Here are the specs of the mat that I purchased through Amazon CLICK HERE:

– Extra-long putting carpet: 3.00 m x 50 cm, a real putting carpet, no artificial grass
– Centre line for better orientation
– 5 markings (each 50 cm) in order to determine a precise distance
– A freely positionable putting hole to increase the level of difficulty
– A stopping device with velcro fastening for too long putts
– Allows for training different (four) speeds
– An eraser rod for smoothing and clean the visible lines of the ball on the mat
– At “Slow” (Normal green speeds) side, the distance lines are recorded 1:2 to control the pendulum motion during your backswing and swing
– At “Fast” (tournament green speeds) side, the distance lines are recorded 1:1.5 to control the pendulum motion during your backswing and swing

In addition to the high quality of the putting carpet and the length, the special highlight of this golf mat is the “visibility of played putts”.

Handling is simple: Brush with the enclosed eraser rod the mat in one direction. This eliminates all putting tracks in one direction. Now you can play against the direction and you can see your putt line showing whether your putter has played the ball left or right at the moment of impact. This Mat makes minimal deviations visible. Practice Putting Mat - Golfer Using Mat

To play in the other direction brush in the corresponding opposite direction and put the putting cup in the new place.

You can increase the difficulty of the mat with simulated barriers (eraser rod, foam wedges), put these parts under the mat so you will have different barriers on the way to the hole.

Due to the special fibres at the surface of the mat and the included special mat wiper up to 4 different speeds can be trained: 12.5/10.5/10

Material: 100% polyester.

Link on Amazon CLICK HERE 

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article practice putting mat please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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