On the First Tee in Golf

On the First Tee in Golf

Starting a round of golf when you are a beginner or even a seasoned pro can be a daunting task, whether it be preparing for the first tee in golf or calming down the nerves, taking that first tee shot of the day can get even the best golfers in a fluster!

On the First Tee in Golf - golfer waiting on tee

My tips for being prepared on the first tee would be some pretty basic stuff to a lot of things that most golfers would not even think about, especially if it’s a golf course that you have not played before, some of my tips have helped me over the years and will continue to enable me to enjoy my round because I am prepared:

  1. Arrive at the golf course with plenty of time in hand so you are not rushing, visit the putting green, role a few putts and get a feel for the greens, believe me greens can change by the day dependent on weather conditions, so be prepared for fast greens one day to slow greens the next.
  1. If it’s a new course you are visiting, speak to the pro for a few minutes and ask a few pertinent local rules questions or even down to where the distances on the fairways are to the middle of the green or front of the green? Are the flags on the greens colour coded, red for the front, white for the middle to blue at the rear of the green, the flag colours may vary course to course, or even some courses have all the same colour, so some clearly directed questions about the course certainly helps when you are on the course, plus it will lower your scores if you are confident on distances. Also, ask what are the tees of the day if you are a visitor.
  1. Before getting ready for your first tee shot, place a few tees in your pocket, also have a ball marker for the greens when marking your ball prior to putting, this can be a coin or a branded ball marker which is also supplied on golf gloves or sold by the golf course. And lastly get a couple of balls out ready, one for your tee shot and another just in case if you have to hit a provisional ball, always a wise move when playing in a competition so you can hit another ball if your first tee shot is not playable, out of bounds or lost, always be prepared for all possibilities.
  1. On the tee, it is pretty much standard around the world, white for members and also member competitions, yellow for visitors and also members if having a social round of golf, and finally red tees are for female golfers regardless of whether a visitor or member competition.
  1. So now you have established what tees you are playing off for the round there are a few other tips I recommend to make your day an enjoyable one.

Rules state that you can place your tee ball 2 club lengths behind the tee markers, so that means you can look for a nice part of the tee and also an area that is free of divots, this gives you a much wider area to find a comfortable spot for that first tee shot of the day!

So now you are on your way, hopefully, you have hit a decent tee shot, feeling good, feeling prepared and in the right mindset for your round of golf?

Also, if you are new to golf always be considerate of other players on the course, etiquette is a major part of the game the world over, be aware that making loud noises can put a lot of golfers including yourself so be aware of other players on other fairways or greens.

Last but not least for my tip for today, keep up with the group ahead of you and also be mindful of the group behind you, if they are waiting on every tee behind you and you have no groups in front of you-you are playing too slow and need to speed up your play? Rule of thumb on this is that the lowest handicapper ( best golfer ) in your group should keep you moving at all times!

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