Perfect Golf Swing

We have all strived for the perfect golf swing since the first time we picked up a golf club, we watch today’s modern golf professionals contort their bodies into positions us mere mortals thought was impossible to do! Not only do they generate power and clubhead speed, they actually still manage to ‘smash’ it straight for nigh on 300 yards down the centre of the fairway time and time again – but do they have the perfect golf swing?

Some would say that today’s modern touring professional do have the perfect golf swing, with the arduous travelling schedules around the globe and the copious amounts of time spent on the driving range and in the gym, they need to have a swing that is consistent and replicable every time to take the strain on their bodies.

However if we go back many decades to names such as Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Bobby Locke, all legends and brilliant golfers in their own right and for their generation, but they travelled the same amounts of time for tournaments but fewer distances due to travel restraints and airline technology, so they might have spent 12 hours in a car to get to tournaments but today’s golfer spends that amount of time in an aeroplane travelling to events, the only difference today is the time zones that can affect the modern day player!

OK, let’s get back to comparing and looking at whether or not today’s modern golfers ‘perfect swing’ compared to the olden day golfers ‘perfect swing’ – Lets compare Rory McILroy to Ben Hogan for example and drill down into what they have in their locker and how well they use it or used it.

Rory McILroy’s swing is well balanced, consistent, powerful and extremely accurate, in fact, his hip rotation is so fast that to the naked eye it is very hard to see the power from the hips because it is such a natural looking golf swing.

But one thing Rory has been that the swing is replicable and can be repeated time and time again regardless of the club he has in his hand, the only difference in the swing is not the way he swings it but how hard he hits the ball and how far he takes the club back – but 4 golf majors to his name and is still only in his mid-twenties so many majors to follow I should think?

Now over to Ben Hogan, he managed to win 9 majors between 1946 and 1953, with 1953 being his best year when he won the Masters US Open, the Open Championship and the PGA Player of the Year, so not a bad year! But did he have the perfect golf swing, some would argue that his swing was one of the best swings of any golfer to have played the game, he might not have had the power of Rory and hitting the ball prodigious lengths off of the tee but he knew how to score low, shape shots and beat quality fields at many major and top tournaments.

His swing was smooth but with a very un-natural grip, his many followers would argue that his stance was too far apart and that many amateur golfers would even struggle to hit the ball if they tried to replicate his swing method.

So my point of this post is to argue that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect golf swing’, many coaching gurus would disagree with my comment but they get paid handsomely to keep trying new techniques and drills to keep themselves in a job, with today’s golfer and equipment technology I do feel that the tournament professional nowadays has a very unfair advantage over the likes of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Bobby Locke etc who played with substandard equipment and balls in comparison, but still managed to score sub-par rounds month in month out with the olden day golfing equipment!

So I do not believe there is such a thing as a perfect golf swing, I just believe that if you believe in your golf swing and have the natural raw talent such as Rory’s and the Ben’s then skies the limit. But the point I am making here is that you need to believe in your swing, especially if you have been playing for many years, and remember it’s all about the hitting area 2 feet from the ball and 2 feet past the ball, everything else is out of the frame until the impact area.

And that is where all golfers are either consistent hitters of the golf ball or not, whether today’s golfer has far superior equipment and technology, in the end, all golf swings either modern or from the past have one thing in common – at impact they are all the in the same position, regardless of where the swing went on the backswing! In closing, all golfers have their own perfect golf swing, whether you are a single figure handicap golfer or a high 20 handicap golf, you enjoy this great game of golf because you believe in your backswing and reap the rewards of getting around 18 holes of a golf course week in week out – so who has the perfect golf swing? We all do because we love this great game of golf! You might also like my article on putting and short game – CLICK HERE.

Perfect Golf Swing Perfect Golf Swing - Rory McILroy with the Open Trophy

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